Weekend 11.18


Today is Pax’s birthday. My littlest guy is, officially, a teenager. I am feeling some very big feels about this. However! I have no time to dwell! The kid wants a morning of Metropolitan chocolate cake followed by the BLT at Lutecia (which, shoot – am just remembering that they’re in Portugal so I will attempt to make a similar one – HAHAHA send good vibes), followed by A Party.

Actually, what Pax really wants is a complete re-creation of Gwen’s wedding reception but we are not that rich. Sorry, kid.

So instead, we’re turning our first floor into “Gatsby Manor” (which is laughable given the holes the dog chewed in the walls, and the fact that we live in one of those narrow city row homes – which couldn’t be less like a manor), but nevertheless, we persist. I’ve learned that one can do a lot with a metric crap-ton of balloons and a carefully-placed photo backdrop.

I have a feeling that the end result (as Mike attempts to power-staple said backdrop to the ceiling) will be…charming.

We’re going with charming.

But the main event is Night of Mystery’s Gatsby-themed murder mystery and we are all SO excited. It’s been a bit of prep, so fingers crossed it all goes as planned. Pax, of course, is Jay Gatsby. We made his brother play a character from England (so we can force him to do his British accent all night) and this 1920’s, flapper theme is so fun. Amazon has some pretty epic flapper dresses (this one, especially, is soooo good on), but let me know if you’re interested in a full report once it’s over.

Also, Black Friday has basically started in earnest. For a list of which sales are happening now, check out our Black Friday Cheat Sheet (we literally update it 3 times a day at least), or if you want a deep dive into the big ones, we have a Best of Nordstrom Black Friday article, as well as a Best of Saks Black Friday article. Both of these edits are pretty good, actually. And once we get closer to *real* Black Friday, we’ll send out a couple of special newsletters with some late-breaking hidden gems, as well as what’s actually in editors’ carts. If interested, subscribe here.

Nordstrom take all my money. I went right for the beauty tools, specifically this Dermapore Pore Extractor + Skincare Infuser (intrigued? So am I), as well as this spot-treatment light for the teenagers (shit – sold out, try here). ANYWAY: I ended up also adding Wit+Wisdom’s Carpenter Jeans to my cart after seeing them on Linzi in her hysterical Open Edit Try-On. Aaaand since I was already knee-deep into Wit+Wisdom, I threw in these cords (in both colors) just to see. I’m deeply skeptical of under $100 denim, but since I’ve been striking out in the denim department anyway…why not?

Earring refresh. Saks has the best jewelry, so when it goes on sale, I pounce. I’m looking at this cool, minimalist pair for everyday…UNLESS I go a different route altogether with these delicate, unbearably pretty earrings (still tiny, tho!). And I’m definitely adding this pair of white-gold hoops to my cart. I’ve been needing a pair that wasn’t yellow gold.

Dark Olive. Naked Cashmere is offering $100 off my very favorite cashmere turtleneck but here’s the catch: the sale only applies to last season’s colors. But this is fine because ‘dark olive’ is gorgeous.

How much green is too much green? Beyond Yoga’s Midi-Length leggings are some of my very favorites. Aaaand they’re on sale. The catch? They’re on sale only in green. Like…bright green. This color wouldn’t be my first choice and yet? I don’t hate it. Look how cute the matching top is! I mean, we’re talking a 40% off sale, too. Hmmm.

HAHAHAHA. I happened to check at Saks, because I know they also carry Beyond Yoga and yay: the same leggings are also on sale, as well as another matching top. Guess what the sale color is?? Yup – GREEN. But this green is more of an emerald than bright grass green so there ya go.

Just your friendly neighborhood cozy reporter. Vuori’s puffer just came in and a) it’s gorgeous (I bought the ‘bluff’), b) it’s water resistant AND c) it’s really, really warm. Highly recommend. Vuori also just dropped a winter legging that I’ve got to try. One Chicago reviewer said that they feel like ‘wearing a blanket’ so there’s that.

If you’re looking for something different…Kule’s BF sale just kicked off. I’m eyeing up this sweater (love how it looks with lightwash jeans), this Apres ski sweater, and this striped sweater. Nobody does basics-with-a-twist better than Kule.

