Dress Like A Skier: A Teen Boys Capsule Wardrobe


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After years of indifference to clothing (other than comfort), my teenage son has suddenly become interested in how he looks. In fact, he’s even decided on a style. His style, as he has explained, is based on two of his favorite pastimes: surfing and skiing. He also had some sort of detailed explanation about the various types of skiers and how they dress differently (alpine skiers are preppy, all mountain skiers dress more rugged, as examples), but the skier style he most identifies with is park skier.

teen boy capsule wardrobe

thermal (m) | jeans (32/30) | UGGs | hat

In case you’re wondering, “park skiers” are the guys going off jumps. They do spins and flips off of these jumps (Raines would correct me – they’re actually 360’s and corks), and hit those skateboard-like rails. It’s basically a skate park, but on snow.

How do they dress? Well, just like the ’90s, honestly. Raines now wants everything oversized. He’s eyeing up cords. And has come down in the morning dressed in a version of the exact same outfit his Dad wore in college (a short-sleeve tee layered over long-sleeve thermal with baggy jeans).

If you’re a ’90s girl like my friend Avril & I, park skiers are basically just…sk8er bois. (Or, frankly, ’90s snowboarders, but he really doesn’t want to hear that.)

A Teen Boy Capsule Wardrobe For Park Skiers, Snowboarders, & Sk8er Bois

teen boy capsule wardrobe for skiers and snowboarders

hat | hoodie (s) | cords (s)

Raines’ favorite place to shop right now – hands down – is Urban Outfitters. So when UO reached out, asking if we’d like to partner, it was an easy answer. So easy, in fact, that Raines pulled together a quick teen boy capsule wardrobe of all of his favorite pieces.

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teen boy capsule wardrobe for skiers and snowboarders

For reference, Raines is just shy of 5’10”, and weighs 144 lbs. I included sizes because some of these pieces come oversized, yet in others he preferred to size down.

Outfit 1: Thermal Tee, Baggy Jeans & Weatherproof UGGs

teen boy capsule wardrobe. waterproof uggs

jeans (32/30) | UGGs

If you’re looking for one ‘wow’ gift, the UGG Tasman Weather Hybrid Clogs are amazing. They’re basically just those UGG Tasman slip-ons that everyone has been clamoring for, but with weather-proof details. He loves them, and gets a ton of compliments. They hit that Tasman-trend teen requirement, but in a unique and practical way. Highly recommend.

thermal (m) | jeans (32/30) | UGGs

I’m also loving these BDG Straight Fit Utility Jeans. Raines has been looking for oversized jeans, and these are legitimately cute on. The slouchy fit is perfect, even TTS.

teen boy capsule wardrobe ideas

thermal (m) | jeans (32/30) | UGGs | hat

Hats are hats, mostly, but I do keep stealing this one from him. It’s a perfect fit. And this long-sleeve thermal tee is my favorite in the bunch. It’s also part of a genius bundle for gifting (bundle contains: thermal long-sleeve, s/s tee, hoodie).

hat | thermal (m)

Outfit 2: Baggy Cords, Hoodie & UGGs

hat | hoodie (s) | cords (s)

This Standard Cloth hoodie is his favorite, but he did size down to a small. The hoodie is roomy, but a smaller size meant that it hit a little shorter, which works especially well with baggy pants.

teen boy capsule wardrobe for skiers and snowboarders

hat | hoodie (s) | cords (s) | UGGs

Apparently these cords are ridiculously soft and comfortable, too. They were his top choice for our 8-hour drive to/from Vermont over Thanksgiving.

hat | hoodie (s) | cords (s) | UGGs

Outfit 3: Cargo Pants, Oversized Tops & Low Profile Sneakers

teen boys capsule wardrobe

hoodie (m) | tee (m) | pants (m) | sneakers

These Standard Cloth Cargo Pants were the pants that originally started Raines’ love affair with UO. They’re just so freaking cool. And this outfit is one he wears when we need him to look a little dressed up. It’s elevated enough for city life, but still just…comfy.

teen boy capsule wardrobe

hoodie (m) | tee (m) | pants (m) | sneakers

This hoodie & tee are part of UO’s Standard Cloth gift bundle (along with the thermal long-sleeve). The hoodie has a drawstring at the hem, so it can be cinched in to fit. And Raines now owns this tee in multiple colors – it’s his favorite, by far.

teen boy capsule wardrobe

hoodie (m) | tee (m) | pants (m) | sneakers

It’s so funny – shopping with Raines used to be the absolute freaking WORST. Good grief he was terrible – rolling around the dressing room floor, crying, refusing to wear pants. And now he’s all, “Hey Mom, can we go Urban? You usually find the best stuff” and oh my gosh my heart.

My baby needs me, still.




  1. I have a husband and three boys ages 19, 14 and 14. This skater/surfer baggy pant look means all four men in my house are wearing size 34-32 pants (all black). Yes, hubs is a size 34, all good. But the boys…the teenagers SHOULD wear size 28. But 34 it is. I long for the days of skinny pants for boys.

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