Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Four Perfect, Pooch-Hiding, Nursing-Friendly Outfits For Fall (Including Date Night!)

Poochy mamas, rejoice!  This season has a ton of adorable, pooch-hiding tops in store...and the best news?  Not an empire-waist in sight!   Outfit 1...

Reader Question: Hiding a Post-Partum Pooch During the Last Hot...

Despite the consistently hot temps, I'm mentally transitioning to Fall.  I've been working on articles about Fall trends, some reader questions about the best...

How To Wear Plaid Part Two – Look For Girly Details,...

One of the biggest problems with the post-partum pooch is that it sticks out farther than your boobs. Lovely. This plaid shirt, however, helps camouflage that sad fact by adding a few extra inches to 'the girls' via ruffles. Bring 'em on. Buying this shirt a size (or two) bigger, and layering it over a slippery shaper cami also does wonders.

Line I Mostly Love: Aerie (Part of American Eagle)

However...Aerie has also branched out past dormwear, and rounded out their collection with some fabulous plaid flannel shirts & tunic-style henleys (see pic at left), a few floaty tops (pooch-hiding!!) and perfectly cozy-but-stylish winter sweaters.