The 2018 Anniversary Sale Is Upon Us….(as are my dressing room selfies)


Hey, hey, HEY!  The 2018 Anniversary Sale – arguably the biggest sale of the summer – is upon us, and so is my yearly giant review, in the form of….drumroll please…dressing room selfies!!  This is where I go in-store, and try on all of the Fall sweaters, boots, jeans, etc that are part of this epic Fall pre-sale.

In case you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, in July of each year, Nordstrom celebrates its anniversary with a sale.  But not just any sale:  instead of marking down old merchandise, Nordstrom gets an early delivery of Fall stuff, and marks it down – for a few weeks only.  Once the sale is over, everything goes back up to full price.

Over the years, we’ve learned that this sale often carries the pieces that we really do end up wearing on the daily.  But each year is different.  So.  How does this one compare?

This year’s sale was pretty tricky.  As I mentioned in my strategy article: How To Shop The 2018 Nordstrom Sale, online is always the best bet*.  The in-store inventory was light on the designer pieces, and much heavier on the Nordstrom in-house brands (Halogen, Caslon, BP, etc.) Furthermore, the sale reflected the changing (and confusing) denim trends so I spent wayyy too much time trying to figure those out.  And if we can use this sale as a trend predictor (and we typically can)….pointy-toe shoes are having a serious moment, and 70’s vibes are everywhere.

*We’ll be pulling together a round-up of all of our favorite pieces – including those only available online – in our 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Page.  (Also found via our dropdown menu.)

So.  If you’ve been longing for photos of my messy hair, intense stares, and yellow lighting…you’re in luck!  Here we go.

1. Start With a Fuzzy Jacket (Sherpa? Faux Fur?)

First of all, go and order that stupidly expensive Vince jacket (below, left).  Seriously, go now.  I’ll wait.  That thing is going to sell out by noon.  If you can swing the $398, even if it’s the only thing you buy….you won’t regret it.  It is insanely fabulous.  However, if $398 on sale is too pricey (and I totally get that too), then try one of the other two.  They’re all pretty darn great (and affordable), and will likely be the only thing you want to wear allllllll Fall.

Outfit 1: jacket – S | sweater – XS | jeans – 25 | boots – TTS
Outfit 2: jacket | top – S | jeans – 25 | boots – TTS | bag
Outfit 3: jacket – S | jeans – 25

Sizing notes:

I’m wearing a small in the Vince hoodie because it was the ONLY SIZE LEFT IN STORE.  But I actually ended up loving how it fit.  I’m going to order the XS just to see, but I’ll be happy with the small.

I’m also wearing a small in the white Thread & Supply sherpa hoodie (doesn’t come in xs)….it fits a bit bigger than the Vince hoodie.

Alo runs true to size.  I’m wearing a small.

2. Update Your Fall Uniform:  Sweater, Skinny Jeans, Shoes, Bag, DONE

I typically use this sale to inject new life into my daily Fall uniform.  I keep thinking that, maybe, someday, I’ll wake up wanting to wear a skirt…but it hasn’t happened yet.

A.  Found A Replacement For My Infamous Taupe Booties

I mean obviously, I’m going to talk about these two Vince sweaters (they’re cashmere!!).  And these Frame skinnies that are insanely comfortable, and whose inky dark wash feels so fresh for Fall – I mean of course I am.  But the big, HUGE news is that I have – finally!! – found a replacement for my old Lucky Brand taupe booties.  These perforated tan booties by Dolce Vita are super comfortable, not too hot, and look amazing with denim or bare legs.

A first look at The 2018 Anniversary SaleOutfit 1: sweater – XS | jeans – 24 | shoes – TTS | bag
Outfit 2: sweater – XS | jeans – 24 | shoes – TTS | bag

B.  Plaid Boots. (For A Bit of An Edge)

Things you need to know:  Both sweaters are 100% cashmere, and the one on the right is under $100.   After the sale, that black-and-green Rag and Bone backpack will retail for $695.  And these plaid boots make me feel like the lovechild of Twiggy and Mick Jagger.

