It’s a sweater!  No, it’s a jacket!  It’s a…swacket?  Ok, so I made up the term “swacket”.  Just now.  But the term is needed to describe something new that I’ve seen cropping up in the last year or two.  It’s part jacket, part sweater, completely cozy and totally stylish.  It has the look of a jacket but the feel of a sweater.   I love this concept.  In the fall, I’m not quite ready to bust out the serious winter coat, so when the temperature dips, I have a tendency to try and get through fall by layering anything I can.  I’ve thrown Adidas track jackets over my jeans, used my husband’s huge cashmere v-neck sweater, bulky puffer vests, ponchos, etc.  Anything to stave off the serious winter coat for a few more weeks.  But the new swackets are seriously tempting – and will keep me away from the bulky puffer vest (NOTE – breastfeeding moms with huge boobs should not wear bulky puffer vests).  Later, come winter, when temperature really drops, I can layer the swacket under a serious winter coat (like a sweater!).  It’s cute, it’s warm, it can be thrown on over anything else you are wearing, and has a cool name (swacket!) What else can you ask for? 

Nimli Purplecardi 

I love eggplant.  It looks good on virtually everyone, and goes equally well with any other neutral color – black, brown, camel, gray, etc.  The cozy swacket on the left is the Nature vs Nurture Curved Seaming Knit Jacket, $280 at Nimli.  It’s made of 100% organic wool, and if you order before 10/30, it’s 20% off.

The swacket on the right is the Capacious Cardigan, $98 from Anthropologie.  Because of the drape, this is a great post-baby piece.  It would work for pregnancy, also.

To style either of these swackets, I’d simply throw them on over some version of a jeans-n-tee combo and add a simple wool beanie for extra warmth.

Urbanoutfitters  The swacket at left is the Organic French Terry Cardigan by Covet, $108 at Urban Outfitters.  This is a great piece for post baby bodies:  it’s fitted low on the hips (covering a little belly), loose through the arms (hiding post baby fat arms) and is great for huge, breastfeeding boobs. 

This swacket would look great will all types of jeans, but I think a pair of skinny jeans would be especially cute.  The cut of the swacket is a little fancy, so it would also work nicely to balance destroyed jeans (as pictured!).  To warm this outfit up, I’d throw on a long scarf, wrapped once around the neck, tied once, and the ends worn long and tucked into the cardigan.

The next two swackets (pictured below) have great jacket styling – a bomber (cream) and a motorcycle jacket (black) and they are both made in soft sweatshirt-like material.  The cream bomber swacket is the Terry Bomber Jacket by Free People, $148 at shopbop.com.  The motorcycle swacket is the Motorcycle Fleece Jacket, $44.50 at delias.com.

I like these swackets buttoned up over a little fitted tshirt, or unbuttoned over a flowier/empire waist top (good for hiding post baby belly).  Unbuttoned, this style also works for pregnancy.

Freepeople Delias

xo, S


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