We’re Just Takin’ Some Time….


Happy start of summer, Mamas!!  As most of you know….M and I get rather lazy over the summer.  Like…maybe we'll post, maybe we won't…kind of lazy. 

But, you know, we will.  From time-to-time.  Or perhaps all in a bunch, if we're feeling inspired. No rules, Mamas.  No rules in the summertime.

After all of my self-proclaimed expertise on flying alone with kids….I am still recovering from my flight on Saturday.  Which involved me sitting topless on an airplane.  There are really not enough drinking hours in a day to make up for that one, Mamas.  If you really want to suffer through the full story, you can get it here.  Thankfully, I was wearing a cute nursing bra.  Which, speaking of, we rounded up our favorite cute nursing bras for summer over at Mom.me

Also on Mom.me?  M and I whipped up a little celebrity-mom style inspiration.

We hope you had a fabulously relaxing Memorial Day Weekend Mamas!  Personally, I am SO ready for summer.  I can't wait to roast marshmallows, or squish sand between my toes…even kiss a greasy, sunscreen-covered baby!  Or…watch for lightning bugs, blow dandelion fluff, make popsicles, pick berries, get a bright pedicure, and — best of all? Sit on the dock with a beer.  Ahhh….bliss.

What's your idea summer bliss, Mamas?  I'm always up for new ways to get my summer-happy on.