That time I tried on a bajillion swimsuits at 9am…for you (#dressingroomselfies)



You may have seen, if you follow me on Instagram (@camilledipaola), that I made a big trip to Everything But Water and tried on a ridiculous amount of bathing suits. The things you’ll do for super cool readers…sheesh.

I even shaved my legs (and other spots) for this, so yeh. This is super legit and you had better keep scrolling. 😉

One-Pieces, but HOT one-pieces


I’m a bikini fan and I plan on rocking them for as long as I possibly can, but I’ve recently been checking out one-pieces. The one piece options out there right now are on-point and I am aware that not everyone appreciates a bikini, soooo…I tried on a slew of them. I started the whole adventure off with this Becca by Rebecca Virtue One Piece Racerback Tank Suit and really wanted to be totally on-board with it (and I kind of am), but since I am on the taller side, the torso was a tad bit too short, which resulted in the bottoms pulling my bum up a bit too much (not shown, sorry). Too close to the wedgie-zone for this gal, me thinks. It is such a cool style though and a shorter gal could totally rock it.


Holy shiznit. I LOVE THIS SUIT. At first glance, I saw the ruching and thicker straps and eeeeh. I wasn’t thinking it would wow. Well, wow. I’ve nursed two babes and a lot of you know what that can do to your lady friends. Thank you, La Blanca Lingerie Strap One Piece for giving me some boobage back (score one for the ta ta team). It’s one of the prettiest suits I have tried on.

Oh, and the ridiculous glam girl pose? The suit made me do it.


There’s something to be said about a simple black swimsuit. It’s like the classic LBD, but with less fabric – ha. As soon as I saw the La Blanca Island Goddess X Back suit, I had to try it on. It did not disappoint, friends. The v neckline is so flattering (and nursing-friendly!).

and the back…

I mean, sexy.


>> postpartum mamas, the next one is for you!


Hoozah! This one is the Lauren Laguna Solids One Piece Bandeau. Cute, right? Those top, open panels do a great job of covering up any pudge underneath too…without making it look frumpy. I’d totally wear it after having a baby…and it was possible to pull the top down enough to nurse, btw.


So. You don’t really look at this Helen Jon Marrakesh One Piece and think hot. In fact, when I first picked it up I thought, MOM (oh, wait…we are moms, but you know what I mean). I then put the rash guard over it, which I failed to get a pic of (derrrr, Cams…but you can see it in the background), and mom suit turned into HOT suit. The style is pretty basic, but the pattern is funky and cool…and the two dark lines down the front help to slim it all out.

Not to mention the back…


The straps are convertible, so they can be criss-crossed as well. Sweet.


Yeh, I went there.


I was not prepared to actually like a tankini, let alone two…but I guess there are surprises in life. I put this Becca by Rebecca Virtue Racerback Tankini with an oh- whatever-ooph-type attitude. Well, ummm. I liked it. A lot. I even jumped up and down and did a little interpretive dance to see how well I could move in it (I did consider recording it, but no).

Also, nursing mamas…HELLO. This is the suit for you. That zipper is a wondrous thing.


Again, I was not all about the ruching and the tankini-ness of this La Blanca Core Solid Halter, but…okay. I can dig it. Just like the red one-piece above, this one did some good for my friends up top. I am not going to hate a tankini that can do that.

This is another suit I’d definitely wear after having a kid and nursing almost every minute of every day.

Bikinis that Don’t Let it All Hang Out


This Sperry Top-Sider Scenic Reflection High Neck Halter bikini was by far my favorite. The palm trees with the water with the sunset. Aaaaaaaaaaah. It’s making me want to find a way to get there, wherever it is and sip something out of a coconut…in this suit, of course.

I think I need a vacation.

Oh, and…


The cropped rash guard you can get with this suit just made it 10x better. Yessssss. I might have to go back and get this one. Maybe. Yes. I don’t know. Definitely.


This boho-style Lucky Brand Dream Catcher bikini is a cute one. Even though it’s a bikini, I felt like I could really move around in it without anything popping out…which is always nice when you’re running around after kiddos, feeding babes and doing your fly mom thang.


The same goes for this Helen Jon Tulum in Aqua bikini. I was able to move around and feel comfortable. The straps are also convertible as well and can be crisscrossed in the back, which I assume would help to give you a bit more lift.

but the thing I liked most about this suit…


The rash guard. Heck yeh. I think I may have to sport one this Summer. I’ve been holding off, but I may not be able to anymore.


This Nanette Lepore Stargazer Striped bikini is part of Everything But Water’s 30th Anniversary Collection. It’s not one I’d usually reach for, but I was drawn to the color combination and once I tried it on. It’s surprisingly cute! Apparently, it was inspired by Audrey Hepburn in “Two For the Road” and so, being the avid Hepburn fan that I am, it was a win for me.

It’s another nursing-friendly option as well!


My bod could use some color, but Vitamin A’s Bandeau and High Waist Bottoms are gorgeous and very reminiscent of 1940’s glam. It gave me full coverage on bottom too. I think a brunette with curves would totally rock this way better than I, but a pale blonde girl can try.


I got excited about the mesh top on this Becca by Rebecca Virtue Meshed Up two piece and I loved it on, but the bottoms fall flat for me. I felt like I was wearing a diaper. so hot. However, I know that I would have liked the whole thing better with these bottoms, but they didn’t have them in stock for me to try on.

Cover-Ups that Made me Want to Live in Them


I’ll never say no to a drapey, comfortable maxi dress. This Elan International Wovens Maxi Dress is lightweight and extremely comfy…and it has pockets. WINNER. I’m day dreaming of being at the beach in this thing.


Well, duh I tried on a kimono. Haha! Using a kimono as a swimsuit coverup is genius – easy and cool. The Elan International Wovens Kimono cover-up I tried on does the trick…and it feels incredibly comfortable. Doesn’t it look amazing over my now favorite one-piece?


The lacey back. Mmmmmhhhmmm, baby.


Ya killin’ me with this Surf Gypsy Poncho – the tassels! I’d probably live in this on vacation…which is something I’m rooting for this year! We haven’t been on a vacation as a family…ever. It’s happening. OR ELSE.

There you have it, lovies. I could have tried on twice as much as I did, but you know. Even though trying on swimsuits is so much fun (har har), I was feeling a bit overwhelmed after about the 15th suit. It’s a lot for a girl to handle in one Saturday morning! That said, there were some other suits that I can’t not share, so here ya go…


I want to thank Everything But Water for accommodating me so graciously. You rock! Congrats on 30 years.



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  1. That red one piece and the colorful striped bikini both look great on you! (Not that any of them look bad–those are just my favorites! 🙂

  2. I love the look of those cropped rash guards but can’t decide if the look is too “i’m trying to be sexy” or Sporty and since I have roots firmly planted in tomboyhood I can’t wear something that is obviously trying to be hotcha… I started wearing rash guards all the time because I was at the beach… does the exposed mid defeat the purpose? They are my favorite in this whole line up and especially the palm tree suit, awesome. And you look great, of course!

  3. Super cute suits, and you look amazeballs in them…. But most work only if you are rail thin like Cam. Boo…

    • Love that you said amazeballs and I am pretty thin (thanks, genes ;). I have to say though, I do think that the white ones that I tried on and some of my other picks at the bottom of the post would definitely suit other body types. Also, definitely check out our whole Swim Shop – awesome options!

      • Okay, so reading my reply… I sound so cocky about my thinness lol! I just meant…I am lucky, because I rarely every work out, so it’s definitely the genes. Is that better? 😀

  4. Cam! When was the last time I told you I love you? Look at your dedication! Look at how awesome your are! You love The Mom Edit readers and that makes me love you even more. I mean, really. You took selfies of yourself during one of (most) women’s most hated dressing room experience. Granted, you look amazing! I won’t assume that trying on swimsuits at 9 am is your idea of an amazing experience, but according to this post it could be. Before I comment on the actual suits (and how great you look!), I just want to say thank you for being so thorough with this post.

    Now on to some feedback. You look amazing in each one, and you would rock any of them on a yacht, sipping a coconut drink, with Beyoncé. But my ultimate favorite for this scenario is most definitely the white retro. You totally werk that one! Ok, switch it up and say you’re in Hawaii with Giselle and Tom (I can tell you are a good friend so you’d forgive). I think you need to wear the stripe-y number. It’d be a sporty time, and that suit would support the yoga, then ultimate frisbee, and finally chasing kids on the beach. Let’s see… last pick is definitely the halter stripe/beach scene. You’re with me in Hong Kong, and we’re just kikin’ it at the beach. I’m wearing a similar suit–because for me, this is my style! I can’t get enough of the handkerchief halter: it covers my (sun damaged) chest and holds the girls in. I love this style. For my heavy chested friends out there, if you haven’t given this style a try, please do. You will feel so sexy and comfortable and supported all at once.

    Cams, you’re amazing. Love your posts. Shana, this whole swimsuit series is so A W E S O M E ! Thanks Ladies.


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  5. Seriously, that maxi with the pockets!! I added my name to a contact list in case they can locate it in a medium. Ugh. I need it in my life.

  6. You are amazing, Cams!! Thank you so much! My husband and I just got invited to a wedding in Mexico, which coincides nicely with our 10-year anniversary, so we’re leaving our three kids for the first time ever—and i’m gonna need a real suit or two! That said, after three kids, swimwear isn’t my ultimate favorite, so I really appreciate yours and Shana’s courage and honesty about suits and post-baby bodies. Thank you, thank you!!!

  7. Wow, these all look amazing, and I love your picks at the end. Really want that wetsuit. My favorites on you are the Audrey inspired and the Helen Jon Tulum bikini/rashguard. But you look great in all of them. Off to the EBW website.

    • I guess it did sound like I hate them haha and that’s because I just would rather wear a one-piece than a tankini. It’s not my thing. However, the ones that I tried on…they may have converted me. 😉

  8. Thanks for showing us such a variety! Looks like La Blanca is the company I need to look out for when I start my search 😉

    • Of course! I wanted to try a variety of styles on for you all…and the ones that I was ehhh about on the hanger…actually ended up being my favorites. 🙂 Cheers…and yes, La Blanca rocks.

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