The Perfect Gift: Boots And Bags


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Now that the holidays are officially here…can you think of a better holiday gift (for yourself, naturally), than a gorgeous pair of drool-worthy boots?  (What’s that?  World Peace you say?  OKFINE, YOU WIN.)

But with the exception of world peace and curing cancer and discovering that unicorns are real…  Boots are a good one.

Another solid choice?  BAGS.  Something wildly fabulous (and, if you choose carefully, wonderfully practical).  So yeah….boots.  And bags.

So when your husband/life partner/significant other asks what you would like for the holidays, something that represents a small (snort) token of their appreciation, let’s just keep it simple:  boots or bags.

Keep reading to see my wish list of boots and bags.  The ones that keep me up at night, the ones that *may* have made me pant – out loud – the ones that I’d be over-the-moon-excited to unwrap this holiday season.













Outfit Details

sweater: Equipment Cashmere Turtleneck (xs for reference)

coat:  Theory Wool & Cashmere Open Front Topper (xs for reference)

jeans: AG legging jeans

boots: Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots

bag:  See by Chloe Joyrider Backpack


My Favorite Bags

Here’s the thing:  I’m not really into ‘it’ bags.  So you won’t find, in this list, anything over $1000 (and most are under $500).  But I do like a really fabulous bag.  I have the most success with brands like Rebecca Minkoff and See by Chloe (who is on fire right now).



If I had to narrow things down to one single style of boot – the style that is the most exciting to receive (yet still wildly practical)….it’s the over-the-knee boot.

Confession:  I own many pairs of over-the-knee boots.  There’s the pair I bought on super sale in an unusual color, the pair I treated myself to for my 40th birthday (it was more like a battle cry at that point, let’s be real) and then…..the newest pair that, in hindsight, I should’ve bought to begin with.

So after a few years of wearing the OTK boot trend….my top choice, my most-worn pair is black suede, in a walkable heel.  Suede because it looks good with faux-leather pants and leggings….and walkable heel because I’m rarely in heels these days.



And hey!  You may not realize this, but Nordstrom….price matches.  So if you come across a killer Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale….give Nordstrom a call (if they haven’t priced matched it already).




A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  Your selection of bags and boots is just awe-inspiring….the husbands/significant others/partners really have no excuses. And readers, thank you for your continued support!  It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated!  Happy holidays!



  1. Love! These are the things we forget to buy for ourselves (at least I do, anyway). Now if someone could find me a pair of over the knee black suede boots for wide feet! I think I found one pair once, and it was over $700, which I can’t do. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere!

  2. Maybe this isn’t a fair criticism- perhaps this site just isn’t for me. But so many of those bag prices are just way out of reach for this reader, even for a big Christmas gift. It was a bummer to see bag after bag that I could never dream of suggesting to my husband.

    • Rebecca – I do *try* to cover a range of prices….especially in the bag category because there are truly fab bags at all price points. What’s your preferred budget and fav bag on the list above (just to give me an idea of style)? I’d be happy to take another look and suggest some…..

  3. Question: do you wear your lowlands in rain and/or snow? I am always so worried about ruining them! Are stuart weitzman’s particularly strong or hardy? I’ve tried to do research on this but I only come up with links to buy, no reviews or critiques. Did you treat yours?

    • I get mine cleaned…..they *might* treat them with something….but I know that I certainly didn’t treat them before wearing them all winter the first time. I do spot clean, though…..and they’ve been holding up just fine…?? 🙂

    • Wait – I just realized that I didn’t directly answer your question: Snow – yes, absolutely. The super cold, dry stuff. Rain or wet, slushy snow….not typically. I have been caught in a rainstorm a few times (and they were fine once dried and brushed off)….but I wouldn’t go out in slush in the them.

      • Thank you so much for your response about your experiences! I literally know no one else with these boots that I can talk to about them

  4. You may have answered this in another post, but how do you keep you OTK boots from sliding down your leg? I have the Aldi version of the Lowlands from last year and the Catherine Maladrino heeled version and they both slide down after a few feet of walking.

    • So….this might be why the Weiztmans are so crazy expensive. They basically piece out the leather and back it with a spandex-like fabric to hug your leg almost like leggings. And then the tie at the top helps to hold them up. I only had the Sam Edelmans on for a few minutes in the store, but they seemed to stay up just as well…??

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