T-Shirt Showdown: Everlane vs. Lands’ End



As you may recall, one of my New Year’s Style Resolutions was to find the perfect white tee.  So.  As part of that quest, I’ll be posting these T-Shirt Showdowns throughout the year.  The Showdown is where I’ll compare two similar (or similar-ish) tees to see which one makes the cut.

First up?  A rather unusual pairing: the tragically hip vs. the hip replacement, aka Everlane vs. Lands’ End.  Let’s do this!


I love Everlane’s version of the crewneck tee.  The boxy, slightly cropped shape is modern and pooch-friendly (but would be terrible on hourglass figures).  Conversely, the Lands’ End tee would be great on anyone who can pull off a tighter, fitted look.  This tee has quite a bit of give…but I hated how it drapes.  See the stiff bunching?  And a tight, fairly stretchy non-draping tee is death on my pooch.  Observe:


No.  Just….NO.  

(ps.  I wore a black bra underneath all tees to gauge sheerness.  This was the only tee you could tell.)

Everlane’s Box Cut Tee and Lands’ End Canvas Heritage Crewneck Tee both retail for $15. 


Mamas, this one shocked me.  I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite.  I like how Everlane’s version looks less sloppy in the half-tuck…but Lands’ End certainly is more feminine overall.  That has much to do with the smooth hem at the neck and sleeves of the Lands’ End tee, as well as the fact that the sleeves of the LE tee are more fitted (and this difference is more pronounced in person).  However, I like my white tees a bit boyish sometimes, so I’m digging the overall tomboyish vibe of Everlane’s.  

While neither tee was very sheer, the fabric of the Lands’ End tee is insanely smooth and soft, while Everlane’s tends to be soft and slightly more rumpled.  Again, feminine vs. tomboy.

Because this was so close, I tried different sizes.  Lands’ End tends to run big, so I tested both an XS and a S:


The XS (left) has a higher neckline, tighter sleeves, and is shorter.  


Everlane was a different story.  The small fits as small as I would ever care to go (I have to suck in my pooch a bit), so I went up a size.  I actually loved the medium’s lower neckline and boyish fit…but it is a bit too long (for all 5′ 3″ of me). 

The Everlane Women’s V retails for $15, and the Lands’ End Short-Sleeve Fitted Lightweight Cotton Modal V-Neck is $19.

So.  Did I find my perfect white tee?  I don’t…I don’t think so.  But with the exception of the LE Heritage Crew (a better pick for hourglass gals)…I have a few tees that have been getting some serious wear.  And for under $20….wow.



ps.  If there are tees you’ve been eyeing and would like me to include in the next showdown, let me know in the comments!


  1. This was great. What’s the wear like on all if these? Do the more fitted LE tees start to loose their shape after a few hours? Or a few grabby toddler hands?

  2. UGH! I can’t find a good white (or any other color for that matter)tee to save my soul. I want it to skim my body, not too sheer, not a crew but not a deep “u” either. I tried a GAP one recently – we will see. Why is this soooo hard?

  3. Would love to see something on hip shorts for this season that don’t look like I’m trying to be 20 (when I’m 42). I run so I’ve got good legs, but for some reason, shorts scare the bejeezus out of me!

  4. i just bought a caslon (by nordstrom) white v neck with the elastic-y ruching stuff along the sides. looooove it. would love to know what you think!

  5. Oh, I’m sorry, I already found the near-perfect tee. I should have told you. Somehow I missed the New Year’s style resolutions post, otherwise I would have. It’s Madewell’s v-neck pocket tee. My sis-in-law and I did a post on it here:
    It’s perfect drapeyness, sheerness, coolness, length. The only drawback to it is that we occasionally find tiny holes in them. I’m guessing this is due to the not-heavy-duty-ness of the fabric, and the fact that we wear them all the stinking time. I think it’s the nature of white tees that they have to be replaced periodically. At around $30, Madewell’s doesn’t break the bank.
    I size up to a Med (I’m usually a small) for nice drape. I can also be seen rocking Madewell’s tee with a maxi skirt here:
    give it a try!

  6. I’d love to hear what your experience is with washing the Everlane shirts. I’ve heard they are dry clean only and, while I really do love the look and price, I don’t want to shell out cash to dry clean a t-shirt! Actually, I’d like to hear how they both washed up. It is so hard to tell if you love a shirt until it is washed!

  7. I’ve been looking forward to this article since your style resolutions article. After almost six years of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, I DESPERATELY need new T-shirts. Thank you for this review! I have one of the Everlane V-neck Ts and love how soft it is, but pulling the neck down to nurse has been a little rough on it and I feel like the shape is a little bit too long and narrow to be perfectly flattering on my postpartum figure. I’ll have to try the Land’s End version, it looks soft and drapey and really pretty, I would never have thought to look there!

