The 2013 Holiday Style Guide For the Lazy




Bald or not bald*, the holidays are upon us.  


Feels rather ominous, written out like that, doesn't it?  But in any case, you know the drill:  for the next few days, let's chat about the best ways to shine ourselves up all purty-like….with MINIMAL EFFORT EXPENDED.  

This year I'm focusing on….black pants and the white, button-down shirt!


I know.  Two of the most boring pieces ever to grace a closet.  Can I do it?  Can I manage to make those two snooze-worthy closet staples interesting?  Well.  TIME WILL TELL.  

I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve.  So we'll see.




shirt: old from Theory (pricy, but they have the best collars and perfect amount of stretch)…this one is 50% off

sweatshirt: Emerson Fry now sold out, but also comes in black silk

coat: old IRO from pre-baby days.  This one has a similar shape…or try this retro cape at Modcloth

denim: coated JBrand

shoes: old, but I FINALLY found a near-exact pair.  40% off to boot.

accessories: ASOS hat, and a now-retired Stella & Dot necklace.  Try this stunner.  Or this one.


The 2013 Holiday Style Guide For the Lazy

Four Festive Ways to Style a White Button-Down Shirt

Five Ways To Rock Black Pants

Winter White Out:  Tricks For Styling Shades of White and Cream



Also, if you are interested, last year's Holiday Style Guide for Lazy Mamas can be found here.

Happy December already.  Wow.



*New here?  For the record, I am currently bald.  Or bald-ish.  Don't worry, it's temporary.  I had a recent brush with breast cancer but it's over and done with and WHEW!  So that's that.


  1. I think you have definitely succeeded in making the black pants and white shirt NOT boring!! What a gorgeous cape, I love it! The necklace is fun and kinda matches that glamorous vintage thing the cape has happening. And your makeup looks amazing! I love that lip color with your skin tone.

  2. You look fabulous, as usual. I’ve got a quick question – do you dry clean your Theory button-down as recommended or have you tried machine washing it? I hesitate to wear mine because of the cost and inconvenience of dry cleaning but I haven’t had the courage to use the washer because of the price…

  3. look could make a burlap bag look awesome:)
    I think you should have a new blog called….”What I bought this week”
    that way those of us who are style challenged are ready when you put outfits together!:)
    Its a great idea! thank you for all your work:)

  4. What a beautiful holiday look! One bad thing about cool weather, though, is that it can dry out your skin. We’re a shaving company called Dorco and our high quality razors are designed with that in mind. They have lubricating strips containing moisturizing ingredients like aloe and lavender oil. We think everyone should be able to afford high quality shaving equipment. In fact, our prices are 30-70% less than what you’re probably paying now. See them for yourself and read what others think about our products at Thanks again for this post; loving this look!

  5. Swissmama – I’ve been washing (and drying) that shirt for so long (it was a pre-baby purchase)…that I can’t remember if it originally shrunk a bit or not. I suspect there was a tiny bit of shrinkage. But I wash on cold, and dry on the lowest setting, and it comes out beautifully.

  6. Thanks!! I couldn’t find my usual stuff, so I just threw two random ones into my bag, and mixed in desperation. Now it’s my fav. Isn’t that always the way it is? Sigh.

  7. Oh, my. I am not new here, but I haven’t been around in probably about a year, so I missed the cancer. So glad you are better. Anyway, stopped in to see if you had ideas for holiday wear, and lo! You have delivered! Because like everyone else, I do happen to have black pants and white shirts, so I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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