The Best Cozy Sweaters Right Now

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Nighttime walks through snow-covered streets, red cheeks and noses and the way my boys smell so fresh after being outside, a good book under flannel sheets…and cozy sweaters.

That’s pretty much my entire winter bucket list.  The snow covered streets will have to wait, but I’ve got the cozy sweater thing down pat.



Outfit Details

sweater: Zady c/o (size XS)

jeans: Citizen’s High Rise Rocket Skinnies in Stagecoach (size 24)

sneaks: Chucks (hightops)

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack (also available in no fringe, or HOLY WOW a Sport version!  It’s gooood.)


Want to see something funny?  Mike took these shots – a spot-on depiction of how we spend our idyllic weekends: wandering serenely about a wooded glen*, leaves strewn on the ground, magic in the air….



…poop under the leaves.  [snort]One can only hope it was a dog’s.


*wooded glen = 17th street

Amazing what a good 85mm lens can do, amiright?


In any case, let’s talk SWEATERS.  My favorite sweaters all have something a little special:  perfect drape, a cool neckline, interesting zippers, unexpected texture, the right amount of slouch, an oversized sleeve – something.


1. Everlane Cashmere Turtleneck, $170

2. Vince Wool-Cashmere Zip Turtleneck Sweater, $395

3. Vince Cashmere Ribbed Cap Sleeve Turtleneck, $325

4. 525 America Feather Yarn Funnel Neck, $83 (also in black, but I love the blush – and LOOK: thumbholes!)

5. Splendid Faux-Sherpa Cardigan, $168


I’m off to spike some hot cocoa.




About Author

Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and shorts known as denim-underwear, always.

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  1. Any recs for us that aren’t a size 0? I think I’m a pretty average sized (or perhaps I’m delusional): 5’7″ and a solid 10 dress size, and I feel like I always end up looking like a fluffy marshmallow in cozy sweaters!

    And thank you for this blog. Thanks for inspiring me to take some risks and NOT wear the same cutoffs and Birkenstocks every single day. Only every OTHER day. *wink*

    • My wallet does NOT thank you for all this coziness. Especially after the dry cleaner (and I never dry clean it, damnit) trashed my favorite slouchy cashmere….WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! All kinds of goodness here – thank you!

      Kristen, the struggle is REAL. I’m also 5ft7 and a size 8 – hourglass frame with plenty of booty. Sweaters are….tricky. But I loooooove them! For whatever it’s worth, here’s what seems to work for me.

      Fit – the transition between the sleeve and shoulder is IT. If that transition sits right at the body, I’m good. If it’s too slouchy, no bueno, however cute it may be on our gamine S. That said, a cape/poncho can work if it’s not too bulky (cable knit is the devil here), drapes well and the length is right. For me, that length is mid-thigh. Turtlenecks must be a thinner weight, period. V necks are my BFFs. Shawl collars seem to work really well in cardigans.

      And if you’re looking for a cardigan, the fit of this was perfect for me in the M –*N – and 40% until midnight. 😉

      • Great advice! I’m a similar size. V-necks are what I look for, especially because I’m busty. I also look for high slits in the sides so there’s no bulk added to the hips.

      • Kristen, I am with you, and Maggie- I think you should send in photos and tips to be featured. I am so with you on the length, the fit and the styles. Would love to see more recommendations in terms of ponchos (feel like those will be my friend this winter) and where you find your sweaters that are longer- for I, too, need the mid-thigh length.

        Love this blog, the women who write it and the women who read it!

        • Love this thread!!! And I’m with Beth – send in pics, Maggie (and recommendations). In fact, if you guys want to email me offline, I’d love to feature what’s working for you (and try to make a few more suggestions). In terms of sweaters and curves, #4 in the collage might be interesting (it would be better in a v-neck but still). I actually pictured it on my friend Sarah. Additionally, Splendid’s shawl collar cardigan #5 might also work. It drapes in a way that nips in at the waist. I also think the All Saints textured v-neck might work. It has a longer length, so should hit past the hips, which seems to work for Sarah as well. (And echo’s Maggie’s sentiment of MID THIGH.)