A first look at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: sweater – XS | jeans – 24 | boots – TTS | bag
Outfit 2: sweater – S | jeans – 24 | boots – TTS | bag

C. Basically Me, 2.0

My AG Legging Jeans that I wear on the daily?  They’re in the sale.  Cute sneaks?  In the sale.  A replacement for my taupe boo– C’MON!  We’ve already talked about this!  In. The. Sale.  And….like I predicted [smugly pats self on back] the Nordstrom Signature line was at it again this year with the cashmere sweaters.  I like the navy dongeal one – see the up-close?  So good.  (ps. the gray sweater is Vince.  Just to be clear.)

A first look at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: sweater – S | jeans -25  | sneakers – TTS | bag
Outfit 2: sweater – S | jeans -25 | shoes – TTS

D. More Boring* Gray Sweaters That We Will All Love And Be So Happy About

*Just kidding.  Cashmere is never boring.

We are what we are.  And what we are…are people who love a gray sweater.  Actually, you guys love gray sweaters so much that it’s become an inside joke at TME headquarters.  As in, ‘we got some negative feedback on our latest post…we should probably post some gray sweaters to appease them.’

Other notes:  These are the AG Farrah jeans!!  Exactly like my fav AG leggings, but with a more modern, higher rise.  Love them.  And the two sweaters facing off are at very different price points:  Vince (left) with a v-neckline vs. Halogen (right) with a bell sleeve.  Both are 100% ribbed cashmere (for her pleasure).  HA!  Couldn’t help myself.

A first look at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: sweater – XS | jeans – 25 | shoes – run big
Outfit 2: sweater – S | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS

E. Basically Me, 2.0 Again (But With Affordable Sweaters This Time)

These really speak for themselves.  They’re all under $60, are insanely cute, and are so easy to wear.


A first look at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: sweater – S | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: hoodie – XXS | jeans -25 | boots – TTS
Outfit 3: sweater – XS | jeans – 25  | shoes – TTS


On the left is the sweater from my IG stories yesterday (@shanachristine).  It’s deliciously oversized.  But one word of caution:  it’s not a Vince cashmere sweater, even though it looks like one.

On the right – the green sweater – is too big.  I’m wearing a small.  However, if you order, xs and even petite sizes are available.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview

Outfit 1: sweater – XS | jeans – 24 | sneakers – TTS | bag
Outfit 2: sweater – XXS | jeans – 24 | shoes – TTS
Outfit 3: sweater – S | jeans -25 | boots – TTS

F. Sweatshirts!

Sometimes I go crazy and swap my sweater out for a sweatshirt.  I KNOW.  It’s like a whole new me.

The Joie sweatshirt (pink, left) is fancy enough to feel like a sweater – it’s pretty fab.  And the Adidas one is perfect with high-rise denim.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview

Outfit 1: sweatshirt – S | jeans – 24
Outfit 2: hoodie – XS | jeans – 25

3. Attempt To Make Non-Skinny Jeans Work

Ugh.  I can style skinnies, flares, and boyfriend jeans with my eyes closed.  But these strange hybrids – the cropped flares, the short straight legs, the 3/4 kick flares – are driving me nuts.  It’s partially a height problem (I’m 5’3″), and partially because deep down….I know….the answer is heels, not sneakers.  UGH.  Annoying.

A. Veronica Beard Jeans

The key?  Plaid boots.  It wasn’t the plaid, per se, but the heel and the sock-like shaft.  These slide perfectly under cropped flares.  The jeans are still too long on me – I’d have to cut them off a couple of inches to really work…but you get the idea.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview

Outfit 1: sweater – XS | jeans – 25 | bag | boots – TTS
Outfit 2: Top – XS | top – S | jeans – 25 | boots – TTS
Outfit 3:  Tee  – 0 | jeans – 25 | boots – TTS

B. Paige Hoxton Vintage Jeans

These jeans came home with me.  They fit almost exactly like my GRLFND jeans….but are much softer.  They’re some of the most comfortable jeans I’ve tried on.  Still tricky to style (how cropped should these straight legs be???)….but I’m working on it.  These actually looked OK with the tan flat boots, but a bit of a heel is still a winner.  Here are the outfits I came up with:


