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Mom Uniform Inspiration: Styling Bright Denim

Winter, I'm done with you.  I want Spring.  I want bright flowers peeking from the ground, I want sunny skies and 70+ temps.  I...

Wearing: LOFT’s Orange Windbreaker (and baby-wearing too!)

We received several comments from yesterday's post regarding LOFT's fabulous orange windbreaker.  Specifically, reader Dusti wanted to know: "I'm thinking of getting...

What Target Does Best: Spring / Summer Picks

The Liberty of London for Target Collection helped woo me back in, but it wasn't the only source of temptation under those fluorescent lights. A perfect romper (M's post has completely addicted me to rompers for moms), look-alike Hunter Rainboots, and a perfect tiny cross-body bag -- all under $20!!! -- sold me.

Worth A Closer Look: Ann Taylor Loft’s Spring Line

On the fairly rare occasions I've wandered into Ann Taylor Loft (usually suckered in by a big sale), I've often left feeling underwhelmed. The clothes were never horrible...just "eh". Once in a while I'll pick up a necklace or something...but overall, I saw Ann Taylor Loft as a place to be bored. Nice basics, nothing exciting, nice prices, nice sales, but nothing worth a trip. Yawn. So I was very confused, the other day, when I happened to glance over at the Ann Taylor Loft window displays. For a moment I thought I was looking in J. Crew's windows. But no - it was good 'ol ATL. But this time...the clothes were cuter, somehow. A bit...dare I say it? Trendy?

Best Rain Boots for Kids

Splashers rain boots are made in Canada (Yay! Not China!), have a moisture wicking inner lining, are completely puddle (or ocean) proof and sturdy as hell. With the exception of the camo print, their other designs are very, very cool.