The 2017 Fall Trends Shop

We’ve been culling through the best of the 2017 Fall trends, trying to identify which trends are worth spending money on, which will be the longest-lasting, and which trends are the easiest to incorporate into an existing wardrobe.  In short, the trends we’ll actually be wearing this Fall and Winter.

NOTE:  Looking for our complete Fall Boot Guide?  Go there.  But if you want Fall trends of the clothing sort, keep on reading….

Fall Trend 1. Statement Booties

I’m seriously loving white booties right now, but silver or even bright red are equally relevant.  As are brocades or gorgeously embroidered boots – go nuts!!  The key?  Treat them like neutrals.

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Weekend Styling:  If all of that focus on your feet sounds leg-shortening, warm up to this trend with a few monochromatic outfits (this trend is a genius way to make a uniform of black jeans + black sweater more interesting).   Or….slip a pair of statement boots under cropped flares.  The higher shaft of these boots hide any skin, and create a long line.

Office Styling: I’d throw on a pair of embroidered statement boots with some Audrey-Hepburn-inspired slim, cropped, black pants and a silk button-down blouse.  Or let a silver pair peek out of wide-leg trousers.  The white would look amazing with a black pencil skirt and tucked-in chambray top.

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Shop all of our favorite statement boots in our (newly launched) Fall Boot Guide!


Fall Trend 2. That 70’s Vibe

Think sleek ribbed knits, unexpectedly colorful stripes, ringer tees, corduroy everything, sexy wrap dresses, and a touch of shearling.

Ribbed Knits, Ringer Tees And Oh-So-Seventies-Stripes

Weekend Styling:  All of these tops are cute enough to stand on their own, and are a solid way to upgrade your fav denim (skinnies, flares, boyfriend, etc.).  You can take things next level with a pair of cozy cords, or even a skirt/romper.  Me?  I can’t wait to slide one of these tops under a pair of overalls.

Office Styling:  I’d sneak a ribbed knit tee or turtleneck under a basic office shift dress once the weather turns. And rugby stripes were made to be paired with a simple pencil skirt and pumps.  Such a cool, sporty-chic look for the office.

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Wrap Dresses

Not only are wrap dresses universally flattering, but they can be dressed up/down for virtually any occasion (or weather).

Weekend Styling: I’ll wear them with flat sandals now, booties and moto jackets later, and then warm them up for winter with tights, one of those ribbed turtlenecks, and a cozy, oversized cardigan.

Office Styling:  A DVF wrap dress was my office-travel go-to piece.  I’d wear it on the plane with giant scarf, then swap the scarf out for a blazer once landed.

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The trick is to restrain myself from too much cord.  At the moment, I’m debating between tan cords, brown cords, and the cord overalls.  Which means I’ll probably just buy the cheap skirt while I dither.  SIGH.

Weekend Styling:  try a pair of cords with some embroidered ankle boots and a simple sweater.  The contrasting textures, and dressy/casual is a fun mix.

Office Styling: I love a pair of cords for the office.  Just offset the nubby texture with sleek pumps and a blazer, or a silk blouse.  It’s all about a combination of texture to keep things professional, yet interesting.

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Fall Trend 3. Sport Chic

Mix in something a little sporty to make your entire outfit more interesting.  I love a good striped sleeve, and track pants are seriously calling my name.  As long as you mix in one or two non-sporty pieces (moto jackets, heels, etc.) the outfit looks cool, not like you’re about to head to the gym.

Weekend Styling: I’d like to see how silky track pants look with a fitted white tee (tucked in), my white sneaks, and a moto jacket this Fall.  Definitely casual, but I think it’ll work.  Or with black sandals and a strappy black cami (I’d swap in heels for a night out).  If you saw my white boots article, I’m also obsessed with the combo of sporty stripes and white ankle boots. Lastly, a cool, striped windbreaker is high on my fall shopping list.  I’d wear this with jeans and flat ankle boots.

Office Styling: I used to wear Adidas track jackets, or those silky soccer jerseys to work with a pencil skirt.  It was one of my favorite outfits – I promise it works!  If you need a little more polish, throw a white collared button-down underneath the soccer jersey.  (I can do a quick article on this look if you guys want….)

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Fall Trend 4. Slogan Tees

I love a good slogan tee, whether it’s considered “trendy” or not.  But the advantage of having these things all. over. the runways is that now there are a ton to choose from.   My personal favorites are below (and I threw a few baby/kid ones in there because adorable.)

Weekend styling: I’ll be wearing mine with my usual skinnies and white boots.  Or maybe with red sneakers.

Office Styling: This realllly depends on the office.  Back in the day, I could probably have gotten away with “feminist killjoy” at Lockheed, just for a laugh.  But maybe not. 🙂 And I would’ve either worn it under a suit, or with a pencil skirt (and white boots – my 2017 add, haha).

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Fall Trend 5. Something Red

Major red is having a major moment….but you can scale this trend to your liking.  Think red sneakers, pops of red via scarves, hats, or mittens, or go big red in a drop-dead-sexy romper or show-stopping coat.  I’m kinda loving the idea of bright red winter boots, too.