The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview

Outfit 1: Top – XXS | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: Top – XXS | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS | jacket – S
Outfit 3: top – S | Top – XXS | jeans – 25| shoes – TTS


The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview

Outfit: jacket – S | top – S | Tee – XS | jeans – 25 | boots – TTS | bag


The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview

Outfit 1: top – XXS | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: blouse – XS | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS

C. Frame Studded Jeans

I put these on and immediately swooned. They’re soft, hug (not squeeze) and look so freaking cool.  Except…the legs are too long.  So I tried turning them under (didn’t stay – the denim is too soft), and I tried cuffing them (meh).  So…I left them at the store.  Someone can rock these jeans….I’m trying to decide if this someone will be me + scissors….or someone else entirely.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview

Outfit 1: sweater – M | jeans – 25 | boots – TTS
Outfit 2: tee – XS | jeans – 25 | boots – TTS
Outfit 3: sweater – XS | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS

4. Go Get a New Jacket

Ok, now it’s playtime. If you’ve already shopped your fluffy, sherpa jackets from the verrry top of this article, you may proceed.  Here’s what I came up with:

A. Blank NYC Olive Green Moto Jacket

This is shockingly good.  I was surprised by how soft it was, given the price.  The color is perfect for Fall – I think olive is one of the most under-rated neutrals – it even makes even blues and purples pop (see pic below), and I liked how the detailing was updated this season to be less aggressively moto.


The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit:  jacket – S | sweater – S | scarf | jeans -25 | shoes – TTS


Outfit: sweater – S | jacket – S | jeans – 24 | boots – TTS | bag


The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit: jacket – S | top – XXS | jeans – 24 | shoes – TTS

B. Vince Wool Moto Jacket

This is a sweater jacket that feels like wearing a big hug. One caveat:  I found the fabric a liiiitle too scratchy to wear with bare arms.  But I tend to be pretty sensitive about itchiness.  Over a shirt (even a suuuuper thin one) it was fine.


The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit: top – XXS | jeans – 24 | shoes – TTS | jacket – XS


The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit: sweater – XS | jacket – XS | jeans -25 | shoes – TTS

C. J.Crew Blazer

J.Crew always does these so well, and this one in particular is really, really good.  Also in navy or pink. Which…after trying it on….the pink might actually be kind of amazing.  Hmmmm….


A preview of The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit : hoodie – XXS | jeans -25 | blazer – 00 | boots – TTS


A preview of The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit: cardigan – XXS | jeans -25 | blazer – 00 | boots – TTS

D. This Cord Blazer

This cord blazer is a little too long on me – it really should come up an inch or two – but other than that, it’s a really fun piece.  Perfect for all of the 70’s vibes I’ve been feeling.  And that tee?  One of my new favs.  It says SUPER WOMAN.  My kids are gonna freak.

A preview of The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit:  blazer – XXS | Tee – XS | jeans – 24 | shoes – TTS

E. This Little Ruffle Plaid

I only tried this on because in 2003 there was an ad for a Chanel blazer that looked like this and I swooned.  Because the 90’s were basically just over, it was paired with a pair of super low-rise jeans with rips and distressing.  It was glorious, and that image has stayed with me forever.  This blazer is not nearly as glorious as Chanel…but it sure is fun.

A preview of The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: jacket – XS | jeans – 25 | sweater – S | shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: jacket – XS | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS

6. Let’s Talk PANTS (Joggers and Trousers, Specifically)

I’m typically a denim-all-day-every-day kind of girl, but there are two pieces that are worth talking about.  Both are casual enough to get a nod from me.

A. These Joie Joggers

OBSESSED.  These are insanely comfy, and look cute with sneakers AND heels.  They’re perfect for travel, too.  (I’m 90% sure that our home director, A, also has these pants.  She’s 6′ tall, and they obviously hit way higher on her leg, but still look good.)


A preview of The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: pants – 25 | sweater – XS | sneakers – TTS
Outfit 2: pants – 25 | tee – XS | shoes – run big


A preview of The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: pants – 25 | sweater – XS | shoes – run big
Outfit 2: pants – 25 | sweater – XS |  jacket – S | shoes – run big


A preview of The 2018 Anniversary SaleOutfit: sweater – S | pants – 25 | shoes – TTS


The Best Deals at The 2018 Anniversary SaleOutfit: top – S/P |  jacket – S | pants – 25 | shoes – TTS

B. Trouve’s Side-Snap Trousers

These are obviously way too long on me, but I’d either hem them for flats (for my current lifestyle) or for lower heels (if I had to work in an office).  Either way, these trousers have some serious work-to-weekend potential. They’re basically pull-on track pants…but in a fabric fancy enough for work (and your skin does NOT peek through on the side).

(I especially like them with the sporty vibe of this sweater….)

The Best Deals at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: sweater – XXS | trousers – XS | boots – TTS
Outfit 2: top – S/P | trousers – XS  | shoes – TTS

7. Consider Buying This Suede Skirt

There’s something about a leather or suede skirt that is just so darn chic.  And because of its heavier weight (and texture), it’s a pretty fool-proof piece to warm up with tights (or even leggings) once winter comes around.

A. To Wear With….Slouchy Boots? WHA???

There’s something very 80’s about these slouchy Sam Edelman boots (the Weitzman version is even more so).  At this particular point in time, I refuse to wear them over jeans, but with dresses and skirts….IDK.  I….kind of….love it?


The Best Deals at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: sweater – XS | skirt – 25 | boots – TTS | bag
Outfit 2: top – S | jacket – S | skirt – 25 | bag | boots – TTS
Outfit 3: top – S | jacket – S | skirt – 25 | bag | boots – TTS


The Best Deals at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit: scarf | top – S | skirt – 25 | bag | boots – TTS

B. Or…Sneakers (They Totally Work, Too)

The Best Deals at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit: sweater – M | skirt – 25 | sneakers – TTS | bag

8. Look at These Dresses

There weren’t many dresses in-store, but I did find a few worth considering….

A. Rebecca Taylor’s Pretty Little Silk Dress

The photos don’t do this one justice. It’s the kind of piece you could wear to work under a blazer, dress up for a night out, or casually wear on a weekend.  Perfect for traveling, too.

The Best Deals at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: dress – 4 |  shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: dress – 4 | cardigan – XS | jeans – 24 |  shoes – TTS
Outfit 3: dress – 4 | sweater – S | bag | boots – TTS

B. Madewell’s Pretty Little Parisian Dress

If I were going to Paris, I’d snap up this little Madewell number in a heartbeat.  It’s one of those almost-fancy pieces that always reads casual (even if you try to dress it up).  V. French, and perfect with sneakers.

The Best Deals at The 2018 Anniversary Sale

Outfit 1: dress – 2 | shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: dress – 2 | sweater – S | sneakers – TTS
Outfit 3: dress – 2 | sweater – S |  boots – TTS

C. Leith Midi Dress

This one is fabulous, but totally and completely body-con.  Layer under a tied tee for days you’re not feeling va-va-voom.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit 1: dress – XS
Outfit 2: dress – XS | Tee  – 0 | boots – TTS
Outfit 3: dress – XS | Tee  – 0 | boots – TTS |  jacket – S | bag

D. Blank NYC Suede Shift Dress

These suede shift dresses are kind of amazing year-round. (I did a whole video about how to style these things year-round).  This one is great…and matches that Blank NYC moto jacket perfectly.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit 1: dress – XS | bag boots – TTS
Outfit 2: dress – XS | bag | boots – TTS | cardigan – XS

9. Find Cute Tops To Wear With Jeans and Heels

If your idea of date night involves jeans and heels….this is for you.

A. The Top That’s More Like An Art Piece

DYING over this 3.1 Philip Lim top.  It literally made me swoon.  So incredibly cool.  (And there’s the rear view on those Frame skinny jeans – good, right?)

The shoes, however, are comfortable yet…not super walkable.  I mean…OK YES.  If you are used to walking in high heels, you will likely have no issues.  But if you attempt to walk like you do in sneaks [S raises hand] then the back strap might come down and annoy you.  The leather is soft, tho.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit: sweater – XS | jeans – 24 | shoes – TTS | bag

B. The Crowd-Pleaser

If you just need a fancy top for sometimes…this one.  It’s affordable and pretty and what’s not to like about that?

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit: top – XS | jeans – 25 | bag | shoes – TTS

C. The Casual One

I loved the fit of this baseball tee.  I went with an XXS to really keep things fitted.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview PhotosOutfit: tee – XXS | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS | bag

D. The Fancy Silk One

This Vince top is just so pretty on.  And you can wear a normal bra with it!  I especially like it with light-wash denim.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit 1: blouse – XS | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS

10. Think About These Two Expensive Sweaters

The Vince hoodie still gets my first nod…but these two pieces are both unique, yet practical.  They’re on the pricier side, so I put them through the styling paces…and really liked the results.

A. Rag and Bone Pearl Button Sweater

This one feels like it’s wrapped around your body, rather than just on.  And the pearl buttons are such a surprising detail…gorgeous.  I’m wearing a small, for reference.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit 1: sweater – S |  jeans – 25 | boots – TTS
Outfit 2: sweater – S |  jeans – 25 |  shoes – TTS
Outfit 3: sweater – S | skirt – 25 | boots – TTS

B. Helmut Lang Cardigan

I didn’t want to take off this slouchy gorgeousness.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit 1: cardigan – XS |  jeans – 24 | shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: cardigan – XS |  tee – XS |  jeans – 24 |
Outfit 3: cardigan – XS |  skirt – 25 | bag | boots – TTS

11. Score Some Summer Tops and Dresses (To Wear Right Now)

While this sale is a Fall pre-sale event, this year’s included several pieces perfect for right hot now.

A. This Boho Top That Looks Exactly Like A Knock-Off Of One I Own

Remember this cool, detailed peasant top?  This one is very similar (and breezy and cool).

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit: top – XXS | jeans – 25 |  shoes – TTS

B. Madewell’s Tie-Back Top

Madewell is making my life lately, and I LOVE this thing.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit: top – S | jeans – 25 | shoes – TTS | bag

C. A Few More Fun Summer Pieces

So.  The sunglasses are insanely affordable yet really good (like Le Specs, but not)…and the little red tee is much cuter in person.  (I think I was just getting tired.) The jeans worn with the red tee are those Frame trouser jeans….which I hated.  I tried on three different sizes and they all fit weird.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview Photos

Outfit 1: sunglasses | cardigan – XXS | Tee  – 0 | jeans – 25 |  shoes – TTS | bag
Outfit 2: tank – 0 | jeans – 25
Outfit 3: tee – XXS | jeans – 25 |  bag

D. Sundresses? YES.

The striped one is by Rails – easy and cute.  The burgundy midi dress?  It’s by Zella.  And is made out of some sort of super thin technical fabric – like something a sailboat sail would be made out of.  Quick drying, super soft and silky.  Is it flattering?  I couldn’t decide.  At times I thought I loved it, other times I thought it made me look pregnant.  But it IS, admittedly, a realllllly practical piece.  Thoughts?

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview

Outfit 1: dress – XS
Outfit 2: dress – XS

12. Buy This Loungewear

Ok, maybe I should’ve led with this….but these are basically my VERY FAVORITE pieces.  We’ll just consider this nugget a little reward for those of you who have managed to read this far. (Seriously, thank you.  I know exactly how crazy I am.)

And I cannot state enough:  the workout set in heathered gray?  Is the MOST COMFORTABLE THING I’VE EVER PUT ON MY BODY.  I almost cried tears of real joy.  No joke.

The 2018 Anniversary Sale Preview

Outfit 1: top – S | leggings – XS
Outfit 2: hoodie – XXS | sweats – XS

Shop The Pieces From The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Jeans & Pants





Workout & Loungewear



Good luck shopping!!




  1. Is anyone having this issue when they check-out: technical difficulty message to try again later BUT when you check order history it shows an order number and is marked “delivered”.
    So now have no idea if I should keep trying to place my order or not. Of course, can’t get through to CS.

  2. This happened to me and I called and they said on their end it looks like the order is processing and normal. ??‍♀️ No idea though. So many website issues!

