The Best Blue Paint Colors For Home Interiors


As a designer, one of the most common questions I get from clients is…what color should I paint this room? And I get it!

The color of a room sets the tone, and standing in front of the paint sample display in your home improvement store can be daunting…and paralyzing! That’s why I’m always keeping a list of my go-to colors to share with my clients so we can make these foundational decisions with ease.

Our Top Trend Picks for 2018 included a continuation of the saturated colors that dominated in 2017, and blue is a safe but beautiful palette for intense hues. I’m excited to share some of my current favorites starting with:

We're eyeing the best interior paint colors for home. Blue is a beautiful but safe go-to color palette to nail the saturated hues trending right now.


Conjuring colonial color schemes and pairing well with neutrals, we love Hamilton Blue by Benjamin Moore:

We choose Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore for it’s timeless beauty while making a daring statement:

Benjamin Moore’s Lucerne is bold but neutral, and will create a soothing atmosphere in your space:

We love a pure, saturated blue like Patriot Blue by Benjamin Moore. We love using it in small spaces like a mudroom or powder bath for an unexpected punch of color:

Solitude by Benjamin Moore gives the peaceful vibe that the name implies, and is a beautifully saturated neutral:

We’re picturing Sherwin Williams’ Loyal Blue as a brilliant accent wall:

Needlepoint Navy by Sherwin Williams plays well in a room with lots of gorgeous natural light:

Mountain Air by Sherwin Williams brings brightness to small areas or rooms needing more light:

Looking to make a change but feeling a more neutral palette? Remember to check out our post on our Favorite Gray Color Combos!

-Allison H.

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  1. Hey Liz! Color is a super personal thing! I don’t want to say any color is completely “out” because I always encourage clients to do what works for them and what represents their own style and taste. But what I will say is that we are definitely seeing colors trending towards more saturated and dramatic. If you want to go something lighter try Mountain Air or Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams!

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