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Gross But True: Why Post-Parturm Moms Will Love American Eagle’s Boy-Brief Undies

One of my friends was complaining the other day about how no one really tells you all of the crazy stuff that happens while pregnant. She was rather indignant, having just come from a third trimester pregnancy check-up where she had just been checked for strep…in an area…ahem….not normally checked for what I always think of as strep throat. “You can get strep down there?????” she wanted to know. “Since when??? And WHY does NO ONE tell you these things BEFORE you get pregnant?”
So in the spirit of full disclosure, I’d like to chat a bit about Aerie’s (American Eagle’s line of underthings) fabulous boy-brief. This brief is cute, comfy, comes in a tons of different patterns, and sells 5 for $25.
But the real reason I draw your attention? For post-partum use.