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Favorite Shoes For Kiddos With Sweaty Feet

  My son much prefers going barefoot.  And my husband, a Born to Run fan, encourages it.  And who can blame...

Best Summer Sandals for Toddlers: Keens

It always starts out so fun: he'll watch the water for a while, then throw something in it, splash around a bit, etc. It always ends, however with red-faced screaming because his lame parents have yet again thwarted his attempts to fling himself into said body of water. As he gets bigger (ie faster), he is getting more and more successful. Our last trip to Boulder ended up with my husband fishing him - sneakers and all - out of the Boulder Creek. His sneakers took 3 days to dry. It was time to find some water friendly shoes. Enter the Keens Kid's NewportH2s.