          You guys seriously rock. xo!


      Check this out: I’m 5’7″ and size 10/12 apple shape–probably closer to 12 right now. I was promised BF’ing would help but my body is still super weird to me even 7 mos out, but I digress. Anyway, this sweater is awesome because it is cozy, MACHINE WASHABLE (on delicate) and I can wear it with a close fitting turtleneck on colder days and by itself when it is not too cold. It is long enough that you can wear it with leggings too.

  2. I really appreciate that a few of these are wool/mohair/cashmere free. Post-pregnancies, my skin sensitivities are a bit nuts. That gorgeous (and 100% cotton) All Saints cardi just jumped in my cart. Thank you!

  3. Gorgeous selections! As an FYI, I fell in love with and ordered the Free People Cross Your Heart sweater and is indeed GORGEOUS but also ITCHY and HOT. Sadly I returned it. I hope they end up making a similar style in a softer fabric because it really is amazing.

  4. The website used to feature so many more realistic and affordable options. Its a little odd that most choices are in the 150+ range, and thats is an observation for all categories-sunglasses, boots, shoes, jackets, etc. How wonderful that you can advertise for these sites/links and spend the money, but the blog seems to be leaning away from the things that made it such an interesting, accessible site and most importantly, what brought the original followers to it. I hope this comments makes it to the post page or at least offers another perspective for you; it is meant as an honest observation from a reader that has followed the blog for a number of years.

  5. I agree with Amanda. I find myself just scrolling last the stock photos- seems more like a catalog.
    With regards to this post- I love the look and wear it daily. Slouchy sweaters and jeans are so comfy. But I can get the se look with clothing at H&M, Old Nay, heck even Target. I just can’t see a lot of moms spending that kind of money on a slouchy oversized sweater. Just my two cents- cause I’ve been feeling disconnected from this blog lately.

    • Amanda and MomofThree, on the one hand I agree. I’m not at (and never expect to be) the $400 sweater stage of life. That said, having a capsule wardrobe, I have learned the value of spending more. (Whatever your personal definition of “more” is.) A $20 Old Navy sweater doesn’t survive a season for me before it has to be replaced. My expensive cashmere looks brand new after several years, is baby soft and makes me feel amazing every time I put it on. Which is weekly. (And, full disclosure, I stalked it until it got down to $100 so it wasn’t that crazy expensive.) Just a thought.

      • I have to admit that I have seen the cost of most items creep a little towards the high end and more than a few people have commented on it. I have also noticed that it has been duly addressed. I have not seen one post as of late where there have not been truly affordable options included. I have really appreciated the guidance in adding a few of the more expensive items to my wardrobe. While I certainly cannot afford every piece featured, I have taken care to add some that I know will have the best cost per wear value for me and it has made a HUGE difference in my everyday look and in the way I FEEL about my everyday look. I’ve been a situation with young children where money has been VERY tight and spending anywhere near the amount of some of the featured items would have been impossible but I often looked for guidance on shapes and silhouettes and scoured the area for sales/discounts on these items. Please don’t give up. Actually look through all of the items there really is something for everyone (Express, Joe Fresh, Gap, and LOFT are all among the affordable options often featured here and each has amazing 40% off sales OFTEN on in season merchandise. I’ve rarely if ever pay full retail at these locations)

        • Yes, there have been *several* posts recently that featured affordable options in addition to the more luxury items. Can’t cover everything every single time, you know? And I do the same thing. Use the shapes, silhouettes, and ideas and look for a similar item at a price point that doesn’t kill me. I’m also a million weeks pregnant and still use the recommendations here but adapt them a bit. It’s all about the effort and improvisation you are willing to put into finding something that fits your budget, figure, etc.

          As an FYI for the ladies with a smaller budget, Target has really been hitting some high spots for some affordable stuff lately. I’ve gotten several pieces from there that are cool and of decent quality.

