T-Shirt Showdown: Everlane vs. Lands’ End



As you may recall, one of my New Year’s Style Resolutions was to find the perfect white tee.  So.  As part of that quest, I’ll be posting these T-Shirt Showdowns throughout the year.  The Showdown is where I’ll compare two similar (or similar-ish) tees to see which one makes the cut.

First up?  A rather unusual pairing: the tragically hip vs. the hip replacement, aka Everlane vs. Lands’ End.  Let’s do this!


I love Everlane’s version of the crewneck tee.  The boxy, slightly cropped shape is modern and pooch-friendly (but would be terrible on hourglass figures).  Conversely, the Lands’ End tee would be great on anyone who can pull off a tighter, fitted look.  This tee has quite a bit of give…but I hated how it drapes.  See the stiff bunching?  And a tight, fairly stretchy non-draping tee is death on my pooch.  Observe:


No.  Just….NO.  

(ps.  I wore a black bra underneath all tees to gauge sheerness.  This was the only tee you could tell.)

Everlane’s Box Cut Tee and Lands’ End Canvas Heritage Crewneck Tee both retail for $15. 


Mamas, this one shocked me.  I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite.  I like how Everlane’s version looks less sloppy in the half-tuck…but Lands’ End certainly is more feminine overall.  That has much to do with the smooth hem at the neck and sleeves of the Lands’ End tee, as well as the fact that the sleeves of the LE tee are more fitted (and this difference is more pronounced in person).  However, I like my white tees a bit boyish sometimes, so I’m digging the overall tomboyish vibe of Everlane’s.  

While neither tee was very sheer, the fabric of the Lands’ End tee is insanely smooth and soft, while Everlane’s tends to be soft and slightly more rumpled.  Again, feminine vs. tomboy.

Because this was so close, I tried different sizes.  Lands’ End tends to run big, so I tested both an XS and a S:


The XS (left) has a higher neckline, tighter sleeves, and is shorter.  


Everlane was a different story.  The small fits as small as I would ever care to go (I have to suck in my pooch a bit), so I went up a size.  I actually loved the medium’s lower neckline and boyish fit…but it is a bit too long (for all 5′ 3″ of me). 

The Everlane Women’s V retails for $15, and the Lands’ End Short-Sleeve Fitted Lightweight Cotton Modal V-Neck is $19.

So.  Did I find my perfect white tee?  I don’t…I don’t think so.  But with the exception of the LE Heritage Crew (a better pick for hourglass gals)…I have a few tees that have been getting some serious wear.  And for under $20….wow.



ps.  If there are tees you’ve been eyeing and would like me to include in the next showdown, let me know in the comments!