How To Style A Cozy Sweater Dress For Holiday Parties

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Know what saps my will to go out?  Cold and snow.  So no matter how much I plan to bring my A-game….if it’s seriously cold, I’m almost always having second thoughts.  While puffer-coats-for-parties is totally a thing I support, one other go-to of mine, especially in the cold and snow, is to dress up a cozy sweater dress.

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So.  Here are the two ways I’ve been styling my sweater dresses all fancy.

1. With Pretty Tights, Shoes, Bag and Bling

The easiest way to dress up sweater dresses is with pretty tights and shoes.  I prefer tights with some texture and pattern (fishnet, lace, something) because I think they balance the thicker sweater dress better than sheer tights…..but they’re still sheer enough to be fancy (unlike opaque tights).

My jewelry of choice with a sweater dress?  Big earrings.

sweater dresses for women

sweater dresses for women

2. Over Jeans And Statement Boots

For the coldest days, I’m kinda loving sweater dresses over cropped jeans (I like flares) and bold statement boots.  It’s a little quirky and offbeat, but I think it totally works.  Accessorize with fun, blingy pieces just because….holidays.

sweater dresses for women


Everything I’m wearing is either old or sold out (it’s a Shop Your Closet kind of thing), but here is a tightly edited selection of the key pieces, if you are in need of a little something-something:

Sweater Dresses


Party Shoes




Statement Boots



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