          • Yes, this exactly. Part of it is that I cannot cover everything for everyone, it’s totally impossible, but the other part….is that I firmly believe that looking at fabulous pieces makes us better shoppers. Knowing exactly what a $300-$500 sweater or dress or boots or jeans looks and feels like helps me focus my choices when sifting through more affordable options. Often a piece I’m considering loses it’s luster when I see a truly drool-worthy one. So I skip it, and wait until I find something that makes my heart beat fast AND I can afford. Looking at expensive, gorgeous clothing makes me pickier. Even with the fast fashion brands. And I think being picky is really, really good. (We can call it ‘carefully curating’ if we’re being fancy.)

      • I need to get better about your kind of stalking but the problem I run into is so often my size has sold out by the time the price is low enough. What I find frustrating is while I don’t do Target/Old Navy stuff I’ve had a hard time finding items at a decent price point for me, $100 or under, that are decent quality. The ModCloth sweater above, for example. Love the style and exactly what I’ve been looking for this season. But it’s 100% acrylic which is never a good option no matter how inexpensive. I don’t mind a blend but I’m having a hell of a time finding a similar sweater with a decent fiber content that’s not upwards of $200. I’m tempted by this one from Loft but I’m a size 10/12 and I’m afraid the shapelessness would be, um, not good.

        And again, I don’t want to pay that much for something that is mostly acrylic. Argh.

        • BethB, I actually tried on that second sweater (coatigan) and…mmmm…you’re right – shapeless and not good on me. Hadn’t been to a Loft in years and kinda remembered why…nothing was right for me.

          As for my stalking, nothing groundbreaking – it’s all down to a mix of patience and speed. Patience as in I have a list of items I’m after, but I can wait until the right one comes along. Speed as in being ready and able to pounce when it does. For me, that means having a short list of brands I know well so I can pounce the instant the sale goes on sale – so my size M is still available. But the key is to really know and trust that brand. My cashmere was a final sale/no returns purchase, but I knew the brand well enough to pull the trigger on a $250 sweater for $99. FWIW.

          • Thanks for the tips! Three years ago I lost a bunch of weight so I’m having to relearn how to shop for my “new” body (Not a sympathetic problem, I know…..) and a lot of my standard Go To stores aren’t working for me. We just got a Nordstrom so what I really need to do is take an afternoon and go there, as well as Banana Republic, JCrew, Gap, etc.. and just try on clothes to see how things work for me. I feel guilty doing that if I’m not going to buy anything but it clearly needs to happen.

            And true confession, I bought the ModCloth sweater above even though it’s acrylic. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for style wise and since it’s primary use will be when I’m huddling in my 64 degree house all day during the winter I figured the acrylic would work.

    • MomOfThree–use S’s tips and tricks as “suggestions”. You like the gray turtleneck sweater for $400 smackers?! Go to Express, Target, or H&M and find the same thing for much, much less. I just bought this sweater from H&M with a 20% off code ( The damn thing was only $28 plus a few bucks for shipping. It’s deliciously soft and cozy and begs for jeans, a swingy dress/skirt, or pj’s (hehe!).

      Lately there has been a lot of negativity surrounding S’s clothing suggestions being too costly. For goodness sakes ladies, we are smart, sexy, intuitive mama’s capable of doing a little internet searching for a more budget friendly option. You can do this! I promise. Now spend less time hating and more time finding a budget friendly option. It’s possible! 🙂

      • Okay, I LOVE that sweater! H&M isn’t a place I shop because the stores drive me crazy with their setup. Probably just me being crazy.

        Here’s the thing. How has that sweater worn with the first material on the content list being acrylic? And I truly don’t mean that in a snarky snobby way. I’m beginning to wonder if my ideas about acrylic are a bit outdated since it’s so prevalent at most retailers these days. It’s becoming more and more challenging to avoid. It would be awesome, and incredibly helpful, for Shana or someone in the know to give us the low down on the current state of fibers in clothing. Obviously, cashmere and wool are always going to kick ass but for those of us looking for good options that aren’t $300 knowing what to look for would help.