  8. My Everlane V-neck T has held up great to months of machine washing, but my Ryan Ts got small holes in them within a month. My washer is old-ish might be unusually rough on stuff (it just shredded a pillow last week) but I’m now hand-washing my Ryan Ts.

  9. No tips here, but in addition to the perfect drape, shape, length, and sheerness, I also need an easy care tee that can withstand the nursing-toddler-tug-down, without losing it’s shape. Oh and I’d prefer my bra straps to not show. Add that to the search criteria?
    May the gods of the perfect white tee hunt be with you!

  10. I’ll admit, I’ve been scared of the white T ever since I wore one while pregnant with my son and I swear I looked like a marshmallow! The white T just feels so..vulnerable! Too sheer? Too clingy? Too much post-babies body? Eek! Black feels so much safer, eh? But on that note, this post has got me excited about possibility of the White T re-entering my wardrobe! I truly appreciate your price points (hello, budget…sigh) I prefer crewcuts and have heard alot about the jcrew cut tissue T..but the very descriptive of “tissue” in the name makes me wary..thoughts? Thanks again for all the hard you do for us Mamas!

  11. I’ll second this! And your closing line made me laugh..dare I admit..it reminded me of The Hunger Games “May the odds ever be in your favor” ha!

  12. Thank you for this! I am 5’8″ and blessed with very little pooch… so I’m obviously looking for different things than you in a T: fitted (so as to not make me look even larger than I am) and long enough to make sure no belly or back pokes out.
    The Land’s End one is just about perfect for me, though the sheerness can be a little daunting. πŸ™‚

  13. I just found your blog the other day and love it. This type of review I just devour because fit, cut and fabric is so important especially if you are hiding pooches in there. It’s just a shame that Everlane don’t ship to the UK as their clothes look fabulous for the price. Look forward to more reviews like this and how nice to find someone who is “smallish” of stature – it gives me a much better perspective of how things look. I’m currently on a mad tee shirt spree – my favourites are the vintage wash ones where the work has been done for you and you look like you’ve lived, breathed and slept in them and they are old friends (except they’re not). Lovely blog.

  14. Please please check out Aerie’s line of Ts!! They’re soft and drapery and I just love mine! Specifically the Pretty Hi-Lo T and the Eyelet Scoop which has a really sweet eyelet detail on the sides. Both are $25 and most of their styles are currently Buy One, Get One Half Off!!!

  15. I’ve just discovered j crew’s vintage cotton v neck tee. And I’m in love. A teeny bit sheer, beautiful draping, and looks great with the half tuck. And I don’t have to suck in my pooch. πŸ™‚

  16. I don’t own one and I’ve only heard the dry clean only thing from other bloggers but with no follow up on machine washing. Its is good to know that they held up! Thanks!

  17. I LOVE this comparison post! My only suggestion is sparked from your comment of that the t-shirt wouldn’t work for hourglass shapes. How about having an additional model show how the shirt would work on a different shape. For example, I’m more of that hourglass shape (34/36 D, size 12ish) and I’m also having problems finding t-shirts that drape just right to show off the boobies but hide the pooch.
    PS. I’d totally volunteer to try some, but my camera skills are not as good as yours!

  18. I’m 5’8″ and got the everlane ryans in a medium. Mine arrived the perfect length but shrunk in the wash (in length only) and barely cover my muffin top now. They also end up super wrinkly coming out of the dryer so I feel like have to iron them (What!). Thinking about trying the j crew vintage or LE next.

  19. Thanks for this! I do shop Lands End but NEVER would have looked twice at that v-neck on their website. Now I might because you make it look so good.

  20. You get an AMEN! I’m an 8 and 36C normally but 36D+ now- nursing. Would love to see what would work for the boobs without negating the waist but still forgive the dwindling pooch…My photo skills aren’t perfect either but I’m really thinking about ordering that LE (?!?) V neck….

  21. Hi! I was wondering, how sheer are these? If at all? Would I need to wear a cami underneath? (I don’t like my bra showing through) I love the idea of the hi-lo for not having to worry when I bend over to chase kids πŸ™‚

  22. Thanks for telling me about Everlane tees! I have never heard of them before but love the price and the made in USA and the look! One of my spring shopping missions is the find the perfect white v-neck tee, and I just ordered one from Everlane!

  23. Lindsey – Everlane’s Ryan tees are a whole different beast. The box cut, v-neck and crew tees are all made of 100% cotton…and as you know, the Ryan tees are not. Everlane is actually redoing the fabrication on the Ryan tees as we speak, and the new one should be available at the end of March, I think?
    I’ve had similar problems with my Ryan tee – shrank like crazy out of the dryer, etc. But the box cut tee and v-neck tees wash like any other good cotton tee.

  24. Also, if anyone has recommendations on great ribbed tanks (aka wife beaters) I’d love to hear them. I have a *ton* from Old Navy that I wear under all my sweaters and cardiagns and desperately need new ones. But the reviews on their redesign are less than stellar….

