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Post-Partum / Nursing
Maxi Dresses For Nursing Moms

Nursing moms need support (for heavy, milk-filled boobs) and easy access (for starving, wailing babes). I haven’t been able to find any on-trend nursing dresses. Ugh. We should invent some. In the meantime, with a little creativity…here are a few options for nursing moms:

Maxi Dresses for Moms with Saggy Boobs

If your post-pregnancy or – even worse – post-nursing boobs reduce you to tears….turn away from the mirror. We just need to do a little camouflage. Most post-preggo/nursing boobs can be supported with a good bra (even if it’s strapless). So make sure you have a good strapless bra that fits. The problem becomes the cleavage. It’s the cleavage that gives away the sag. So avoid maxi dresses with deep v-necks (I know, I know – that rules out most of them) and try a couple of different options: