It's been a tough week, Mamas.  I received my "chemo calendar" and seeing it all there in black and white…wow.  It's sobering.  It's amazing how many drugs are required just to counteract the side effects of the chemo.  I mean…thank goodness, but still.  I'm the type of person who tries to tough out a headache, you know?  These next few months will be a whole different ball game. Speaking of, I may order this baseball hat-with-hair.  In red.  Why not?  

Also, my chemo has been moved out one week.  Raines is NOT excited for kindergarten, so I felt much better waiting to start the chemo-craziness until after he has a week under his belt.  So for those of you counting…YES:  My chemo starts on Sept 11th.  Sigh.  Closely followed by friday the thirteenth.  (My husband was born on a friday the thirteenth, so I'm taking that as a good sign.  Right?)

But let's talk fun stuff.  I'm done mooing about chemo.


I'm always thrilled with the big-shot street style photographers (Hi Adam) capture a mom.  This pic is so sweet. 

Is Selma Blair rocking a fanny pack??  Even worse?  I think I like it. 

Back in July, Refinery 29 showed 8 really great ways to style boyfriend jeans.  At the time, I was too hot to care, but now I'm loving it.  

I was totally inspired by That's Not My Age's profile on Linda Rodin.  It puts an end to the question, "am I too old for leather pants?"  Uh, NO.

This made me laugh out loud.  "Sockless man stroll?"  Awesome.

College Candy (yup – I read them) published 8 Tips to Banish Belly Bloat.  I need to memorize these.

Currently drooling over this cuff bracelet by Frye and this burgundy baseball hat.  

Was totally inspired by this article on how to bring Montessori into your home. 

Lastly, have you ever tried doing that Dave Ramsey budgeting technique?  Where every Friday you pull out – in cash – what you are allowed to spend for that week?  The theory goes that once it's gone, you're done.  My friend Dena is doing something similar, and as a consequence has declared Thursdays to be Free Thursdays.  Total.  Genius.  We do Free Thursdays around here now, too.


Happy Long Weekend, Mamas!!





  1. Tons of good wishes to you as you start chemo — mine was ending two years ago right around now, and I know you will be a total warrior goddess about it! (I also saw a naturopath, so I totally hear you on the taking lots of things front…) Stay on top of the side effects, eat whatever you want, and rest. xo Emily

  2. thinking of you! i am a cancer survivor also, and chemo is rough stuff. i used to be a stoic but i learned to take all the meds i could to help control the side effects. they were invented to help make chemo easier, and they really do help.
    losing hair was a really tough part–in some ways, the toughest part of the whole experience, even though it was pain-free. it is hard to wear the mark of your sickness on the outside, and it’s also hard to feel less pretty than usual. i remember it made me feel down. but hair grows back! mine is as long and thick as ever now.
    sending love and good positive healing energy your way!

  3. This is so encouraging Tania.  You are right-on about the hair.  Sigh.  My biggest vanity…will be gone.  So nice to hear that yours is back and thick and all is well.  xoxo

  4. One of my best childhood friends is a breast cancer survivor and she had two littlies at the time of her cancer and chemo treatment. She is rocking life now (6 years on) with the prettiest hair, great new boobs and hasn’t looked back. She is now one of the strongest and most inspiring people in my life and she has this amazing ability to just deal with whatever life gives her now. You WILL get through this. You will, you will, you will. And you will feel yucky and you will feel grouchy and you will feel angry and mad and sad at times but you know what? It will pass! And you will be this awesome cancer survivor strong woman/mother/wife with a zest for life that so few ever have the joy of experiencing. KEEP GOING. Love your blog and love you! With hugs and love from New Zealand xoxo

  5. Praying for you in chemo! My aunt went through it and I know how hard it can be. She managed to stay positive through it all AND maintain an awesome relationship with her kids.
    On another note – I just can’t get behind the fanny pack. My mom still occasionally pulls out her acid-washed legit 80s one to wear to festivals or whatever and it is forever seared into my memory. No.
    I have several friends who have done Dave Ramsey and completely eliminated their (significant) debt in 2 years or less. It’s pretty amazing.

