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Post-Partum / Nursing
A Perfect Post-Partum Outfit: Pooch Hiding, Nursing and Babywearing Friendly

PC096231 I love this pic. Despite the fact that Pax was born 3 weeks ago, I hardly look post-partum at all! Happy day. Unfortunately, it’s only a trick of the eye, due in large part to my husbands mad photography skills, the sweet cape/poncho thing I’m wearing, and the fact that I squeezed into a Bella Band per J’s instructions: “put it on so tight you can barely breathe!”
Bella Band or no, this will be my default (aka wear everyday) post-partum outfit until I loose the pooch. Or at least until I lose most of the pooch. Or summer hits…whichever comes first.

Date Night & Dressin' Up
Dresses For Nursing Moms – Summer 2010

One of the most frustrating parts of nursing (well, after latch issues, colostrum staining issues, supply issues, pumping and bottle issues), was my complete inability to find cute clothes that allowed for easy nursing. Never was this issue so apparent then when it came to dresses. I know, dear readers, that you feel my pain. We have had many of you asking for advice on this topic.