The 5 Pants That Work With My New Ugg Rain Boots


It’s extremely rare that I get excited about rain boots anymore. After 12 years in Portland you can see why. They’re a necessity here, but that doesn’t mean I love them. That is, until, I recently got in the Ugg Brellah rain boots and yes–they are everything you’d expect from an Ugg + a rainboot.

Unlike the Ugg Clear Mini that came out a couple of years ago, the Brellah is less…odd. They still have a unique style for sure, but I found I did not like seeing the interior cozy lining of the Clear Mini through the outside.

The Only Rain Boots I’m Excited To Wear: Ugg Brellah

On the Ugg Brellah, the outer is more of a patent leather look with a cool modern lug sole. But have no fear, the cozy lining is still on the inside. It’s synthetic softness, not the shearling of the original Ugg Classic boots but it’s buttery soft and oh so cozy! (Ooh and they come in kids’ sizes, too!)

Ugg rain boots outfit

Where To Buy: Nordstrom | Zappos | Amazon | Ugg | Dillard’s

5 Pants That Work With Ugg Brellah Rain Boots

The struggle with so many rain boots out there is how to wear all the different pants with them. And while I can’t promise you can wear EVERY single pair of pants or jeans in your closet with these, so many options I do love work great with Ugg’s new rain boots.

These Ugg Brellahs are SO cozy to slip on to run out the door, just like you’d imagine Uggs to be, but these hold up to all that weather. I’ve already just about gotten my monies worth in a few weeks! They’re in high rotation already, friends.

1. With Ankle Jeans: Everlane Utility Barrel Pants

The taper on these beloved barrel pants of mine fit just perfectly with the top opening of these rain boots. Here I was doing a try-on so (oops) no socks, but I in theory would grab some ivory socks to stack between the pant and the boot. But while it’s still been warm-ish here but just super rainy I’ve honestly slipped them on sockless many times already, just like regular Uggs.

Ugg rain boots outfit

Raincoat (M) | Pants (29) | Boots

Outfit Details: It’s fun to play with a mix of shades here, which I don’t always do. I like the pop of matching ivory at the cuffs to tie into the rain boots. Btw, I am living in this gorgeous green raincoat from Everlane now, too. So light but keeps the rain off and is just the most beautiful color. TTS with room for sweaters + sweatshirts.

2. With Loose Jeans: Free People Moxie Barrel Jeans

It might be the barrel shape on these and the last pair of pants that make these outfits feel extra stylish to me, but you could honestly put any pair of loose jeans with these boots and be good-to-go. These Uggs aren’t as wide at the top as many pairs of rain boots I’ve owned in the past were.

Ugg rain boots outfit

Coat (6) | Sweatshirt (M) | Jeans (28) | Boots

Outfit Details: Here the tone-on-tone also works great to streamline everything. But I’d rock these with any denim color, too. I’d probably pull in something ivory on top to balance it out, like a sweater, jacket or crossbody bag.

3. With Straight Leg Jeans: Risen Are Our Fav Stretchy Pairs!

While the top of these boots isn’t super wide, they’re loose enough to accommodate tucking or half-tucking of straight leg jeans. Current favorites? Stretchy Risen jeans. (Size down.) This outfit is perfect for walking my doggo. And btw, this rain jacket I got last year is amazing!

Ugg rain boots outfit

Jacket (M) | Jeans (28) | Boots

Outfit Details: These are definitely a slimmer straight leg jean and they hit just at my ankle, so they worth pretty well kinda loosely cuff-tucked into the top. If you’re working with a wider straight leg jean you might play around with an actual cuff or they might be wide enough to fit over the top of the boots.

4. With Wide Leg Sweatpants: Nike Phoenix Fleece

This is how I’ve worn these boots to the past couple of my daughter’s soccer games…Saturday sweatpants please. When it’s really raining out I don’t recommend the wide leg sweats but if you’re just walking on wet grass and want to sit on the sidelines and be cozy, well, this is perfection. Just add coffee.

Ugg rain boots outfit

Similar Shirt (so good!) | Nike Pants (S) | Boots

Outfit Details: I love a longer top with wide leg pants, to add some vertical lines to the contrasting horizontal width of the pants, especially with a chunky boot on.

5. With Leggings, Headed To Workout: Beyond Yoga + Quince

It’s not a stretch to say these work with leggings. Most shoes do, eh? But alas I thought I’d show you them in the wild (aka me balancing my phone on a building windowsill and trying to look chill on my way into Barre3). Haha.

Raincoat (S) | Boots | Bag | Leggings | Similar Star Leggings (to the top image)

Outfit Details: This was before I got the green raincoat and I think that would have made this look more streamlined…dark on top with a pop of white boots!

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Hope this was helpful in your winter boot search. Whew. Was I glad I had these over our past weekend!



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