My Favorite Comments (While Pregnant) From Insensitive Co-workers


IMG_0581 If I'm honest with myself, I didn't love being pregnant.  I wasn't sure if I had a maternal bone in my body, so pregnancy (and a baby) was something that had to grow on me (no pun intended).  I did end up embracing my pregnancy, but it took a while.  And by "a while" I mean approximately 8 months.  Comments from my coworkers (who obviously regarded me, a pregnant woman, as a freak of nature) certainly didn't help. 

Now, secure in my status as a mom (and having lost, for the most part, my HUGE pregnancy belly), I find their comments hysterical.  I mean SERIOUSLY.  People SAID these things.  Out loud.

NOTE:  One would assume, from the comments, that I was the hugest pregnant lady who ever lived.  At the very bitter end, my belly WAS huge.  However, most of these comments came when I was still a cute little preggo lady (see pic).  There's just no excuse for these people.

In Case You Were Already Feeling Huge That Day…

"Whoa!  Now you must know what it's like to be fat."

"Hey, is that a beer belly?  You better start laying off of that beer!"  (NOTE:  this comment came daily from the same coworker.  I never understood – did he keep forgetting?  Or did he actually think it was THAT funny?)

"You must be having a boy! I could tell because your hips have spread!"  (This little gem was shouted across the crowded cafeteria during lunch. Yes, Lunch-lady, you are correct.  I had a boy.  Happy?)

Why You Don't Share Potential Names….

"I knew an Ari once.  He grew up to be a transvestite." 

"Isn't that a girl's name?" (I received this comment on virtually ALL the boys names on our list)

Skeevy And/Or Idiotic Comments….

"Your BOOBS are HUGE."  (While staring in awe at my chest.  Thank you Joe*.  How professional.)

When I was 6 months pregnant, I wore a tee-shirt under a blazer that
read, "I'm not fat, I'm eating for two".  My coworker Mark* saw it and….

Mark:  You're pregnant????  Oh thank GOD.
Me:  Why, Mark?  What did you think was going on?
I don't know – I was worried you had a tumor or something.  I mean, I
didn't think you would let yourself get that fat on purpose!

*name changed to protect the guilty

"Wow — I didn't think you could have kids."  (I didn't even ask anything further on this one.  Just let it go, let it go….)

And My Personal Favorite….

"I just can't see you as a mom.  You just don't seem to be…you know…like a mom should be."

Thank you.  Thank you SO much.

Am I the only one this happened to?  Did any of you get crazy comments like these?  OMG.




  1. Ugh. I can’t believe the comment on your boobs or the person that said they couldn’t see you as a mom . . . that’s not just insensitive, that’s hurtful. 🙁
    I’ve had a bunch of comments, too. Once a “friend” told me, “You look different this pregnancy. Last time you were all baby. This time you look pregnant EVERYWHERE.” Gee thanks.
    And, something I got during my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pregnancies: “Was this an accident?” I was asked that by total strangers numerous times. So rude.

  2. man, people! i can’t even imagine saying those things to anyone. much more, a pregnant woman. and i recieved so many similar comments. pregnancy #2 was w/ twins so i was enormous. i got “you’re sure there’s only two in there?” and “you’re nuts!” (as if i could purposely conceived twins…?) and yea, the ol’ “wow, you weren’t TRYING to get pregnant were you?” some people’s children…

  3. I love the people who find out when you are pregnant with your second, and ask you, “haha! Haven’t you figured out what causes that yet??” Um, no, gee, I haven’t. Care to explain it to me?
    On a side note….LOVE that bag in the picture. Where did you get it?

  4. The receptionist at my job (an older lady) said to me “Hey, fatty” one day. I wanted to duke her! Then there was a man who asked me daily “You haven’t had that baby yet?” It got old very quickly.

  5. I was asked if my pregnancy was an accident, by a coworker I was never close to. Ironically, I’d done fertility treatments for six months, had been married for a few years, and was in my late 30s, but had no desire to share any of that news. The idea of an accident in my situation was completely laughable.

  6. I didn’t get any rude comments while pregnant, but after I had my baby, man, you should have seen the stares. I look very young for my age (one man carded me when buying a lottery ticket one week before my 25th birthday) and I don’t wear my wedding ring. One Friday night at a pizza place, while out alone with my son and stepson a man told me I was “nothing but a Hispanic breeder, probably with no education.” Sadly, rude comments don’t always stop when the baby is born.

  7. Oh, the comments! I finally started telling my coworkers that, if they must comment about pregnancy to a pregnant woman, the only appropriate thing to say is some variation of, “You look fantastic!” Everything else could be a pitfall. And truly, all an obviously pregnant woman hears day in and out is about her belly or her pregnancy, so bless the people who manage to make small talk about ANYTHING ELSE!

