Last weekend, Mike and I (as well as Scotti and her husband Zack) attended Reward Style’s annual conference in Dallas, TX.  Well, Scotti and I did, anyway, the boys just came to party.  This is my third year attending, and I’ve learned two important things along the way:

1.  Texans love their air conditioning, so it’s best to dress as if the conference will be held in a meat locker

2.  Don’t. Wear. HEELS.

I have vague memories of Cam, Scotti and I virtually crawling back to our hotel room after the finale party last year.  I mean, OK – perhaps a *tiny* bit of that had to do with our good friend Tequila, but most of it (I SWEAR) had to do with the fact that our poor feet?  Were screaming.  Practice matters, in the case of footwear.  I haven’t worn high heels all day in…..eight years?  Nine?  A LONG TIME.

Besides, I have a long history of meticulous outfit planning for fashion-related events and then caving under all of the pressure.  “Fashion” is literally the worst dress code EVER.   This is how I often end up at NYFW events in sneakers or puffer coats.  But….I’m getting better!  My foolproof *fashion* uniform these days starts with a leather jacket and cool shoes.  Everything else just falls into place after that.

And this year, my “cool” shoes also ended up being shoes from a brand known for comfort.  A brand my Dad likes to wear.  A brand whose Spring lineup looks way more chic than comfortable.  (But trust me – it’s both.)  Keep reading to see what we wore to the 2016 RStheCon……


The days are pretty intense.  In addition to the conference itself, we’re always on the move, gabbing it up with brands and bloggers – the conference always works as a mental reset button for me.  To keep things easy, I wear some version of the same uniform each day:



Outfit Details

shirt: Apiece Apart (size s for reference)

jeans: Rag and Bone Dre (size 25 for reference)

flat sandals:  Born Stephane Sandals c/o

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack







Outfit Details

jacket: Iro (size 36 for reference)

shirt: St. Roche Ruffle-front top (xs for reference)

jeans: Rag and Bone Dre (size 25 for reference)

flat sandals:  Born Stephane Sandals c/o

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack



For the first two parties, I did wear heels.  Both parties are shorter, happy-hour style, and I can manage a heel for a couple of hours.  I have a few pics of my outfits on Instagram, if you’re interested (@shanachristine).  But for the grand finale party, when a major part of the party is dancing your ass off…..



Outfit Details

lace romper:  Hailey Romper (on sale)

flat sandals:  Born Stephane Sandals c/o

Scotti’s dress: ASOS (on sale!)


If you’ve never been out dancing with Scotti and Zack, well.  They Bring The Fun.  In a big, HUGE way.





I mean, C’MON.  It doesn’t get better than that.  But HEY – I  gots some moves too…





I mean seriously – these shoes made me insanely happy all night.  And then?  After the dance party was over, and cheeks were kissed and selfies taken?  THIS:



I mean clearly we had a terrible time.  #hahano

The whole weekend passed by in a blur.  I found myself missing my little guys, left back at home with our amazing nanny. They were totally fine, but I couldn’t help thinking that they would’ve loved Dallas (Pax’s new thing is cowboy boots), and they would’ve DIED over the epic performance that kicked off the finale party (think lighted shoes and WATER).  I have that vid on Instagram, too (@shanachristine).


But this weekend was kind of a big deal for Mike and I.  It was the first time – barring c-sections and mastectomies – that we’ve left the boys longer than a single night. It was literally our first weekend away in….eight years?  Sitting on the plane, I kept staring at the handsome guy next to me – a little older than the last time we were alone on a plane together, but my favorite face nonetheless.  I was waiting for him to complain about his iPod volume, or take his seat belt off and stand on his seat, or mess with the guy next to him for funsies (like my usual travel companions these days)….but Mike just calmly worked on his laptop, whispering naughty things in my ear from time to time.  And the only one who needed to use the bathroom?  Was me.

It. Was. Glorious.

Although, getting home was pretty darn glorious, too.




Raines groaned, “Oh MAN.  You guys had FUN??”  He was incredulous.  “Why do you and Dad ALWAYS have FUN?”

Someday, he’ll understand.



A huge thank-you to Born Shoes for sponsoring this post!  The sandals – which arrived the day before we left – ended up being just the thing (and immediately solved my last-minute, stressed-out, packing problem).  I’m always to thrilled to find shoes that are both comfortable and chic, and these are perfect.  And readers, thank you for the continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and is SO very much appreciated.




  1. Oh Shana this post is everything! It brought tears to my eyes, fashion, family and fun. To see you healthy and with your loved ones brings me joy.

  2. I’ve been stalking that red leather Iro jacket on shopbop and almost pulled the trigger during the last sale, but it seemed too shiny/lipsticky (and stiff) in the photos, but on you it looks a little more distressed and matte –is this the case? Can you show more photos please?

    • I agree – the jacket looks a lot different on the website, nowhere near as nice as these photos in my opinion! It looks so buttery soft and lived-in on Shana

  3. I love the black, but I’m eyeing the silver. Do you think the black sole is too much of a contrast with the silver straps?

  4. My DREAM is to go to the CON! So glad you had a great time Shana!! And, yay for trips away with Mike. I think Kevin and I have done it, like once, maybe twice! It’s hard. But now, my tween (12 year old Gigi) and teen! (13 year old Vincent) are surprising. On Friday nights, Kevin and I will look at each other, and be like, wait, Who are you! It’s actually kind of nice to reconnect with my hubs.

    Love the sandals–right up my comfy alley!

    Love, Ann

  5. You guys are gorgeous and amazing. I’ve gotta come with Amanda Danziger and meet you one of these days, lol! I’m so happy for you guys to get away together, that’s sooo important! And then coming home is glorious.

  6. Awww that was a sweet post. It’s hard for kids to comprehend you having fun without them? My little girl is always like you’ll have more fun if I’m going mama! 🙂 It’s very sweet! I love love love your lace romper! Looks like fun!

  7. Question for you Shana: You’ve now reviewed several pairs of super cute and comfy sandals on the blog (thinking of the Ugg post from a couple of weeks ago). I’m beginning my shopping for a summer trip to Europe with 5 yo boy in tow: which pair of sandals do you think can handle all day sightseeing, playground visiting and beach time?

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