10 Pieces So Good, I Bought Them Twice


If I look back over the last couple of years, there are a few stand-out pieces I’ve worn over & over again. Some of these items were worn so often I ended up buying them in multiples (rag&bone tee, I’m looking at you). There were also a few pieces so useful – so critical to my everyday wardrobe – that I now own them in multiple colors (hiiiii Adidas platform sneakers). While buying multiple colors of one item is generally a practice I don’t recommend (there’s no faster way to get sick of something), these pieces have proven to be the exception.

10 Really Useful Pieces Worth Adding To Your Wardrobe in 2024

While styles and trends have been changing like crazy over the last few years, these pieces have anchored my everyday looks. They make getting dressed a little easier, and help modernize the rest of my wardrobe. And, because it’s me, these pieces are more practical than they are fancy (and all of them hold up to frequent wearing – I LOVE outfit repeating). So here’s my short list of sneakers, jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, boots & tops (a capsule wardrobe, basically) that I’ve found so useful, I bought them twice (at least).

NOTE: If you’re wondering why something you’ve seen me wear over & over didn’t make this list, I’m only highlighting pieces that are still in stock. Which means that my beloved Naked Cashmere Noelle Turtleneck isn’t listed below. That said, if they restock…I highly recommend.

1. The Sneakers: Adidas Gazelle Bold

It started with these….

adidas gazelle bold outfit idea with levi jeans and vuori sherpa jacket

sneakers | Levi 501s (27) | jacket (s) | sling bag

And here’s the thing: these sneakers are the cushiest Adidas sneakers I’ve ever worn. And, despite the platform, they’re still flexible enough to walk in. They quickly became a go-to just based on comfort alone.

adidas gazelle outfit ideas with jeans and skirts

sneakers | puffer (s) | white bag | striped sweater (s)

But the real genius behind platform sneakers is that I can wear them with pants that are normally hemmed for heels. And the fact that they also look cute with bare legs is a bonus, too. So. Since these sneakers were so freaking comfortable and so cute and so useful…I also bought them in a cheery color, too.

adidas gazelle outfit idea with baggy jeans

sneakers | jacket (s) | jeans (27) | bag

2. The Sweatshirt: Retro Brand Classic (At Free People)

It started with this…

oversized sweatshirt and legwarmers

sweatshirt (s) | legwarmers | slippers

These oversized sweatshirts are thin, drapey, and perfectly oversized. I wore my Paris sweatshirt around the house, with leggings, and even with jeans.

oversized sweatshirt outfit ideas

sweatshirt (s) | legwarmers | slippers | leggings (s) | similar vest | sherpa sneakers

So when my mom (or sister? can’t remember) stole it, I wasn’t surprised – it’s one of those under-the-radar pieces that are so freaking good. I immediately went back to Free People and picked up the same exact sweatshirt in a different city:

oversized sweatshirt, leggings, and ballet flats

sweatshirt (s) | leggings (s) | ballet flats ‘tan’ | sunglasses

It’s honestly hard to resist getting another. They currently have a seriously cool, bright red sweatshirt that says, ‘SHOREDITCH’, and it’s calling my name. If they come out with a ‘VERMONT’ one, I’m a goner.

3. The Barrel Jeans: Free People Moxie

It started with these…

barrel jeans, birkenstocks, and tiny top

jeans (26) | similar top | Birks

These Free People Moxie jeans quickly became the pair of jeans that make every single one of my outfits look cooler. They’re the ‘truest blue’ wash, and I’ve worn them on airplanes, to school functions, date night, and everyday. People stop me on the street and ask about these jeans. They’re wildly comfortable, and look cool whether they hit full length or a little cropped (they run big, tho – I sized down one size).

how to wear barrel jeans

jeans (26) | striped tee (s) | woven tote | ballet flats in ‘tan’ | black cami (s) | Sambas (just restocked!!) | flip-flops

So then, wanting something darker for winter, I bought the exact same jeans in the ‘timeless blue’ wash:

free people moxie barrel jeans

sweater (s) | jeans (26) | similar heels

Love, love, love, love. I’ve been wearing them with snowboots, UGGs, sneakers, flats, heels – everything.

4. The Baggy Jeans: Levi Baggy Dad

It started with these….

how to wear baggy jeans with flip flops

jeans (28) | top (6) | flip-flops | bag

Levi’s Baggy Dad Jeans are like those jeans I wore in the 90’s: oversized, and falling down my hips (I went up a size to get this effect). These jeans were especially great this summer with tiny tops and flip-flops.

For winter, however, I wanted the same baggy silhouette, but not quite as low. So I bought the exact same jeans, in my actual size, in a different wash:

levis baggy jeans, sezane tee, ballet flats

jeans (27) | tee (s), c/o | ballet flats

Like the Free People Moxie jeans, I’ve been wearing these Levi’s with flats, snowboots, heels, UGGs, sneakers – everything.