  8. How rude… This reminds me of the worst I heard, ever. Though it’s not directly related to my belly, it sounds like the last comment you describe : my baby boy is a micro-preemie (born 24 weeks… who is now 8 months old and perfectly fine) and when he was born I heard : “I’m not worried because he’s in the NICU, with doctors and nurses 24/7, no, I’ll start to worry when he comes home with you because, you know, you’ve never had a baby before…”
    And this was my own MOM. Yes.

  9. Thanks, gang – I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who attracts outrageous comments while pregnant! What else can we do but laugh? “Hey Fatty!” OMG.
    M’s kiddos are pretty close in age, and while pregnant with #2, someone remarked, “Wow! YOU’VE been busy!” (wink, wink). euuuuwww.
    Amanda — Thanks for noticing the bag! It’s fake leather, actually, cheap as can be, but I bought it a year ago at Topshop. Of course they have nothing similar now, but I found you another option. It’s a totally different shape, but can still be worn cross-body, and has the same vibe.

  10. OMG…there truly is no excuse for these people – but Great stories!
    The worst I got – you must be having a girl, because women carrying boys just glow, but girls steal their mother’s beauty. Yeah, for the record, My SON is lovely as can be and I am happy to know you thought I looked like shit. This was from a vendor at work – I was her customer…oy!
    Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  11. People just need to keep their mouths shut, you know? One lady at church asked me EVERY WEEK if I was pregnant. I finally had to tell her, “I AM JUST FAT, but when I get PG, I will be sure you are the first to know.” Geez.

  12. I’m late but I had to share. When I was pregnant with my second girl, it felt like all people could talk about was the baby. So once while in a group I tried to change the subject. when that didn’t work I may have jokingly said something along the lines of “I” am fine and/or what about me? One lady looked up at me and asked/said you’re jealous of the baby’s attention?! (or something along those lines, I know “jealous of the baby” was in there but the rest of the wording is lost. I tried really hard to not think about it)
    Seriously? Oh my goodness gracious. People!

  13. Ckay – There’s no such thing as too late to our parties. We ourselves are almost always running late.
    That said, it is clear to all that you do INDEED resent your beautiful, gorgeous, amazing baby. You just want the attention brought back to your spit-up stained self. Because that’s what mothers want: People staring at the unidentified glob on their shirt.
    She must not have kids. Seriously, people! I’ll be giggling about this one for a while.

  14. I’m 37 weeks along with baby #2 and I’ve heard a few gems in my time:
    1. “You are pregnant?!? Thank goodness. I just thought you were really fat.”
    2. “Will this be a 2007 baby or a 2008 baby?” – asked in December 2007 was I was only 5 months pregnant with my daughter. Given that she was due the following April, I was confident when I said, “Definitely a 2008 baby”.
    Classy. Pure class.

  15. Tamara — Thanks for sharing! Sigh. “Definitely a 2008 baby” that’s….just…so…typical. Again – SO glad I’m not alone on this one!

  16. I have actually sought out some sites about insensitive comments people make while you’re pregnant just because I am SO tired of them and I need to vent, or just be related to! I work in retail so I see so many people a day that it just gets so annoying! It seems that everyone has something to say. I want to make a pin that says “just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean my body is open for disscussion” here are just a few examples:
    “Well, you’re looking pretty chubby there” (I STILL have 3 months to go)
    “YoU”RE HUGE! Are you sure it’s not due until May?”
    “YOu’re definetly looking pregnant” (I didn’t know!)
    I can’t wait to be on maternity leave just to get away from these people!

  17. Here’s one for the books from a co-worker of mine,”You know you’re not going to be able to lose all of that weight after the baby is born.” Thanks man. I did lose it and then some.

  18. I like it when people think you’re wrong about your own duedate.
    “Are you positive you’re due in October? I have two cousins who are due in October and they are MUCH bigger than you.”
    hmm… even if that is trying to be a compliment, it’s not. What is going through a person’s mind when they say something like that?!

  19. I got one! Yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner, my aunt says across the table, “Look at me, honey. Oh yeah. Your face has definitely filled out. You’re having a boy.” Nevermind that she hasn’t seen me in a year and a half. I replied by asking my husband, “Babe, do YOU think my face is fat?” He wisely did not answer and she quickly clarified that she said “full, not fat.”
    Later on, she schooled my husband in the use of ‘raincoats.’ Yeah. 3 years ago, at my SIL’s baby shower, she ridiculed us by saying we weren’t going to have children because we were obviously not doing it right! *sigh*

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