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Mom Street Style – Maternity Chic That’s Easy on the Eyes...

Mamas, meet Melissa, one of the most adorable (thrice!) pregnant mamas I've ever seen . . . she's rocking a number of ANMJ's favs for moms--skinny jeans, tall boots, and a belly/postpartum pooch/nursing-friendly poncho, topping it all off with understated, spot-on accessories.

Mom Street Style – Rockin’ The Mom Style Rules

PA135133 I ran into Alexis (pictured at right) at a mom's group outing to Luke's Family Farm - an adorable private farm that opens up to groups and parties from time-to-time. "I love your sweater!!" I yelled out, as she caught her little man barreling down the slide. "Oh good" she said. "I had hoped it was considered an interesting sweater"...and threw me a wink. Awwww...a reader.

Momiform Style Inspiration: Straight-Leg Jeans with a Modern Sweatshirt

One thing made abundantly clear by our readers last week, is that weaning ourselves away from bootcut jeans is a scary, scary prospect. (See our second style rules article for all of the great comments). So I wanted to highlight some momiform style inspiration that focuses on straight-leg jeans (although skinnies would work just as well).

Perfect Fall Transition Piece: Vests (How to Wear Them Now, and...

I've been eyeing up a new momdrobe necessity, something along the lines of a more interesting sweater: the sweater vest. While the term sweater vest conjures up images of school-boys in argyle, the modern sweater vest is a cool and cozy way to add a bit of warmth (and style) to summer's basics as we ease into Fall. And once Winter hits in full force, vests can easily be layered for maximum warmth. So here's how I'd wear it now...and later: