Soft Sweatshirt-Blazers (At All Price Points)



James Perse Double Breasted Blazer (size 0)

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might recognize this jacket.  It’s a sweatshirt, but with blazer-like styling and tailoring, brought to us by the geniuses over at James Perse.  This thing has been to Europe with me, makes a frequent appearance at school drop-off, goes out on dates, and transitions seamlessly to the office (my friend Laura sent me a recent work pic – she’s wearing hers with a silk shirt and tuxedo-inspired trousers – AMAZING).

The one downside is the price.  It’s expensive – even during Nordstroms Anniversary Sale, it was still around $250.  Now, I’ve worn this blazer enough that the cost-per-wear is working out in my favor (even at it’s full price of $365), so if you are really keen to grab one for yourself, here’s a link.   The other option is that James Perse has also come out with a single-breasted sweatshirt blazer that’s a little less expensive (and all sizes are in-stock).


But I keep getting questions about similar styles at a lower price point.  Last month, Laura rounded up a bunch of great options, but she ended up going into Bomber jacket territory, simply because there weren’t enough knit blazers on the market.  However, in the last month a few solid contenders have popped up, and after trying on a bunch…I’ve realized the secret:  keep ’em shrunken.

Knit blazers that fit nice and snug are so much more flattering than the boxy alternatives.  Sweatshirt blazers just don’t drape as  well as classic wool, so you can’t completely rely on good fabric to get you through.  Tailoring and a snug fit – especially through the shoulders – makes a BIG difference (you’ll see in the pics below).  The good news is that unlike a traditional blazer, this tighter, hipster fit never restricts movement because, hello, knit.

So.  Keep reading to see my fav knit blazers on the market right now.

TOP PICK:  LOFT’s Double Breasted Knit Blazer


LOFT Pebbled Knit Jacket (size XXSP)

I love how my James Perse is double-breasted – almost like a peacoat.  This LOFT Pebbled knit jacket is similar, but pics don’t do this jacket justice.  I also appreciate that this blazer comes in petite sizes – I needed the XXS Petite to get the fit right.  (Last I checked, this jacket was marked down to 40% off the sale price.)




I look like my mother here.  She does this weird thing with her arms whenever she tries on jackets and, apparently, I do too.


TOP PICK:  Olivia Moon’s Knit Blazer


Olivia Moon Knit Blazer (XSP)

Another total win was this knit blazer by Olivia Moon (currently 25% off at Nordstrom).  This blazer comes in a zillion colors, and, happily for me, petites.  Again, go for a smaller, shrunken fit.

Yup.  There it is. Again. Thanks, Mom.






LOFT Knit Blazer (XS)

These were almost a top pick.  My only issue?  They’re just a bit too big for me.  If LOFT comes out with petite sizes (and I really hope they do), or even an XXS, I’ll be allllll over these.  But for those of you who roll your eyes at all of my XXS nonsense (vanity sizing is making me sound ridiculous)…..give these a shot.  But again, keep the sizing snug.  It might be worth ordering your normal size and one smaller.

Right now the knit blazers are available in both gray and – my personal fav – navy pinstripe.  So flipping cool.


LOFT Knit Pinstripe Blazer (XS)




HONORABLE MENTION:  Lilly Pulitzer Knit Blazer


Lilly Pulitzer Mindy Shawl Collar Cardigan (size XS)

Well looky here.  Cute, right?  I love the fit, and I even didn’t mind the preppy brass button.  My only issue is that this one looked more like a robe, less like a blazer.  I suspect it’s just a little too long (the tailoring is really key – you need these to be tailored like a really well-fitting blazer), and it’s too loose through the shoulders.  Anyway, for a taller gal, it’s probably a solid choice. (I’m a whopping  5’2″ for reference.)

Also, crazy eyes.  Obviously I had something very important to say. 



The One That Isn’t Actually A Knit


James Jeans Ponte Blazer With Faux-Leather Lapels (size petite)

This blazer is labeled as ponte, which is often forgiving and stretchy like a sweatshirt knit…only smoother.  I guess I was hoping it would be feel more like a sweatshirt when worn, rather than a blazer.  It does not.  While this blazer does have give, it is decidedly a BLAZER.  But verrry comfortable for a blazer, so I still included it here.




The One That Isn’t Actually A Blazer


Banana Republic Relaxed Loop Knit Sweater (XS)

I’m not sure what I was thinking.  Just trying to be creative, I suppose.  There is nothing blazer-like about this furry cardigan.  I was hoping that despite it’s Decidedly Non-Blazer Appearance, one could still wear it as I do my James Perse blazer:  with everything, to everywhere.

I mean….you could.  Hmmmm….


It is fabulous.  If you are looking for something all glamorous and dramatic yet still dead EASY, this is a sure bet.  Even if it isn’t a blazer.


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All of the blazers were worn with these AG jeans, size 25 (more sizes at Revolve, Shopbop or Anthro),  this Monrow tee (xs) and this lipstick.

Has anyone else found a great sweatshirt blazer?  Let us know!