TGI Summer!


ImagesI love summer for so many reasons.  Sunshine.  Pool time.  Free time (theoretically).  Crazy sales. 

I say theoretically because we’re putting our house on the market and getting it ready with three babes ages four-and-under in tow has been. . . funInteresting?  We couldn’t have done any of it without help from Mimi, so I must shout out a big thanks to her.  She’s more than a mom.  She’s a friend, too, and an amazing one at that.

We’re also packing up our brood for a 10-day holiday (Fun?  Definitely interesting.), S. is off on a road trip (thank goodness they’re taking a break from flying) to NYC, then Michigan (after “camping” with more mosquitoes than wild ponies > she emailed me from a hotel after, get this: Day. One.  I kid you not!  LMAO), and in the midst of all that, we’re trying not to short shift ANMJ readers, and we’re doing galleries for—here are our one-piece swim suit picks, and stay tuned for our celeb mom backyard BBQ style gallery.  See?  Fun.  And interesting.

Predictably, I can talk about crazy sales at even greater length than major life events:

I think I may have found the holy grail of kids' water shoes, Mamas.  I’ve always sprung for the $50+ Keens in summers past—they have great arch support, are incredibly durable and I once heard a story about a kid who was wearing them when he got his foot stuck in the teeth of an escalator and came out with all ten toes in tact, but mamas, do they stink or what?  Like, in a way that won’t wash off the foot, not even with several rounds of hot soapy water . . . So I’ve been on the hunt, and I thought, at $15, Old Navy’s Trek Shoes are worth a shot, right?  After two weeks of non-stop wear, by both my walking boys, there is no insane foot stink, and they’ve been in and out of rivers, pools and splash parks almost non-stop.  They probably wont last through next year, so they’re definitely not as durable as pricier options, but now, mamas?  They’re 10 flippin’ bucks!  Done and done.

The blue is mostly sold out, but the other colors are great, too.  Check them out here, and if you have a little chick who’s a size 7, be sure to click through to their adorable pink version.

Oh, and take a look at Boden’s crazy-cute swimwear for kiddos if you’re spending more time (like us) in the water than you thought.  It’s all 25% off, but do be aware shipping takes a bit—about a week-and-a-half, so if you need extra stuff now, skip it.

Birthdays are always a bit difficult to swallow—mine’s next month <gulp>.  Um, where’s the time going?  And why do I now totally get what my great-grandmother told me the last time I saw her, shortly before she passed away?  “I still feel eighteen, then I look in the mirror. . .”  So.  I like to pick up a little treat for myself during the crazy summer sales.  I’ve been coveting the Frye Corby ankle boots since S. wrote them up in January, and now they are on crazy sale in limited sizes.  They’re reduced to $198 from $298 on the page, and Garnet Hill is taking an additional 30% off + free shipping once in the cart through July 2nd.  Yaaay!  See?  I’m totally distracted from the march of time.  I feel better.  A little retail therapy can a good thing.  Sometimes.

Oh, and these stylin’ Gap sunnnies for the baby man?  $5?  Um, yeah.  Or how about the Glam sunglasses for the little ladies?

Is this the holiday weekend, or is next week the weekend?  Or is it both?  Such is the beauty of summer, Mamas.  Who knows, but we’ll check in again soon!

– M.






  1. Funny you posted this! I got those Old Navy sandals for my little guy earlier this summer and they are SO stinky! I thought maybe if I invested in some quality sandals (e.g., Keens), I could escape that. For 10 bucks I can live with them for a few months, then hazmat them in September.

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