  6. Just came across your blog, was on This Felicitous Life page…Very best wishes for your recovery. I plan on taking your advice of making appts and taking care of my business so I am here to take care of “them” (I have three.) Will keep you in my prayers. You are in the right place to keep up your strong-willed and fighting spirit and toughness with some “brotherly” or in this case, sisterly love thrown in. That is what Philadelphia is all about… I grew up in Northeast Phila. Take good care.

  7. I really like Tania. And I never liked a fanny pack. Thinking of you. And wishing you were here to help me deal with the one year of Cooper and that B is going to go to preschool (only to be held back) and I am sobbing on the inside and freaking out and I don’t know how to say NO he will not go without feeling like everyone is judging me. I know he is bored at home though waiting for his sister daily. Le Sigh….motherhood. Exhaustion. xoxo

  8. Thinking of you and praying for you as you wait for the chemo to start and of course the process. You truly are an inspiration of courage and thank you for sharing your story with us.
    As for Dave Ramsey, I am a huge fan – my husband and I do the Dave Ramsey budget but don’t do the physical cash part although I’m sure we’d save even more if we did! His book Total Money Makeover is really a common-sense approach to finances and we paid off our college and vehicles WAY faster than we ever though possible with his snowball method.

  9. Good thoughts coming your way! My dad has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma due to his anti rejection drugs from his heart transplant. He has been through so much, chemo, radiation etc and lost his hair but not his health! He says he is a bit tired but that’s all! Here’s hoping you feel good. Hair is hair but when you feel like shit everything sucks. I love you and your kids.

  10. Prayers for you going up! My mom is a four time cancer survivor, and it looks like she is going on number 5. You can beat this. I just wanted to drop in to say google medical marijuana. I hear from cancer patients that it takes care of all the bad side effects of chemo, and you don’t have to take a bevy of meds to attempt the same.

  11. We follow Dave Ramsey’s financial plan, and the cash-in-the-envelope system was huge for me. I would have $75 for grocery shopping, go to the store, and shrug and say, “It’s close enough,” when my total was $78.42 (or something). With a debit card you can do that, but not with cash! It also really made me pay attention when I went shopping for a new work wardrobe for me and school clothes for the kids a few weeks ago. Carrying around a wad of cash makes you feel rich, but then it’s hard to hand it over in big chunks at the store! The technique takes discipline, but it WORKS. The “Free Thursday” idea is a fantastic one. I have a repertoire of free activities in our area, and that’s where my kiddos and I spend the bulk of our time a few weeks out from pay day. 🙂

  12. Shana– I lost most of my hair with an Auto Immune illness. I had total mood swings about it for a long, long time. It would suck some days, but other days it wouldn’t register as remotely important. It’s hard to have such an outward badge of what’s going inside, but it also helped me let go of trying to pretend like I was okay and like the big picture wasn’t devastating. I’ve wept, I’ve felt unattractive, but I’ve also just really learned how to make my eyes pop (lash primer all the way). I do think it sucks that illness often comes after what we most prize about ourselves, but something else always surfaces, something truer and deeper, that’s more worthy of cherishing. And more good news, fellow scarf lover, you already own some good options. Just get ’em off the neck and onto the head… My friend who had lukemia always wore a scarf and looked pretty damn chic. Not the baseball hat-wig is a terrible option, either. And be on the lookout for really cozy soft slumpy knit hats. Best wishes. Thanks for sharing what you’re going through.

  13. Embrace the pharmaceuticals. I am an organic eater chemical free person….go through the time, take the stuff so you can enjoy your family life and then get clean at the end. Your body can do amazing things and it will heal. I’m 3&1/2 years out and feel great look great and I’m healthy and strong with a full head of hair. You can do this!

  14. Best energy to you. I’ve been reading (when I get spare moment between 2 little ones) your blog for maybe 6 months or so. It’s unique in being a comfy mix of friendly and aspirational. Anyways, I have always been wondering what your typical day is… how do you find the time to read all these things that you curate for us, plus put together cute outfit and fun kids activities and then write an engaging blog entry w/ pics?! Do you have a list of regular sites you check every day/week?
    Sorry this is probably not the best time to be asking this since you might be a little preoccupied.. :-/

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