        • Try online shopping. Much easier than their insane store setup! Sweater has worn well so far. Have worn for three days straight, mostly in the house lol. Haven’t washed it yet. Going to air dry it. I’m still in shock over how soft and cozy it is without being itchy. Can’t go too wrong for $28. If it lasts one winter I’m happy. 🙂

    • S, the key for me always comes down to DRAPE. Cashmere sweaters drape the best. So instead of looking sloppy, they look….deliciously cozy. Also, I’d keep the rest of the look sleek with skinnies and cute shoes. Also, look for thinner cashmere if you feel sloppy. The thin cashmere can be half-tucked which cuts down on sloppiness.

    • S, I agree with Shana. Try and invest in the best quality you can, for I find that cashmere is queen in this category in order of draping. Always worked for me. I found Vince lasts and lasts. So if you find a simple sweater, go with the neckline you love (for me it was always v-neck, Shana likes turtlenecks) and a color you adore- and you’ve the got a great foundation for the season. Pair it with skinnies (jeans, cords, pants), then mix it up with different accessories (bags, jewelry, scarves) and wear ankle booties (or any cute shoe) and toss on a coat.

      I am a big believer in CPW (cost per wear) and I tend to wear the same pieces over and over and mix it up with accessories. I don’t like overthinking my outfits so a uniform of sorts works for me. Hope this helps.

  6. Shana- love so many of these sweaters. Now here’s my question for you. Due to recent medical issue, my abdomen is swollen- as in I look 4-5 months pregnant swollen, yet I am not. I tried looking at Cams’ outfits, but her outfits are to emphasize her beautiful baby bump. I would like to camouflage my belly as much as possible and attempt to look long and lean.

    And, I am tied to wearing leggings- either the Zella Live In leggings, or the Plush fleece lined. I wear them every day. Every. Day. They are the only thing my skin can tolerate right now- which means longer sweaters (for unless they are vegan leather, denim or some other material, to me leggings aren’t pants). Thoughts?

    • Yes – any of the ponchos would work, or that gorgeous swingy black sweater from LOFT. Layer the LOFT sweater over a thin flannel button-down to avoid the ‘no pants’ look. Also, the All Saints tunic length sweaters have enough flow to camouflage a belly, I think. You could even try them one size up. If you have a longer-ish top with a deep vneck that looks good, the Splendid cardigan would help. For some reason, a big v-necked cardigan minimizes a stomach (even though it’s drawing the eye right to it). Strange, but true. Actually, Scotti’s fav portofino shirts now come in tunic length, and I know she featured a Nordstrom tunic recently – I’ll bet those would layer beautifully under ponchos, cardis, etc. Hmmmm….should we do a post on styling leggings? It’s been a while, and that might be fun. xo! (And hope you’re doing OK, Chick.)

      • Shana- I would be over the MOON with a leggings post- especially finding other leggings (faux leather etc.) to try out- and how to style them. I keep wondering if leggings are like the whole mom jean debate- are they a more dated look. My vibe tends towards simple, chic, with a bit of edge…now it’s trying to do that but be comfortable as well.

        My one trip up with things is the length. Longer and flowy sweaters/tops to camouflage my belly are good- but then often they hit me at an odd angle. Might have to put an order together to see what works. Like the idea of a tunic/longer tee. I have an ancient Leith tee from Nordstrom that works- but it is pretty shredded now. Thanks for the idea of looking at Scotti’s post!

        And also, thanks for your warm wishes and kind words. One day at a time. That’s my motto these days. Although one of my boys says it should be “Fight for your right to party”- somehow he’s suddenly into the Beastie Boys. 😉

        • I am pregnant right now and at the stage where nothing but leggings works particularly well. I’ve been wearing plain black leggings with a super long tank to cover my crotch and butt and layering it with either a open blanket loking kimono thingie, a lightweight sweater that hits right below my hip, or a swingy sweatshirt. Throw on some mid calf or ankle boots and it looks pretty modern and cool.

          You didn’t mention your height but I got a few of my super long non-maternity tanks from Long Tall Sally, which specializes in clothes for women 5′ 8″ and above. They really are truly long and depending on your hieght, hit anywhere from mid-thigh to almost knees. It makes it so you can wear the pieces you already have in your closet instead of starting from scratch.

          • Thanks CS! I am 5’9″ so that might work. I vote for you sending in your looks along with Maggie. This is so helpful! Love TME community.

