The 5 Sandal Styles I Wear To Hide Bunions


UGH. I hate that word. You probably know which one if you also share the same foot problems as I do. Mine are hereditary and I’ve had them most of my life. I used to sleep with my big toes crossed when I was a kid to see if they would grow straighter. Heh. Yeah. I even had surgery at 25 on my right foot and, well, it doesn’t really look any better.

I know a lot of us struggle with bunions whether from DNA or from being badasses who wore heels to work for years. Regardless of our poor little feets, most of us still want to wear sandals and feel great in them in the summer. Over the years, I have whittled down the best sandal styles I feel most confident in and I’m here to share those today. Here are my 5 favorites right off the bat:

If you too suffer (and I mean, they make us suffer in more ways than one) from bunions, I am here for ya, friends. There of course are many bigger problems in the world, but hey, if we can solve this little one together, think of all the big things we’ll be even more equipped to help solve.

Comfy But Stylish Sandals For Problem Feet

Birkenstock EVA bright coral sandals styled with ripped jeans and white t-shirt.

Coral EVA (or other colors) | Similar Jeans

I haven’t talked much about my feet issues here on our site, but over on our YouTube it seems people appreciate me doing so. So, I wanted to do a little similar run-down here in article form, in case I can help anyone else out with comfy but accommodating summer fashion choices.

If you know me at all here, you know I am PICKY and style is always the main goal of mine with any piece I choose.

But, when it comes to shoes, sandals especially, I have to find that perfect balance between stylish and comfortable and typically I prefer a style that covers my big toe joints.

5 pairs of sandals that hide bunions and are comfortable to wear: Tevas, Everlane, Birkenstock Arizonas, Pons Avarcas, Aerosoles Camera Platform

Pons Avarcas | Aerosoles Camera | Teva Midform | Black Big Buckle | Everlane Day Crossover

So here we go, diving into those tried and true styles I have now narrowed down for myself. Do I realized there are a bazillion comfort sandal styles out there? YEP. But I hate the majority of them lol.

These are what work for me in hitting that balance. Some of these styles will be a specific brand and some will be more of a general style, but I’ll provide multiple options for each below!

1. Wide Strap Leather Slides: Birkenstock Arizonas

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Sandals in pale pink with pale pink jeans, rugby tee from Edikted and MZ Wallace quilted blue bag.

Tee (M) | Jeans (30) | Birkenstocks | Bag | Hat | Earrings

Why I Love These: I don’t know if there’s a better sandal for solving my issues than the Birkenstock Arizona. The toe box already wide to start with and the straps are adjustable, too. The Big Buckle styles add even more strap width which is, just as importantly, a super cute, trendy update.

Birkenstock makes the prettiest, most fun shades and color options. And these shoes last. I love the leather and nubuck for everyday wear and the EVA styles for messy activities or beach days.

Sizing: I’m a true US 8 and I almost always wear a EU 39 in Birkenstocks these days. I used to hover between a 38 and 39 but post-pregnancy the 39 are just a bit more comfy. If you can ever go down to a 7.5 US though, go with a 38. If you haven’t worn Birks (what’s stopping you?!) they mold beautifully to your feet with just a few wears.

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Sandals in pale pink with pale pink jeans, white Arizona monochromatic sandals, Birkenstock EVA gold sandals and black Big Buckle Birkenstock Arizonas.

Coral EVA | Black Big Buckle | White Exquisite | Pink Big Buckle | Gold EVA

You can see I’m a woman of my word. Heh. How many is too many? LOL.

2. Peep Toe Covered Sandals: Pons Avarcas

Spanish Pons Avarcas peep-toe sandals styled with distressed blue jeans.

Sandals (brand available at Amazon)

Why I Love These: These Spanish sandals have been favorites of mine for a long time. They were super popular in like 2013 and I haven’t looked back. I prefer a shade that matches my skin-tone best since they cover more of my foot and I am shorter. This elongates the look and I wind up wearing them most. These also mold to fit your foot, are soft and don’t rub right out of the box.

Sizing: Because these have a heel strap that breaks in beautifully, I stick with a 38 EU size in these Avarcas (US 7.5/8 according to their sizing charts.) The 39 are too long for my foot once broken-in.

Spanish Pons Avarcas peep-toe sandals for women and kids, styled with dresses.

Kids With Velcro | Women’s (or at Pons site)

Proof I’ve worn these babies for years. This little kiddo is now a tween!

3. Platform Wide Strap Sandals: Aerosoles Camera

Aerosoles Camera Platform sandals styled with a Dressed in Lala ribbed playset in black.

Sandals (tts) | Set (M)

Why I Love These: I don’t wear heels very often these days but sometimes I do want a little height, especially with the longer length jeans we see right now. A platform comfy sandal like these Aerosoles is a great option. And though these are a style that doesn’t 100% cover my big toe joints, they have been comfy right out of the box too and don’t rub or cause blisters or highlight my problem areas.

The Camera Platforms stay on well due to the adjustable back strap and they have a super cushiony insole. LOVE. I can’t speak to some of the metallic styles, but I have the suede and they’re great. I can’t do a slip on style in a chunky sole because the flip-flop with a heavy sole aggravates my bunions with wear. But these styles with a heel strap look like they would perform well like the Aerosoles.

Sizing: Fit is true to size for US sizing on these.

Aerosoles Camera Platform sandals that are super comfy and worn with flare pinstripe jeans from Wit & Wisdom Nordstrom brand.

Sandals (tts) | Tee (M) | Jeans (8)

4. Chic Sport Sandals: Tevas Monochrome Midforms

Monochromatic ivory canvas Teva Midforms styled with Everlane Barrel Pants in bone and linen blazer in seafoam green.

Sandals (tts) | Similar Blazer | Tee (M) | Jeans (8)

Why I Love These: I’m a sporty sandal gal for sure (ahem I live in the PNW) but I’m (yep) particular about which ones I wear. The monochromatic styles really take the look up a notch from “I’m an outdoorsy person and don’t care about fashion” to “I’m a fashion person who loves to be outdoors.” The latter is me. Always.

I washed my ivory tevas last year and while the footbed it self got dirty the rest of the sandal came totally clean! And your foot covers the footbed part while wearing anyway, so these have stayed in great wearable shape for over a year now, even in this light shade.

Sizing: True to size on Tevas for me and I love that both the upper and ankle straps are adjustable.

Monochromatic ivory canvas Teva Midforms worn with Quince Cotton Fisherman sweater and vintage Levi's jeans.

Sandals (tts) | Sweater (M) | Similar Jeans

5. Soft Leather Crossover Sandals: Everlane Day Crossover

Everlane Day Crossover soft leather sandals great for wearing if you have bunions or problem feet.


Why I Love These: I’ve had a pair of Everlane Day Crossover sandals for years and they are SO freaking soft (this is an older color, but I now have Taupe and love it even better.) The footbed is also cushiony even though it’s not super thick.

I don’t wear these to walk a full day in, but I have worn them a ton. I love their simple chic profile but how much softer and more comfortable they are than so many other flat styles I’ve tried. The leather is like butter.

Sizing: True to size on these and the leather will give just a bit with wear. Size up if between.

Everlane Day Crossover soft leather sandals worn with Caslon Linen Tulip Hem track pants and a black racerback tank and Clare V purse.

Similar Tank | Pants (M) | Sandals

My feet have carried me all over the world and danced for years, so I have nothing truly against them. They are badass.

But here’s to finding sandals that accommodate them AND look good while doing it!



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Thank you Posy Quarterman and Christopher Dibble for the profesh photos.