Thanks, It’s Sustainable: My Eco-Friendly Favs For Fall


Hey hey, friends. Your resident Portlander here coming to you SUPER-STOKED about our move towards more sustainably-minded options at TME.

I’ve shared a few different posts here over the last year or so about trying to reduce waste in our home and on the go, from replacing disposable products with reusable ones to finding the perfect travel mug for coffee. AND NOW I’m excited that we’re taking that focus into our fashion offerings, too. I’ve had this little post idea on the calendar for a few weeks, and it works beautifully that it is coinciding with the launch of our Sustainable Style page. As Shana put it so succinctly…we’re learning, we’re not experts and we’ll go through this education together. Making an effort is the first step. 

Sustainable Clothing On My Wishlist

What I want to do with this roundup is present a collection of things for fall that a.) are my style b.) are on-trend and c.) have some eco-friendly aspect to their creation. It has been a good exercise for me to delve into brands that are actually paying attention to this venture, and I was glad to find some really great items that I adore because of their style and not just their make-up.

It's here! Our 1st fall roundup of sustainable fashion that's our style, on-trend & eco-friendly. We're eyeing clothes from Reformation, Levi's & more.


Shop My Sustainable Fashion Favs for Fall 




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    • Hey Anna – In our research, Adidas is actually doing pretty darn well on the sustainability front. And they’re among the companies that rank the highest for transparency (they’re up there with Patagonia, for example). That said, I have both. I’ve found that my leather Vejas do need some time to break in (which is why I still find myself reaching for my Adidas most often). However, Gwen finally broke her Vejas in and she LOVES them.

      • ps. If you are talking about the fabric Vejas (in Laura’s collage)…ignore everything I said. Those need no break-in and are fab right out of the box. 🙂

  1. Kudos to TME for this new effort! I’m currently trying to wade through some of this in relation to skin care and makeup, so would love to see your take on that in a future post. (What is ‘vegan” makeup? What brands are good for minimizing/recycling packaging? etc…)

  2. Love this so much – will save so much time ?. Have you seen ethical consumer magazine – online uk site, & last one was all about fashion & rating companies, plus good on you app.
    For me animal welfare needs to be factored – leather & suede production is both cruel & the processing is damaging to the workers & environment. Same with cruelty free makeup/ products.
    Love your site – boosted my confidence over the years & this just nails it further for me ?

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