Baggy Jeans For Babes With Butts


It’s no secret that the majority of us here at TME are big fans of the baggy jean trend – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been a piece of cake to find the right style, shape & size for each of our bodies. Especially if you’ve got a bum.

Have you been wondering if the baggy jean trend applies to your hips & butt? SO UNDERSTANDABLE. It’s hard because: How baggy is too baggy? How baggy is not baggy enough? Do I have to size up or down? 1 size or 2? Does it even work for my shape? Baggy can be a liiiittle hard to nail, but Scotti did the work for the curvy girls and she found some winners. She tries on all three & gives her thoughts, right here.

FINALLY! Baggy Jeans That Work With My Butt

Scotti wanted to find a pair that feels untimely baggy and not too tight in the hips & butt which… took a bit. But she got there! And she found three investment pairs that work reeeally dang well with curves. And they’re – very unsurprisingly – from 3 of our go-to denim brands. (Not a) shocker.

Ok, let’s get into the three pairs of loose-fitting baggy jeans that she actually loves….

Psst — curious about everything Scotti’s wearing? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the outfit details and handy shopping links.


Abby & Scotti

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Incredibly creative and artistic, Abby is the one we turn to for absolutely jaw-dropping, stunning curation. She’s got a knack for finding hidden gems and has the ability to make any space beautiful, plus her own style is enviable. Abby is one of the few team members who is not afraid of color, so her contributions (both digitally and in real life) feel like a breath of fresh air. She manages to come up with options that are both wildly original…and exactly what we want to wear.

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