Take the plunge. Black-Owned business Lem Lem kicked off their Black Friday sale!! My favorite piece is this plunge dress (in either ‘eshal tangerine’ or basic black/white). Would be such a pretty cover-up.

Travel like a fancy lady. Paravel luggage is 30% off sitewide. It’s easily the most gorgeous luggage I’ve found, but it was this handbag that caught my eye. Like a teeny little steamer trunk. LOVE.

Speaking of handbags…they’re one of my favorite Black Friday buys. If you don’t yet have one of J.Crew’s Santorini evening bags (in feathers or crystals) I’d start there. They’re so pretty, but big enough to stuff mittens, hats, glasses, etc inside (as well as the usual stuff). Suuuuuper useful. Of course, if you don’t care about a big-ish bag, I also just ordered this furry Marc Jacobs in two colors to see which I liked best and this ridiculous silver bauble bag (both on sale at Nordstrom).

A better cleanser. I’ve been a longtime fan of Colleen Rothschild’s Cleansing Balm (now 30% off). I love that it just wipes off with a damp cloth – there’s something about not having to splash water on my face at night that feels so much more achievable. And while the cleansing balm does dissolve my makeup, I’ve started using her Micellar Water on my eyes when I’m wearing a ton of eye makeup. It’s just a little gentler and moisturizing. I might also pick up this gift set for my stocking – it has a few products I’ve been wanting to try, like her intense hydration mask and matcha toner.

Almost too boring to talk about. But the most reliable part of Black Friday sales (in addition to beauty) are stuff for my guys. Mike, specifically, needs a new winter coat, but a fancy one to wear over suits. This style of coat is called an overcoat, and Black Friday is the best time to grab one. My top picks (and I wouldn’t blame you if you just stopped reading here) are this Scheffield Classic Overcoat (with a bit of cashmere in the blend), this Hugo Boss one (always a safe bet), or, for a more affordable option, this Sam Edelman overcoat.

More for the boys. Raines’ & his buddies are deep into their Urban Outfitters phase, and these cargo sweatpants and slouchy knit trucker jacket (read: sweatshirt material) are both 40% off (and now in my cart).

Last boy one I PROMISE. Raines’ fav Adidas pants are on sale (at least for Adiclub members – just an email sign up) as well as a little something for ME: this sweatshirt & matching sweatpants in either ivory or…’arctic night’. Which one?? (If you’re an adiclub member, each piece is, like, $33.)

I promised Amy & Shannon that I’d get them my recipe for vegan green bean casserole. And by “my recipe” I really mean Minimalist Baker’s Vegan Green Bean Casserole. It’s fantastic (and yup – I’m on it for this year, Am).

Watch: If you’re in the market for a cashmere fisherman sweater, I compared 5 of them, including Jenni Kayne, Quince, J.Crew, Naked & Naadam.

Gotta go. Have a good weekend, Gang.




  1. Girl- save yourself $200 and buy a pair of good sterling silver hoops. They last forever and nobody knows/cares that they’re not white gold!

    • I have an old pair and they’re so tarnished!! I mean…they look really cool, honestly, but sometimes I do want something shiny. Do you have a secret for this?

  2. Hi Shana, I noticed from your recent posts that you’ve bought three (at least) flight colored puffer coats- one from FP, Vuori, and a faux leather one. I’m dying to know which is the winner/keeper? How do they stack up? They all look cute. Thanks!

    • Gahhhh I’m in the midst of figuring this out now!!! The faux-leather I’m definitely keeping (the price was bananas low, and it’s warm for the price),and I miiiiight keep the FP just because it’s so lightweight. It’s basically in a different category. The Vuori is amazing – suuuuuper warm and really pretty – but I already have a really warm, short puffer from last year. So. That’s where my head is right now. 🙂

  3. Any suggestions for a warm men’s puffer coat (like, apres-ski warm, but not quite ski-jacket warm)? My husband desperately needs a newer one than the too-big coat he’s had since high school. We live in Montana so it has to stand up to Michigan-level winters, but y’know, mostly just in and out of the car and walking 5-10 min to the restaurant.

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