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Cut the Crap: The Best Experience Gifts For All Stages of...

If you are concerned that your husband is flailing in the gift department, or if you're struggling to find a gift for your mom...

Stocking Stuffers For Moms (Cause Santa Can’t Be Trusted)

DanCentury /Foter For years, growing up, I thought there was something wrong with Santa.  Don't get me wrong - he took good care of...

Favorite New Nursing Cover: The Dria

As I rule, I refuse to enter any restaurant that serves Italian, Asian, American and Mexican fare.  It just never works out.  So when...

Gift Guide: S’s Gift Picks for Moms

Gang, I'm back!! Sort of. Sleep deprived, yes. Living in a fog...um, yeah...that too. But the happy mum of two adorable boys. And if that weren't enough (although it is, really)...it's the holiday season! After nine long months or pregnancy, and after too many sleepless nights, I'm in the mood to be pampered. I'll bet many of you are too. So forward this on to your gentlemen or partners to help point them in the right direction, gift-wise.

Handmade Alternatives: Nursing Covers

For any mother-to-be who plans on nursing, or moms who breastfeed currently, modesty while breastfeeding in public can be an issue. While some women feel comfortable whipping it all out in any setting, and I do truly say more power to them seeing as it is pretty much the most natural act imaginable, others are a little more booby shy. And that's where a nursing cover comes in. After receiving a handmade nursing cover as a gift from a friend, I realized that while there are commercial versions like the Bebe au Lait Hooters Hider $35, from diapers.com (is it me, or is that name kind of...lacking in taste?)...I personally think you'll find a broader selection of gorgeous covers on Etsy with the bonus of being handmade or even customized to your specifications. Behold just a few of my favorites.....

My Default Shower Gift: Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddling Wraps

Because we were relying on swaddling as a method to keep our sanity in those early days, we wasted a ton of money trying every swaddling blanket under the sun. We tried various sleep sacks (too roomy - he'd wake too early), "miracle" swaddling blankets (too thick, too hot) and an assortment of others (most were the wrong size and he would wiggle out, or they would cover his face). Then we discovered Aden + Anais.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Fine Art Photography (and Why It’s Worth...

But in order to recommend fine art photography to Ain't No Mom Jean readers, I wanted to be able to describe - in detail - why fine art photography is worth the additional cost. So I went back to the source and asked our photographer, Melanie. Here's what she has to say: Melanie: I frequently get asked, "So, what is the difference between fine art portrait photography and Picture People?" Honestly, it's a fair question. I've been a portrait photographer for over 20 years, and I've had plenty of opportunity to think through the differences. Here are a few reasons why fine art portrait photography is well worth the investment . . .

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Best of Spring Loungewear

All Moms want/need/must have time off, time to themselves. So on Mother's Day, treat her with a day all to herself. Here's how it works: Choose the day (it doesn't need to actually be on Mother's Day). Wrap up a Mother's Day gift of cozy-but-fabulous spring loungewear. (NOTE: This is NOT lingerie - the goal is comfy and cool not sex-pot. You want her to feel beautiful and relaxed, not guilty because the last thing she wants to do is throw on that bustier). Throw in a great book or trashy magazine. Then, when the day arrives, make sure the house is picked up, and take the kids OUT OF THE HOUSE. Otherwise, despite your very best efforts they will still find their way over to mom. When you return...voila! A happy, relaxed mom. And we all know that happy mom = happy family. Here are my favorite comfy-cool Spring loungewear picks:

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Cool Mom Jewelry

This used to be an oxymoron, I know. But mom jewelry has come a long way from the multi-birthstone necklace or a cheesy "World's Greatest Mom" locket. There are many options for mom jewelry that are just plain cool. Here are my favorites:

Stroll On With Your Bad Self

However, nothing sabotages my inner rock-star faster than carrying around a bunch of cutesy baby crap. Blankets with puppies, kittens or bunnies are nice, but you just can't get no satisfaction from a cutsey-woosty baby blanket draped across your stroller. Enter Oshie Vintage - a line of rock-star worthy baby blankets that are perfect for adding a little R-O-C-K to your afternoon walk in the park.