T-Shirt Showdown: LOFT Vs. James Perse



A few of you lovely Mamas recommended LOFT's Sunwashed tees.   I had been hearing good things about them…and Jordan (from Ramshackle Glam) swears by them.  It turns out that the shape of the Sunwashed Tee is reminiscent of my current favorite – the Casual Tee by James Perse – so I thought it would be a fun little exercise to compare the two.  Basically, we're comparing a $20 tee to a $50 tee.  




I was surprised by how nicely the LOFT tee fits through the shoulders.  So often the cheaper tees don't fit quite right, or the sleeves wing out all huge.  The capped sleeve is another nice touch.  The neckline is one obvious difference between the two (personally, I find the LOFT neckline a touch too high, and the James Perse a touch too low)…but the biggest difference to me was the fabric.  The James Perse tee draped so much better than the LOFT tee.  You can tell above — see how the fabric of the James Perse tee drapes gently in at my waist?  While the LOFT tee obscures it?  That's the main difference between a $20 tee and a $50 tee.

But the drapiness (at least for the James Perse Casual Tee) comes at a price:  The James Perse tee is sheer.  It's not show-your-belly-button sheer, but if your bra is any other color than your skin, it will show.  Also?  The James Perse tee runs a tad shorter than most, which may be a problem for really tall Mamas.


Now.  LOFT Sunwashed Tees are best when you go up a size or two for extra drape.  So let's go up one more size and see how things look….




Wow.  When going for the over-sized, drape-y look, fabric matters.  And the James Perse, with the smoother, drapier fabric, is so much more flattering.  Even though it's over-sized, the James Perse just looks drapy, not obviously too big, like the LOFT tee.

But here's the thing:  my James Perse tees have been washed (and nursed in) and washed and nursed in and washed and nursed in to death.  They are starting to develop little tiny holes in some areas.  Which, OK.  They've been hard workers for almost two years now.  The LOFT tees, on the other hand, have been washed once.  I suspect that these tees will soften up with wear.  My biggest issue with the LOFT tees is that darn modest neckline.  I think I'll like them better once I stretch it out of shape a little bit.  And since LOFT is always running some fabulous promotion, you can almost always get these tees for less than $20.  I snagged them at 40% off…which is a pretty great deal, considering how well they stand up against my $50 James Perse tees.  

The LOFT tees are not going to be the sexy little tees I reach for on date night, but for a lower cost, everyday, run around with the kids kind of tee, they really aren't bad.  The James Perse tees, despite the hoochie-mama neckline, are still my *current* favorites…but they can be beat.  Have I found my perfect tee?  Nope.  

Back to the drawing board….