  3. These dressing room posts are my favorites. Thank you – that must have taken forever.
    And yes, I’m having all the same Nordstrom technical issues – so frustrating.

  4. Their response doesn’t give me confidence. That’s the same thing they told me last week when I called about this problem.

  5. I was able to check out and have an order number but no confirmation email and it’s not showing up under my account. Ah, after holding out for so many years, this was the year they finally got me to sign up for a card! And not even for one of the drool-worthy designer pieces either, just one of their budget-friendly in-house brand sweaters that was quickly selling out in every size. I’m a little worried that they might have stock update issues with their website and they won’t be able to fulfill my order, but fingers crossed.

  6. Everything I wanted sold out before they could fix the glitches. So disappointing. This happened last year too. If Nordstrom is going to hype up this sale for a month, they should be prepared for a lot of traffic.

  7. And…my order was canceled. No explanation. All the items still show as available. Weird. Oh well. Probably better off waiting for them to fix their web issues.

  8. Waited all morning for your selfie post and it did not disappoint! I usually wear a small in Vince and Nordstrom Signature sweaters but saw that you tried on smalls. I am definitely bigger than you and I was wondering if the sizing was smaller than years past or you would have gone with a XS if available?

  9. Love the dressing room selfies. So many great picks. Silly question, but would you wear no show sock with the Tommi Perforated Bootie, or just go barefoot underneath? I’ve never had a perforated shoe like that, but I’m certainly ordering those because they are super cool!! Thanks!

  10. The same thing happened to me (technical difficulty message, order labeled “delivered” in my history, no email), so I called. The woman I spoke with said my order was processing, and she sent me a confirmation email herself. She said, though, that the emails can normally take 24 hours.

    Shana: The clothes look so much better on you than they do at! It can be kind of disappointing to click over.

  11. Thank you for the roundup! I’m happy to see Sherpa jackets are still around. I bought one last fall and wore it often, and then very recently found a pop back on the free people Sherpa peacoat (on sale because it was June) and so naturally had to pick that up too. So cozy!

  12. Were you able to look at the Blondo Giselle sneakers? You mentioned that they were wedges but Nordstrom does not list them as wedges. I’m hoping they are flats.

  13. Love your dressing room selfies! Thank you! I always know I’ve gotta check here first before clicking though to Nordstrom.
    Also, for those who experienced cart checkout wonkiness online today, just got an email from Nordstrom that they’re giving everyone 10 points/ dollar today to make up for it!

  14. Hey Dressing Room Hero! This is awesome, the options you put together never end, everything is soooo cute and wearable for all occasions. I wish cashmere was more affordable, I’d hate to sweat in it.

  15. Shana, the silk top … it’s an off the shoulder on the site but it looks like you have it up on both (hence the normal bra comment). Would it be comfy to wear that way or constantly falling off a shoulder? I like it so much better your way!

  16. Had the same question that Ashley had about the Vince silk top! It’s lovely but can you wear it to work without fidgeting with it, trying to keep it on the shoulder?? I am also really confused by that Zella dress. I might hate it.

  17. Shana you are my hero! Thank you thank you for this post! You always talk me into buying a few things I was on the fence about. I did get that Madewell parisian dress and I love the way you styled it. I bought the Rebecca Taylor dress from last year’s sale that looks very similar to this year’s and it’s my most worn item. I get tons of compliments on it too. Again, love to see how you styled it. I tried on the Veronica Beard jeans and had the same issue… what shoes would I wear? I like your idea of boots. The length is tough for anyone shorter than 5’8 I’d say. I’m 5’5′ and it was just awkward. The flare looks less dramatic on you. Hmmm… I’m rethinking them. I absolutely loved the Lewit Alessia flat so much that I bought them in black and pink. The little ruffle on the toe is surprisingly a game changer. They are beyond cushy and don’t pinch the toes at all, which I find rare for a pointy toe shoe.

    I love the plaid boots with so many of your outfits. Because I can’t wear high heels I’m considering the Sam Edelman flats in the black/white check for a similar look. Did you find you had to size up 1/2 a size because of the pointy toe?

    Excited to see the rest of your coverage!