  25. These have been my uniform tees for about 1.5 years…love how they fit and the variety of colors. They just wear out too quickly. After my second set developed holes, I finally gave up and decided I needed a new brand. πŸ™

  26. Weirdly enough, I’m wearing that Caslon tee today — was going to email you about it. I love it, perfect drape and sheerness. Best part is you can kind of tug it down to wear with leggings if you want to. I bought a large when I was pregnant and it’s a little too big now (I’m usually a small)…medium would probably be perfect.

  27. Crazy sheer. Fool I am I kept it anyway and guess what? They aren’t kidding when they tell you not to dry it either! Now it’s sheer and short. Um, NO.

  28. I’m with Joules – I am on an eternal quest to find a soft, drapey tee that will flatter an hourglass figure (36-26-36 including a substantial bust) but skim over the midsection where things are a little, ah, softer these days.
    Do you have any ideas for a good fit strategy? (Should we just go more fitted and give up the idea of something drapey-ish?) Or does anyone have any suggestions?

  29. This one has a pocket but it has served me well: Gap Essential V-neck pocket tee. Made of 100% cotton and has minimal to no shrinkage in the wash and dryer. They make them every year in a variety of colors and I see they have a crew and a u-neck version if the vee is not for you. I like it when reviewers say they are “too boxy” online as I translate that to “drapes in a way that does not cling to pooch”.

  30. I second SarahB’s request for hip shorts post!! In Central Florida here. Cannot put off shorts shopping much longer. I ordered three everlane tees. Thanks so much!!!

  31. I order up one size on the vintage cotton t’s. I love them too, although I have had a few quality issues as well. I don’t expect tees to last forever though.

  32. I got a bunch of the j crew vintage cotton tees last year. Washed them once and they all got holes in them. It’s a shame, because I really liked them but that’s too much to pay for a disposable tee! I hope their quality improves this year because I’d love to try them again.

  33. oh, rats. I was just reading back to see what other gals were all saying on the tee debate and realized my comment sounds bitchy-know-it-all. aahhh, internet tone FAIL.
    what I mean is: I too am searching for the holy grail tee. Madewell is close for me, with the ecxeption of the tiny holes issue. Love this topic. I always come here for good advice.
    In fact I just ordered Levi’s 535’s on your rec πŸ™‚

  34. Amen, amen, amen! I’m 44, 34, 44 size 14/16 (5’11”) and would love an hourglass post! I love the drapy look but feel like I wind up looking so much bigger than I am as my smallest part is hidden… and this is after loosing over 20 lbs of baby #4 weight!

  35. i love that you are reviewing plain white tees! I’m always on the hunt for a good plain tee but never am quite satisfied… would love one that is NOT see through!

  36. Thanks for the post! Going to try the LE V-neck.
    Related to the quest for the perfect layering tank, I swear by (and live in) the Gap Pure Body Maternity Tank. Kid you not. I seriously am wearing one most of the time. The length is amazing and the fabric is comfy, lightweight and soft and stretchy! I am partial to black, the white is very sheer, and there are lots of other fun colors. Wash after wash after wash after wash they remain my favorite article of clothing.

  37. Old Navy has these new layering tanks called Tamis, combo tanks and camis. Tey are awesome! Slimming and they don’t stretch out like the ribbed ones. I wear them under all my v-necks!

  38. Ditto, my Everlane v- and crew necks have done just fine washing and drying for several months. Mine are colors, not white, and I think the price is fair for what they are.

  39. Shana – just received my Everlane tee, and I loooove the fabric but I think it is going to be too short after I wash it (I’m tall). Did yours shrink a lot?

  40. Hi Abby – Sorry! I’ve had a sick 11 mth old who’s been kicking my butt! The Pretty Hi-Lo Ts are a tad sheer but as long as you stuck to a white/neutral bra you’ll be fine and the Eyelet Ts are good to go! I really do love them. πŸ™‚

  41. White t-shirts look great both on men and women. Whether worn on its own or under a jacket or blazer, it makes the wearer look neat…Agreed, you really have to go for the perfect fit so that you won’t look sloppy in your shirt. I think the Lands’ End shirt is the best on you. Thanks for these insights with images πŸ™‚

  42. Ann Taylor Loft!!! Perfect white vneck tee. I have been on the hunt for such a long time and finally found them this weekend and bought 4!!!! Who would have ever known???

  43. Last year I found a great shirt at Target. It is the v-neck boyfriend T. I bought one to see if I liked the fit and if it held up in the wash. It did, but when I went back to get another they had stopped making them. They are back this spring and I highly suggest you give them a try. Can’t believe my perfect T is only 8 dollars. -Tina

  44. I have been wearing these tanks for the past three years, through maternity, nursing, and momming. Constantly, the same three. They have been well worth whatever it was I spent on them. I’ve now added some Tami tanks from Old Navy and I really like the low back on those too.

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