5. The Wide-Leg Sweatsuit: GAP

It started with this…

gap matching sweatsuit

hoodie (s) | sweatpants (s)

I originally bought this sweatsuit just for cozy lounging around the house. GAP was having a sale, and the price point was too good to pass up. I chose the lighter color simply to show off the cargo pockets. But I found myself wearing this set almost daily. The sweatpants were so freaking good – there’s a drawstring on the hem, so you can make the legs tight or loose – and the sweatshirt was freaking perfect, so I ended up getting this exact set in black, too:

gap hoodie, sweatpants, nike dunks

hoodie (s) | sweatpants (s) | sneakers

The black, it turns out, is the real winner (at least for me). Not only do I wear it to walk the dog, but it’s become my go-to for travel as well.

travel outfit idea gap sweatpants

hoodie (s) | sweatpants (s) | sneakers | similar TUMI backpack | suitcase | ivory puffer (s) | cozy boots

6. The Jacket: Halfdays Packable Puffer

First I bought this one…

halfdays packable puffer aperol

puffer (s) | hat

And this shape is so genius – it’s cut roomy under the arms, which means that it can be layered over the bulkiest of sweaters. It’s lightweight and cute, and the drawstring waist is both useful (keeps the warmth in) and chic – especially with baggy jeans.

So then I bought this one:

best packable puffer for women

puffer (s)

Black was probably the more practical choice (but that bright orange is fun, especially for activities when I don’t want to get lost/separated). It’s become one of my most-worn jackets (I seriously wear it 3/4 of the year) and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Halfdays, if you’ve never heard of them, is a women-owned brand, too.

halfdays packable puffer outfits

puffer (s) | hatbarrel jeans (26) | platform UGGs | white sweatpants (xs) | classic UGG minis

7. The Beanie: Halfdays Merino Wool

I started with this one…

halfdays beanie

hat | puffer (s) | bibs (s)

Another Halfdays win, these beanies are made from 100% merino wool, and are incredibly warm with zero scratchiness. I love that these feel almost windproof, come in really pretty colors, and have such a chic look (I wanted one without a pom pom).

So then I bought this one:

winter outfit idea patched levis, sorels

hat | puffer (s) | patched Levis (27) | heeled Sorels

Actually, all of my Halfdays gear probably should’ve made this list – their Carson snowbibs are my favorite, as well as their really warm puffer (I have two sets for skiing, but have been wearing them to walk the dog in the cold, too).

8. The Dog Walking Boots: Sorel Kinetic Conquest Boots

It started with these….

winter outfit idea sorel kinetic conquest

boots | sweater (s) | bag (on eBay)

I bought these Sorel boots in 2021 and was so excited to feature them (they’re so practical and cute – I knew you guys would love them)…but then Oprah came out with her favorite things list for 2021 and guess what was on it? Yup: These exact boots. Which means they sold out in 24 hours. Sorel did do some sort of restock later that spring, but by then, nobody cared.

Every winter since, Sorel has been coming out with a version of these boots. Last year, Sorel made them waterproof, but they also made them very rugged. It was more boot than sneaker…but the sneaker part is what makes these boots so genius.

This year, however, Sorel has combined the 2021 sneaker boot idea with the waterproofing of 2022’s version into one, glorious winter sneaker boot. So. While I don’t yet have a photo (they’re on their way to me now), I didn’t want to miss mentioning these (especially since I’ve been burned by sellouts in the past). I got the black, because, ya know, dogs & mud.

winter outfit idea sorel boots

boots | puffer (s) | Levi 501s (27)

9. The Best Workout Tank: Athleta Aurora Rib

It started with this one…

athleta aurora rib tank, kule shorts

tank (m) | shorts (s)

Technically speaking, my love of Athleta’s Aurora ribbed tops started years earlier with this style, but once I discovered the high-neck version, it quickly became my very favorite. I’ve worn mine for working out, walking the dog, and even as a legit top.

dog walking outfit ideas with athleta aurora rib tank

tank (m) | shorts (4) | bag | slides | bracelet | sunglasses | coat (s) | leggings (s, petite) | ballet flats in ‘tan’

In fact, I love this whole line so much, I can even recommend the one shoulder top. While it doesn’t feel as secure as the high-neck one, it’s good enough (and looks seriously cute as a top).

one-shoulder tank (m)

10. The Best Tee: Rag & Bone 100% Cotton

best white tee

tee (s) | sweatpants (s) | flip-flops | bag

Rag & Bone makes the perfect white tee. It tucks beautifully, layers under sweaters & camis, yet looks seriously cool on its own. I’ve machine washed and dried these tees dozens and dozens of times, and they never develop any of those strange little holes – it’s a really high-quality cotton. Yet, the tee is still drapey. While this tee is definitely not sheer, it’s not totally opaque, either – there’s the barest hint of a black bra underneath (but nude bras completely disappear, if you prefer). I’ve tried other tees over the years, but this one is – hands down – the best. I now own several (I stock up whenever Saks has a sale). If you ever see a photo of me in a white tee…it’s probably this one.

I’m realizing that I actually tend to wear the same three tops under everything. I should probably do a larger article about this, but these three tops (for completeness) are the rag&bone tee I just mentioned, this Hanro tank top, and CAMI NYC’s silk tank.

Cheers to serial outfit repeating in 2024. 😉