Guess Who Is Having a Surprise Sale? (25% off EVERYTHING)


If there is ONE thing I needed for a little lift right now, it’s a Nordstrom Surprise Sale.

I was unknowingly scrolling their site yesterday, dreaming of all the summer dresses I’ll *hopefully* be wearing, swimsuits that will be a little more uhh, forgiving after all of this social distancing snacking and wine-sipping I’m doing AND — a bit more realistically — I actually bought some cute loungewear.

Nordstrom Surprise Sale Editor Picks: A Little Social Distance Shopping Distraction

Lo and behold, Nordstrom was planning to give us 25% off sitewide (with some exclusions, obvi) today!! Now, I can confidently buy my dreamy summer stuff and rush ship even more cute loungewear — like our famous FP Kyoto leggings. Nothing’s comfier, they keep their shape, are easily washed/dried (I do at least) and they’re on super-sale in 2 colors. I might have to get that light gray. I do think most of us could even get away with an at-home workout in them, but I’ll get back to you on that.

Other good ideas to shop now if you’re not quite ready for summer stuff: Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner, a cool graphic tee that can double as loungewear OR an outfit & a sexy bralette to keep it comfy & cute every day….or at least some days.

These are small silver linings, but I’ll take it.

Our editor picks are first out of the gate, so you can get an idea of what we’re shopping for. Make sure you keep an eye on the blog for some individual posts to roll out (Shana has built up quite the Nordstrom collection over the years if you can imagine, ha) so S and other contributors will be sharing plenty of pieces you’ll recognize, on sale.

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Scotti | Laura | Linzi | Em | Shana | Jess

Scotti’s Nordstrom Sale Picks

Well leave it to Nordstrom to lift our spirits with a little surprise sale! I’ll take it…and some of those comfy loungewear pieces that are perfect for #quarantinelife. From a tunic that’s perfect to throw on over leggings, to my favorite indoor/outdoor slippers; the softest sweaters ever to a graphic tee we ALL need — most of this stuff is perfect for home life. Spoiler alert: there’s no flowy spring dresses, fun heels or cute coverups that I would typically include in a spring sale roundup, but I did include some of my favorite beauty picks (because if there’s ever a time to try purple shampoo that keeps the brassiness at bay or lash conditioner to help your lashes grow, now is that time). I also included my favorite jeans and a couple of moto jackets that will outlast this crazy, scary, emotional, uncertain time we’re in right now. We’ll get through it. (Surprise sales help.)

For even more of my Nordstrom Sale picks, find my individual post here!

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Laura’s Nordstrom Sale Picks

Well, friends. Whadya know…we love a good sale for distraction, don’t we? Some of our favorite, easy-to-wear Nikes are part of the sale…as is the skirt I loved from Madewell. Also this cardigan from Madewell (they’re redeeming themselves in my eyes!) and this adorable striped dress perfect for spring are both worth checking out. My friend suggested an activity that was mood-changing last night when we tried it on my block..stand on your own respective porches and chat with your immediate neighbors for a social-distancing-friendly happy hour! Being St. Patrick’s Day and all, this idea came at a perfect time, but I’m saying we do it, oh…nightly? It was honestly so renewing. If your weather is good enough, try it out! It is also the reason I totally forgot about the nightly dance party on my Instagram, but have no fear. I’ll be resuming it tomorrow night again on @themomedit See you for some much-needed letting loose, friends. xo

For even more of my Nordstrom Sale picks, find my individual post here!

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Linzi’s Nordstrom Sale Picks

So…I really would like to get excited about all of the Clare V. Bags on sale (they are SO SO SO incredibly gorgeous and surprisingly part of this big sale, even though many designer brands aren’t), but all I REALLY want to buy right now are toys for my kids and random clothing pieces that make me smile or are super-duper soft. Tomorrow, it’s on the “schedule” to put on some makeup and get dressed in real clothes… but today? Today, I stay in my super-soft (and cute) Eberjey Jammies (that are also on sale) and accept that this is where I am. Here are the soft things that have peaked my interest at Nordstrom and one surprise pick at the end.

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Em’s Nordstrom Sale Picks

Oh look, it’s as if Nordstrom knew that they’ve got an exceptionally captive audience for a sale! (Well, either that or they know they’re taking a tremendous hit closing down retail stores in most of the country…have I mentioned yet today how freaking WEIRD this all seems!?) Either way, I’m not going anywhere, so they’ve sucked me riiiiiight in. Most of my picks fit what seems to be the theme of the week: easy, comfy options that will stand the test of time in your wardrobe. (If you’re going to impulse shop, let’s at least make some good choices, you know?) My favorite ever basic, this white T-shirt (not overstating this, in all sincerity) is on sale, and you know I’ve got a soft spot for AGOLDE jeans, which are almost never discounted. I have and love the Sophie skinny in a medium wash, so I’m v much drawn to this black, distressed version. And these classic R/W/B Nike Cortez’s are (Speaking of which, I’m also putting together a post today on my 10 most-worn pairs of shoes that are included in the sale, so keep an eye out for that.) Happy Wednesday, friends. Stay well.

Find 10 of my favorite shoes on sale at Nordstrom right now, here!

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Shana’s Nordstrom Sale Picks (What I’m Actually Adding to Cart)

I pulled together a complete list of all of my Nordstrom picks (I’ve literally never seen Nordstrom do 25% off sitewide — there are some designer exclusions, but not that many)…and since someone always asks what I’m buying myself, let’s start there.

Hint: loungewear

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Jess’ Nordstrom Sale Picks

Good ol’ trusty Nordstrom, thank God for ’em. Everything right now seems utterly chaotic but at least we have this Surprise Sale, right?? (And also Netflix and wine).  There’s something so happy and peaceful about scrolling through new markdowns, scoring deals while I dream of the day that everything goes back to normal and Jonathan gets the heck back to working at his office. Find what I’m actually shopping for, below!

For even more of my Nordstrom Sale picks, find my individual post here!

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Team TME


  1. Ok–can anyone tell me what on earth makes those FP Kyoto leggings worth $100…on sale? How are they 3x more expensive than the equally cute FB joggers also linked here, which serve the same purpose (lounging)?

  2. Hey Katie!! How are you? Sooo about the leggings…I know. I confidently featured them because those of us who have them, have been wearing them non-stop for years. And genuinely, I feel like mine have held up and I have not been easy on them. They’re a thicker, reallllly soft material that doesn’t droop so I feel way more comfortable wearing them out to maybe run a quick errand or get a coffee yet they’re still cozy and comfy enough to fall asleep in at home. Let me know if I can pull any articles for you or get another team member’s take, but I promise they live up to the hype!! (And the price, haha). Happy to browse for something similar for you, too. XO!

  3. Hi ladies! I have been struggling with online shopping. Am I helping in my small way to keep the economy moving or am I putting people shipping and delivering my sweatpants or spring sandals at risk? Like everyone, I’m just trying to do the right thing!! Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. Hi Gwen, I appreciate the reply! No need to go out of your way to find a dupe; I definitely have plenty of options right on this site (more than I need, HA). Once the world opens up again I might just have to go to a Free People store and actually try them on and see the magic for myself.

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