      • Maggie- thanks so much for the kind words. Some days are better than others- but I will say the leggings you featured might make my days a bit brighter! The look great! I’ve been looking for some faux leather/suede leggings to mix things up a bit…You are a rock star! And I posted it in another comment but I would LOVE for you to do some dressing room selfies!!!!

        • Beth – Check instagram when you get a chance (@shanachristine) – I’ve been thinking about you, and threw a leggings outfit up there, with a few thoughts. More coming. xo!

          • Thank you!!! I am wearing the same old outfit every day which currently consists of PJ’s- but I am hoping that next week when I am able to be up and out and about that I can start to shop a bit. Love TME, its community- and YOU, Shana! xo

  7. Shana! I LOVE those jeans on you. But I clicked through, and I’m not sure they’d look as good on my shape.
    Could you do an article where you put fancy nice jeans on women of different shapes and sizes? 🙂

    • Cristin- I have the COH jeans in a coated denim version. COH called them “leatherette” jeans. I got them two years ago on Shopbop. They worked well for me then. I am 5’8″ and at the time took a 28 in jeans. I could have sized down to a 27, but I prefer to buy bigger and take them to my tailor. Not sure how the actual denim ones would work, but I loved these jeans- comfortable and looked great. I wore them to drop off at school, to work (I am a speaker, so it depended on the audience) and date night. I always got compliments when I wore them.

  8. Does any one have any sizing info for the All Saints Ikat shrug? I seriously want that but am not sure how their sizes in sweaters run! I want it to be drapy but not giant.

  9. The AllSaints twist sweater – PERFECT nursing wear! I swear by those in the early days when it’s non-stop! Love the picks!

    Just posted a wrap up of some of my favorite budget finds under $100 too, I love to splurge on a few great swears, but for trendy pieces, I need the budget finds!


  10. I know this post is about SWEATERS, but I have to address the very last line… when you spike your hot cocoa, I highly recommend Van Gogh Dutch Caramel. A bartender at Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse turned me onto the concoction when we were doing a bar crawl in a snow storm. To say I got a little drunk is an understatement, but I remembered enough to write it down, find it in the Wine & Spirits, and it’s been in our winter rotation ever since.

    Ok, back to the clothes…

  11. On topics of cozy sweaters and being busty and expensiveness. I am big on top, petite elsewhere and used to avoid anything but V necks and wouldn’t do slouchy. But now that the decades of sun exposure as a So. Cal kid have taken their toll on my upper chest skin, deep V’s aren’t my friend. Plus post 3 kids, there’s the tummy issue. And, of course, the $ issue. But I took the plunge, got a beautiful slouchy, swingy, cover the pooch, modified cowl neck Free People sweater on Gilt for like $79. Just the type of thing Shana would wear! And I love it!!! And my 3 kids love it, call it a blanket sweater and I get extra snuggles even from the 11 year old boy twins. So honestly, it’s like I’m 46 and I’m going to please myself. And my sweater makes me happy.

  12. In the immortal words of Jack and Annie “Oh man oh man!!” How did you know i’ve been carting sweaters all over the interwebs? I love all of those Vince sweaters (damn you!) but now the All Saints sweaters are totally boss! How did I not know!? And, why are most of these sweaters grey? Not a finger pointing question as I gravitate to grey myself… how do I break that? Or should I not worry about it? And the size of that Zady sweater is ridic!

    (and in case your boys aren’t old enough Jack and Annie are from Magic Treehouse)

    • As far as cost goes I’ve been pleased w Poshmark. I can’t afford a $300 Vince cashmere sweater no matter how much I’ll wear it (every single day!) but I can afford the $60 one that is taunting me on Poshmark. That All Saints zipper sweater up there is being sold for $150 on PM. Come here for the inspiration and all around the web for the buy!

  13. I have to mention that I bought the Rebecca Minkoff backpack without fringe and it IS everything! Thank you so much! I found it on the Nordstrom app price matched for $221 a couple weeks ago after stalking it. I have two littles and this is just perfection. You totally rock.

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