Weekend Styling:  There’s a ton of seriously cool red sweatshirts and hoodies that have caught my eye.  I’m planning to layer them under my leather jacket once the weather cools for a pop of color.  Or rock a giant red blanket scarf over my usual all-black for winter.

Office Styling: Gosh, red is hard in the office.  Black and red is such a statement, that I’d probably skip that pairing.  Instead, I’d pair a red silk tee with caramel-colored trousers, or a red shift dress with tall tan boots. Part of me thinks that an all-red suit would actually be less scary than black-and-red, but I’d have to try one on to see….thoughts?

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Fall Trend 6. Cropped Jeans

The easiest way to rock this trend?  Hack off your fav pair with scissors.  I like mine a good inch or two above the ankle bone.  More about denim trends later (spoiler alert:  anything goes)….but if you aren’t a DIY person, here are a few pairs of cropped jeans that caught my eye:

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Fall Trend 7. Oversized Jackets

I’ve been eyeing up oversized denim jackets lately (and Scotti has been stealing her husband’s), but if the fit isn’t flattering, try some of the softer picks below.  Even a drapey poncho or cape will approximate the vibe we’re going for.

Weekend Styling: This trend is especially good for transitioning summer outfits into Fall.  A slouchy, oversized jacket looks cool thrown over cutoffs and booties, or atop pretty little dresses.  Once the weather cools, try these jackets with cropped jeans and a statement boot for a truly modern silhouette.

Office Styling: For the office, I’d stick to oversized blazers.  Try them with a pair of sleek, cropped pants.  Add a long, skinny scarf to reinforce the long-short line.

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Fall Trend 8. Icelandic-Inspired Sweaters

This is a tough one to start talking about (or finding online) this early in the season….but I think this trend will be a big one.  There’s such buzz about Iceland right now, and I think the runways reflected that.  That said, this particular trend will likely get translated by everyday retailers into something vaguely Icelandic.  Think: chunky Fair Isle and nordic ski sweaters, in addition to twists on the iconic lopapeysa sweaters Iceland is known for.  (Fun fact:  they’re totally legit. While hiking, there was a crew of men working on the trail – operating heavy machinery, etc. in the rain and wind.  They were all wearing lopapeysa sweaters.)

Weekend Styling: While in Iceland, I wore mine with skinny jeans and hiking boots, haha.  But plan to wear it again this winter with something leather (or faux-leather) on my legs.  Such a cool combo.

Office Styling: I’d look for a fairisle knit that isn’t overly bulky and slip it on under a blazer….or find a chunky patterned cardigan and pair it with gray plaid pants.  Remember when we belted those giant cardigans?  Yeah – do it again.

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We’ll talk about these more as the weather gets colder, but for now, here’s a few with the right idea:


Fall Trend 9.  Head-To-Toe Leather

We debated whether to call this one “The Matrix Meets The 80’s” or “60’s Modern Rock Chick” but in the end, it’s actually pretty straight-forward and completely answers the question, “can one with leather head-to-toe?”  In a word?  YES.

Weekend Styling: I’m seriously considering adding a pair of leather pants to my wardrobe (or at least a really good pair of faux-leather).  And if I do, I’ll be wearing the heck out of them with my leather jacket.  But I think you can get the general vibe with two leather  (or faux-leather) pieces.  Think: leather skirt + leather over-the-knee boots.  Or leather pants + leather tee (which I would naturally layer over a ribbed turtleneck, haha).   Even my usual pairing of faux-leather leggings and my OTK boots has this vibe.  For date night, I think it would be fun to spoof a suit with a leather moto jacket and leather shorts (or heck, just pair those leather shorts with OTK boots and watch your partner drool).

Office Styling: Ok – I’m thinking really hard about this one.  What would I have actually worn to the office?  I can see myself wearing flat OTK boots in the winter (they are honestly practical), but toning them down with a pair of black coated denim.  The black-on-black line is less shocking than putting them over blue denim.  And I would’ve worn something very professional and conservative on top – a turtleneck, or a blouse + blazer.  I also think that a leather shift dress (over a button-down or turtleneck) could be a really fun update this Fall/Winter.  Lastly, I think one could rock a suit of sorts.  A leather pencil skirt, a simple leather moto (or bomber jacket), paired with a silk blouse and serious pumps would be both professional and badass.

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Fall Trend 10. Camo

It’s back you guys.  In a big way.

Weekend Styling:  Gosh I love camo pants.  I love them with slouchy tees and silky camis and especially with white cotton eyelet for now….and with cozy black turtlenecks or striped sweaters later.

Office Styling: For casual offices, one could probably get away with camo pants, especially when paired with fitted black blazer.  However, I think army-green cargos (in sleek lines) are generally a better choice.  Or slip a camo tee under a black suit.  Or do a suit-with-a-twist by pairing the camo tee with black pants, and a black cardigan.

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