  18. This is one of my favorite posts every year! Love the blue “wrap” sweater, esp with the suede skirt! So many awesome picks. Thanks!

  19. Impressive lady!! You never disappoint! And look at you wearing some skirts and heels too! Well done. Lots of good pieces. And Nordstrom sent an email giving bonus points for all of the technical difficulty today!

  20. Shana, I also loved the dark Frame jeans but wasn’t sure how to hem for my 5’2″ frame. Any ideas? I ended up getting the Seven B(air) in a similar wash. Wonderful dressing room selfies every year!

  21. Shana, you are my spirit animal and anni sale hero!!! I appreciate your try-on pics. They definitely inspired me to grab a couple extra items that I would have overlooked otherwise. Your styling ideas are quirky, and completely brilliant. I’m excited to stop by the store tomorrow, pick up my haul and have my own dressing room (at home) selfie moments.

  22. So much goodness here! I especially love both of the outfits with the J Crew blazer. They’re so perfect for fall! And that Mixed print Hinge top is so ‘70s wallpaper-y! Glad to see it continuing into fall! There’s so much here to love. Thanks!!!

  23. Great post and I’m sure it took you forever to put it all together. I did want to make a comment on the Frame Studded Jeans that were too long on you — Nordstrom has a tailor onsite that will tailor them for you (small fee involved). They can take the hem off the bottom and adjust it up further too, so you can’t even tell that they’ve been shortened!

  24. I’m so curious that you didn’t do a try on of the James Perse shrunken military blazer. I know you have the double breasted/crop version from past year. I’ve always wanted to love that one and I’ve bought…and returned… it (in two sizes nonetheless) the previous two nordies sales. I “wanted” to love it. But it was too cropped and the double breasted thing I just couldn’t love. This version is doesn’t have the double breast and broad collar and, while still “shrunken”, doesn’t look quite as cropped (or could be an optical illusion due to a different style). I was hoping you’d compare. Well, I ordered it in black in two sizes so we will see. The vince fuzzy jacket wasn’t on my radar AT ALL until I saw it on you but it was well into the evening of day one. I clicked through during all the “sold out” glitching and eventually landed on size small and large remaining. Checked through with the size small, went back and the item stated “sold out.” This morning it says “getting ready” and not “cancelled” in my status. So…..fingers still crossed. The joie cargos were also no on my radar until I saw them on you. Last year I got the velvet joie crops because of your post and really like them so I ordered these as well!

  25. Hey S, don’t know if you saw but at least on opening night James Perse had a new structured knit blazer in the sale… a “military” single-breasted blazer, looks pretty cute and promising. If I didn’t already own the blazer from last year I would totally have ordered it.

  26. Hi!

    Along with many of us, I LOVE these posts! Dressing room selfies are the best, and especially your Nordstrom picks every year, Shana. Damn, girl.

    Beyond that, I was thinking to myself this morning how much WORK and TIME and EFFORT it must be to put this whole thing together — to get to Nordstrom, gather the clothes AND shoes, in the right sizes, put them together in outfit form, take the pics, organize all of them in the order you want and makes sense, delete and keep, write the post, put up the pics AND THEN all the links … mind. blown.

    It’s tremendous, and you are — you all are! — amazing. THANK YOU for all the work and frequent posting, and of course for your sharp eyes. You’ve all made such a difference in my wardrobe, obviously, but also in my confidence and self-expression. Many, many thanks.

  27. I always love your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts, thank you very much for putting in the time and effort in doing this for all of us. Great picks and outfit styling!

    I ordered my stuff online, I can’t wait to do my own try-on’s at home when all the deliveries arrive. Thanks again!

  28. Shana, I saw someone (was it you?) posted in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, a Topshop black peplum shirt. I can’t find the post and I wanted to know what size you wear (if it wad you) because I think we are the same. I have never bought Topshop clothing. I don’t know if a 4 would work for me but that’s what I’m thinking. 5’3 112 lbs.

  29. Wow, this must have been exhausting! Thank you so much for the effort that we benefit from! Question about the Dolce Vita booties – I have them in my cart too – Is this a no-sock kinda bootie?

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