Ten Amazing Tall Flat Boots For Moms


If you recall, in my post Winter Shoe Essentials for Moms – A List of Must-Have Shoes, I listed tall, flat boots at the top.  As soon as the weather turns chilly, tall flat boots become my default choice.  I love them over tights, leggings and skinny jeans, or tucked under a pair of rolled and cuffed boyfriend or straight-leg jeans.  If sleek enough,they can also slide underneath your everyday jeans.

If you have a skinny jean phobia, these boots will help to balance your hips.  Seriously. 

When looking for the best tall flat boots for moms, I took a few things into consideration:

1.  Color – While I do show a few black boots, I usually gravitate to camel or distressed brown tones.  Camel boots look equally amazing with both brown and black based outfits, and having one pair that matches everything is very mom-friendly.  Ignore this advice if you only wear black.

2.  Fabric — I love suede, but I eliminated all suede boots from my list of must-haves.  They get dirty too easily.  And moms do get dirty.

3. Price — All boots below are under $300.  I have a few drool-worthy pairs over $300, so if you're interested, leave a comment.  For the most part, all boots were found at piperlime.com which offers both free shipping and free return shipping.

4. Style — Overall, I think the most flattering tall boot is one that avoids the sharp taper at the ankle.  I hate when boots nip in too closely to the ankle, only to have to veer waaaay out to accommodate the calf.  Those types of tall boots make all calves look large.  I tried to look for tall boots that aren't too tight around the ankle, thus making all legs look good.  

Here are my favorites:

Frye Cindy Slouch Boot Frye Heath Outside Zip Boot

I could easily write a dissertation on the why and how I love Frye boots.  The look, the fit, the durability of both the composition and the style.  Let me just say that one of my prized possessions is a pair of fan-freaking-tastic Frye boots from the 70's.  The previous owner wore them to death when she bought them, then gifted them to me.  I now wear them to death.  They are still in great shape, and still Oh-So-Relevant fashion-wise.  Frye boots are pricey, but the return on your investment is huge.  If you are concerned with price-per-wear, this is your boot.  

Ok – so enough Frye gushing.  The boot on the left is the Frye Cindy Slouch in dark brown, $298 and the boot on the right is the Frye Heath Outside Zip in Maple Vintage Calf, $278, both at piperlime.com.

YOU by Crocs Pheebs Boots Bronx Curlee Q Boots

Are you sitting down?  Because the fabulous black boots are by CROCS.  You know – the super ugly (yet super comfortable) plastic looking clog-type shoe?  Seriously.  These boots are leather, but have the same bottom (hidden inside) as the traditional Crocs. They call it "Croslite Technology".  I call it a dream come true.  The YOU by Crocs Pheebs boots retail for $199 at piperlime.com. 

Next are the Bronx Curlee Q boots, also $199 at piperlime.com.  I love the buckle detailing and the beat-up color. 

BCBGirls Frank Boot Nine West Fiddle 

The next set of boots both use cool button detailing to add interest.  The black pair is the BCBGirls Frank boot, $169 and the camel boots are the Nine West Fiddle boots in tobacco, also $169.  Both boots come in either black or camel colors and both can be found at piperlime.com. 

Sweet Life By Dolce Vita Equestrian Boots Unplugged Sandra Riding Wide Shaft Boots

The next set of boots have a slight equestrian feel.  The cognac colored boots are the Sweet Life by Dolce Vita Equestrian Boots, $158 at Urban Outfitters.  These boots also come in a gorgeous gray color that would also be perfect come spring.  The black boots are the Unplugged Sandra Ri
ding Wide Shaft Boots
, and are only $119 at piperlime.com.

Mossimo Kalena Studded Boot Forever 21 Harley Boot 

Lastly, for those of you who remain unconvinced that tall flat boots will change your life, I've found two dirt cheap but very cool options to try.  The camel colored boot is the Mossimo Kalena Studded Moto Boots in Cognac, $39.99 at Target.  The darker boot is the Harley Boot, $36.80 at Forever21.  Warning!  Neither of these boots are actually leather, but both are worthy of test run.




  1. cute boots…my calves are too big i think to sport tall boots.
    can you do a post of outfit ideas to wear to thanksgiving gatherings? not too dressy but maybe no sneakers? thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for the comments, girls!!
    Cindy — Frye boots are pretty wide, and most should accommodate large calves. Or, the Unplugged Sandra Riding Boots also come in a wide calf. Basically, any size calf can wear tall boots, the trick is finding a boot that doesn’t go in so much at the ankle. Does that make sense?
    Lastly, we are working a series of posts on Holiday dressing, but I don’t think they’ll come out before Thanksgiving. My default Thanksgiving outfit is dark denim, high heels, and a cashmere sweater. You can dress it up/down with a cool cuff bracelet or statement necklace. Actually, check out last year’s post on how to dress for a New Year’s Eve In. It has some ideas on festive, yet cozy looks. http://www.aintnomomjeans.com/2009/02/nye-in.html

  3. I tried the frye campus boot and found it super uncomfortable…the leather was so thick and stiff, and the inside had no arch support. am I missing something? I really wanted to like them. Are any of the boots on your list more comfy?

  4. I completely disagree that a non-fitted ankle is more flattering to all sizes of calves. Thin legs, sure. But not if you carry any kind of weight in your leg!
    I have a wide calf, and a thin ankle, and straight boots without ankle definition makes my entire leg look like a log–wide and fat. So clunky! So stumpy! UGH!
    Also, I think you need to define “wide calf” because Frye boots do not do well on athletic or chunky calves (like mine). If there’s no gap at the top between the boot and your leg, the boot binds, and you look squat and feel uncomfortable. Anything over 13-14″ around and you’re out of luck.
    A cute boot that accomodates wider calves is Miz Mooz’s Marissa boot on endless.com. Fab color, great soft leather, and cute details. I haven’t seen the black in person, but the brown is gorgeous congac brown. I was shocked the shaft actually accomodated my 15-16″ calves thanks to the elastic.

  5. Susana — I completely agree with your take on the Frye Campus Boot. I had bought a pair years ago, and returned them for that exact reason. I find the Frye Engineer boots to be the same way. I’m not sure WHY Frye continues to make those boot so uncomfortable, since the rest of their line is dramatically different. I own their 3-strap Carmen boots, and the leather is butter-soft, and just gets softer with age. Both Frye boots above are made from a much softer (yet still durable) leather. And remember, most online shoe places (zappos and piperlime) offer both free shipping and free return shipping, so you can try without worry.

  6. Jen — I especially love comments like yours. Not only does your comment serve as a reminder that fashion is so subjective, but you back up your statements with a fabulous recommendation! Thank you! Comments like these simply make our blog that much better. I really appreciate you taking the time to offer up your advice.

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