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I ran into Target the other day for the sole purpose of getting dog food and,…well….I found myself in the accessory area (not getting dog food). Hey….ya know…when the Target sirens call they are hard to deny — exceptionally more so during the holiday season. Camsss. Come…see the sparkle and the shiiiine. Forget about that dog food. What about your needs? Yeh, so I was smitten. Everything looked so fun and festive! I was immediately reminded of the Kate Spade holiday ads. You know the ones? All of the bright colors, sparkle, cheeky styling and whimsical charm. They really speak to me. Well, Target’s GOT THAT RIGHT NOW, ladies.

So. After getting all excited about it, I went right to the grams and took a poll of sorts. I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in a round up of my absolute favorite holiday-worthy pieces from the mix. It can be a lot…and I get that, so I figured I’d just ask and see. Well, OKAY. I was met with a resounding YES. YES, PLEASE!!! Apparently I was correct in my assumption that sometimes you just don’t want to sift through the stuff, and would love it if someone would deposit the best of the best into your hands.

I got this. It’s time to deck the halls…or gals.

[places the best of the best into your hands]

Our latest roundup of fun, festive must-haves is from everyone's fav store...Target. Peep our affordable-yet-chic accessories perfect for the holidays.

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Now I want a reason to wear it all, darn it.


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