15 New (And Really Cute) Gifts For Babies


There’s a million cute things for babies that would make for great gifts. BUT, we know a thing or two about which toys will actually get the most use. And we wanted to round up the newer things that are available these days. Like this walker-activity-table-hybrid or a teething mitt? Genius.

The 15 Best Gifts For Babies

So, we set out to find the very best gifts for babies (15 to be exact). Yes, we had to include a mustache pacifier. How could we NOT include? But we also found a lot of really useful things that should keep the beebs occupied like this clever tissue-box-of-sorts. I can picture my nephew as a baby happily ripping the pieces of fabric out (instead of using our actual tissue boxes…but he’d definitely love that too).

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1. Play Gym


For all the tummy time. This set notes, “Includes a guide for age appropriate activities to promote brain and motor skill development, as well as removable accessories for stage based learning.”

2. Handcrafted Dolls


The cutest handcrafted dolls. I mean, look at the little sweater vest…come ON.

3. Polarized Navigator Sunglasses


Have you ever seen anything cuter than a baby with sunglasses on? I think not.

4. Sensorial Reef


This sensory toy is adorable. You can attach it to your stroller, too.

5. Stacking Ring


Beebs seem to LOVE their stacking toys.

6. Highchair Toy


When you’re busy cooking or folding the laundry so you don’t want the baby crawling anywhere? A highchair toy is the answer.

7. Teething Mitt


This “munch mitt” is genius for teething babes.

8. Baby Soother + Nightlight


There’s a bunch of options with this baby soother + nightlight. There’s multiple gentle sounds — a mother’s heartbeat, a soothing “shhh” sound, and four other lullabies.

9. Wooden Learning Activity Walker


This walker comes with a mirror, Xylophone, shapes puzzle, beads, and gears. (It also comes in the cutest green shade, too).

10. Teething Toy


Dishwasher and freezer safe — pop these in the fridge or freezer to give those poor growing teeth some relief.

11. Mustache Pacifier


Mustache pacifier. ‘Nuff said.

12. Sensory Balls


These are great for teething and squeezing. Maybe some throwing, too.

13. Pull Along Sensory Box


I think all babies can agree that there’s something about pulling all of the tissues out of a tissue box that’s just a good time. (Maybe for some it’s because they know they aren’t supposed to. Heh.) This is a way cooler version of that.

14. Roly Poly Balls


They had me at “Roly Poly” balls. Just immediately sounded too cute. These are made of soft materials, and have a rattle inside.

15. Soft Baby Blocks and Shapes


High-contrast toys can be great for developing babies. These blocks in particular are made of soft materials and the ball includes a rattle.

Happy almost holidays!


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