Teva Sandals: The Summer of my Rekindled Romance


megan's platform tevas

I’ve always had a soft spot for Teva sandals, although admittedly, they aren’t the most stylish footwear.  Functional, durable, sturdy, comfortable – these are shoes made for grand adventures.

I still have the first pair of Tevas I ever owned, worn religiously during a college semester spent backpacking in Yosemite over a decade ago. They were ultimately packed away and passed over in favor of something more stylish and trendy (and less comfortable).  But thanks in part to Teva’s recent design collaborations with the likes of Open Ceremony and one of my favorite designers, Leah Duncan, Teva’s new designs offer fresh takes on an iconic sandal.

My romance with Teva has been rekindled.

So, with the help of my friend, Megan, we highlight our favorite styles and show you how and where we wear them.

Maybe it’s the 90’s fashionista wannabe pre-teen inside me, but it was Teva’s flatform sandals (this one or this one) that first recaptured my interest in the brand. And although in the end I wasn’t brave enough to go for them, my bad-ass, super mom friend, Megan, did. And loves them.

Megan’s Flatform Tevas

Here’s what she has to say about them:

A friend told me, “if you get these teva platform sandals, you won’t regret it for one second.”  So obviously.

I immediately ordered them for our three week camping trip around the western United States. I have three kids under 6 years old, and I felt that I had cute sandals that were functional for easy hikes, and for slipping on and off in all of our adventures. They did not let me down. (And I got lots of compliments from neighboring campers, which is always a perk!)

I love my flatform teva sandals!

Megan snapped some pictures of her in her Gold Flatform Universal Tevas ($60.00) while on a roadtrip with her tribe this summer:

Megan's Platform Tevas

meg's platform tevas

(Megan’s original rad t-shirt is from Jean and June, check ’em out for more seriously cool tees.)

My Crossover Leather Tevas

This summer I was on a mission to find a pair of durable and comfortable leather sandals, specifically made to endure hours of outdoor summer activities and versatile enough to be worn with skirts and dresses or cut-offs. And while the shoe market is saturated with cute strappy leather sandals, with Teva I knew I could count on them to be high quality and comfortable. Teva kindly sent me a pair of their Avalina Crossover Leather Sandals and they were just.want. I. wanted.




Outfit Details:

dress – Super comfy and versatile midi length H&M Ribbed Jersey Dress, $34.99.

denim shirt – My tried and true Gap 1969 Western Chambray Shirt, $59.95.

sandalsTeva’s Avalina Crossover Leather Sandals, $80.00

necklaceBaublebar’s Minimal Metal Collar in Gold, $38.00.

My Original Universal Tevas

My second Teva purchase this summer were these Universal Backpack Tevas in Brittany blue. This is the ‘original’ style that I know and love in one of my favorite colors. Here is one way I styled them.  If you’re interested in more ways to wear your Tevas, follow along on Instagram @Jessbobess for a Teva inspired #Myeverdayedit with the hashtag #Mytevaedit (and please – play along!  More inspiration is always good.)


A photo posted by jessbobess (@jessbobess) on

  teva originals blue

teva originals backpack


Outfit Details:

topWarehouse’s Bardot Stretch Cotton Off Shoulder Top available at Selfridges for $32.98.

jeansTopshop’s ‘Leigh’ Ankle Skinny Jeans from Nordstroms for $65.00.

sandalsTeva’s Original Universal Backpack Sandal in Brittany Blue at Amazon  $33.40 – $71.50.

necklaces – A combination of chokers: BP’s Scalloped Lace Choker, $12.99 and Topshop’s Velvet Choker (set of 2), $22.00, both at Nordstroms.


More of my Favorite Teva Styles





  1. Jess – I was so excited to see this post! I re-discovered my love of Tevas this summer too! Mine are probably 15 years old, and this year I thought they looked awesome with everything – ha ha! I only recently noticed a crack across the bottom of each sole, so, after so many years, I’ll be happy to purchase a new pair. Originals of course! To me they are classic cool, just like Chucks or Birks.

  2. Ignore the previous reference to employing a desperate gimmick in your post on Tevas–as probably one of the elder readers of this blog (mid-forties, but still a mom of little ones), I can verify that, in fashion, all things that once were will be again. Having seen trends come and go and come again, sometimes I cringe, and sometimes I thank my lucky stars and hop on board. Saw the teva flatforms on the streets of NY this spring and had my love rekindled as well–nothing beats the moment where trend, function and actual wearability meet! Great post!

  3. Awesome post. Ignore the negative comment above. These sandals look great in the ways you’ve styled them AND they are realistic and comfortable, which is a big reason why I read this blog. I’m getting to the point where uncomfortable shoes actually just look dumb to me, not cool. Okay, maybe for a wedding or something like that, but for everyday? Ridiculous. Thanks! Keep up the great work. Jess is adorable.

  4. I don’t see a subscribe link. Love the content and would like to follow along. I clicked the box below the comment, but didn’t see it until I opted to leave a comment… asking about following. 😉

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