That Time I Wore My Mom’s Dress To New York Fashion Week (#NYFW)





It’s so nerve-wracking getting dressed for Fashion Week events.  I always make a bigger deal out of it than is necessary, and in the end always wear something comfortable.  Especially when Mike comes along – we try to make a day-date out of the whole thing.   So this time, with temps in the 90’s and threats of rain…I wore my mom’s dress (and wedges that I later regretted).

Anyway, we had a blast.  We also spent way too much time in the subway (at this point, I’m convinced that the “C Train” is purely mythological and am pretty sure that the world’s energy crisis could be solved by studying the New York subway stations’ ability to retain heat)  but New York never disappoints.






Fashion Week nerds are easy to spot.  Just look for outfits with a healthy dose of crazy.  I’m not gonna lie:  I love a healthy dose of crazy and am currently hunting down that….fluffy?  fringy? shirt below.  Giant white trousers that don’t cost $1000 have been on my list for years now…BUT STILL NO LUCK.





Mike indulges me with this whole fashion blogger thing, but we both genuinely  love RewardStyle parties.  I have very few pics because we were too busy gabbing.  And eating fashion food.  (Think: small)







Of course I had to take Mike over to Lincoln Center to see Carnival I mean Fashion Week.  It’s a trip.







My friend Brent recently pointed out that NYFW crowds are growing – more photographers, more bloggers, more style stars, more onlookers.  As a result, photogs are relying on their big-gun zoom lenses to get the shot.  Otherwise, too many people are in the way.  I think Brent’s right.  The vibe outside of the Lincoln Center felt a little more…forced than it did a couple of years ago.  Mike called it “peacocking”.   He’s dead on.


To be fair, it was also a million degrees outside with loads of humidity.  Which may have contributed to the “forced” feeling.  In my case, as you may know, this sort of weather is perfect for short, curly hair.  [fist pump]



Snort.  Which reminds me….I need to pick up another baseball hat.  Or twelve.


Anyway, after all of this, we grabbed seriously good Thai at Room Service (Mary, you babe, thanks for the recommendation!!), walked around Chelsea in the cool night air, and smooched a little bit.  Feeling refreshed, relaxed, and happy, we went down to the subway.




I mean seriously WTF New York.  I thought I was going to pass out.  It was like Death Valley with 300% humidity.




So of course Mike took pictures of my boobs.



Aren’t they pretty?  You’d never know I’m still missing a nipple.  Gotta get that thing tattooed on soon.  (Hi New Readers!  Don’t be scared – it’s just breast cancer humor…ha,ha…ha.  And you guys – at this exact time last year I was about to start chemo.  Sofreakingcrazy.)


But you know my favorite thing about Fashion Week?  My most favorite thing?  Is how – each time – I leave feeling totally inspired by all of those bat-sh*t-crazy outfits.  I KNOW.  But the thing is….those Peacocks (as Mike would call them) – they’re expressing themselves in a harmless (and fun) way, exuding confidence, taking a break from the norm.   And because the Peacocks exist, the rest of us, at least during Fashion Week, Get. Dressed.  In a major way.  So instead of grabbing any ol’ pretty dress, I worked a little harder….and ended up in my mom’s stunning vintage dress.  Something I don’t wear nearly often enough.  And I felt gorgeous, darling.  Glamorous, even.

One of these years I may go for it.  Find something unique and crazy-fabulous and dress totally up like the Peacocks. Maybe.  Or maybe I’ll just start wearing more dramatic pieces on the regular.  There is something to be said for a stunning maxi dress.


Thanks, Mom.  Love you to pieces.



dress:  my Mom’s (see below for a few others I love)

shoes: Nine West wedges – similar Plomo wedges currently 60% off

accessories:  Kate Spade Henry duffle – sold out, but the Kate Spade Charles Street Kenton is similar, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Target hat but am really crushing on this seriously chic hat by Kate Spade or this pom-pom baseball hat by Echo, Bauble Bar Arrow necklace, and my mom’s bracelet (that she bartered for in an Ethiopian bazaar while in the Peace Corp when Haile Selassie was overthrown and a military coup happened.  True story – my mom’s a badass.)





In honor of Fashion Week, here are a few dramatic maxi dresses that you could work into your real life.











  1. I love you Shana. You crack me up girl! My oldest is starting kindergarten and it has been so intense. Congrats for one year past starting chemo. Must have been so intense last September for you. You are rocking it! Also, your mom’s dress is everything!!

  2. OH!!! Shana! those Paige jeans with patches!! Love! Now question….if you were going to buy one pair with patches…which would it be? the Paige ? of the Hudsons??

  3. I can totally understand Mike taking that particular picture of you. Your father loved that dress on me, and we both love that dress on you! You look amazing in it, Sweetheart. Love you to the moon and back!! xxoo

  4. Shana, you looked so lovely! And I gotta say, as someone who follows a fair lot of fashion bloggers and have seen several NYFW posts, I LOVE that you look so naturally and unpeacocking beautiful. You look beautiful in a way that I think most of us want to look beautiful… not like we tried too hard or like we can’t possible do anything particular in what we’re wearing except stand exactly perfect and posed for our next photo shoot… You look real and gorgeous and I love whenever you post pics of you and Mike cause that man wears a grin like he knows exactly how hot his wife is and how jealous other guys are when they see him with you! 🙂 And I’ve been meaning to tell you for a bit, I love your short hair… I know it wasn’t by choice, but you look absolutely beautiful with it at this length… when you smile, you just glow! Totally my fave fashion blogger for some many reasons…

  5. I’m so glad that you mentioned how smokin’ your boobs looked in that dress. And your mom’s comment above is fabulous. As always, you rock and inspire. Keep it up.

  6. Fabulously funny post. You looked great! I just got a maxi dress from it has sleeves and a higher neckline. Perfect for us ladies who can’t do the gorgeous plunging neckline, or daring spaghetti strap. (Gravity seems to always win.). Just thought I would throw that option out there.

  7. Your small comment regarding fashion food made me laugh out loud.

    Um… how cute is your mom?? Love her comment. Love that she didn’t even bat an eye at Mike taking a photo of your boobs. And I 100% agree with Shauntelle. You’re so effortlessly gorgeous and I can feel the love you and your family have for each other and it’s just fantastic. Plus, you’re kickass.

  8. Shana, YOU are fantastic and your cleavage looks amazing! Do your remember talking to me this spring after my mastectomy? (I vaguely remember it because painkillers.) Anyway, isn’t it great that we can still have awesome cleavage? I’m just going to rock it because it’s all I’ve got at this point. 😉 Thank you for keeping it real.

  9. So funny because when I saw the first pic of you on the subway I thought “her boobs look great in that dress!” Is that weird? Anyway, as I kept reading I was glad to see Mike agrees 🙂 And your mom rocked it as well. That’s one great dress with that kind of staying power.

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