The Best High-Rise Jeans From The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


You can call me the queen of high-rise jeans. My bio on all social media platforms (OK, only Instagram @julietatorresd) says “Love: keeping it real, athleisure and hiding my mommy tummy under high-rise jeans”. What can I say? Having kids and being stretched beyond what my body could hold left me permanently dependent on high-waisted everything.

Anyways, the day I went in to try on a bunch of stuff from the Nordstrom Sale, I also grabbed every pair of jeans that said “high-rise,” especially those expensive ones that do magic and at a great sale price.

(*Oh, hey! Looking for 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale info? Click right here, Mama! )

Below you’ll find all the ones I tried on, with my honest opinion. I should also mention that I tried these Frame Le Slender on. They were so bad, I didn’t even take a pic of them. I think Shana experienced the same thing. But the one review it has is great, so maybe worth a try? Other than that, all the jeans you’ll see below were the ones that were great or good enough for a mirror selfie.

Keep in mind: I’m 5′ 2″ and weigh around 118 pounds. My average size in most bottoms is 25, but sometimes I wear 24 or 26. Most jeans are too long on me so they are cuffed in. Also, even though I’m petite, my belly button is way up high, which is why I don’t do a rise of less than 10″, however, I know that 9″ is a high-rise for those petites with short torso.

The AG Farrah High-rise $149.90

Rise: 10 1/2 (size 29) Wearing: 25 TTS.

They are very soft and I definitely love the 10″ rise. AG’s are the favorite of many, and these have amazing reviews. However, they are not the best for my body. Petites beware that they are long. Even though they are supposed to be ankle length, they were really long on me. Usually when jeans are ankle length, they are a regular length on me, but as you can see I had to cuff them in.

Frame Le High Slit Hem Skinny Jeans $143.90

Rise: 10″ on a size 29

Wearing: Size 25. TTS but if between sizes, I suggest sizing down. I got a pair of Frame last year, and I then regretted not going down a size.

I really love Frame jeans except for the one I didn’t get a pic of. This one is not as high-rise, but still loved it. If the size 29 has a 10″ rise, I know my size 25 should have a rise closer to 9″. I love this darker wash for the fall so much. Look how great it looks with the color of the shoes. Tall girls enjoy that pretty ankle detail because us petites would have to crop them.

Paige Hoxton High Waist Ankle skinny jeans $109.90

Rise: 10″ on size 29

Wearing: 25 TTS.

These are more of a mid-rise. Same as the Frame above — if the size 29 has a 10″ rise, I know my size 25 should have a rise closer to 9″. I still liked them. This sale made me consider Paige jeans more. Petites —even if these are supposed to be cropped, they were very long on me.

Paige Hoxton High Waist Slim Raw Hem $143.90

Rise: 11″

Wearing: Started with my regular size 25, but as you saw on my Nordstrom dressing selfies it was the pair that I wore the most on the pics. By the end I felt it was looser, so I went for a size down and it’s perfect.

This is the size down, didn’t bag in the front.

My FAVORITE pair. I don’t know if it was the 11″ rise which is my favorite, or the softness, or the vintage wash. Maybe all? I just need to crop then a little bit more and they are perfect.

Good American Good Legs skinny jeans $105.90

Rise: 11″ on size 8

Wearing: 0. Runs big so size down. Last year I got a 0 and even though I love them, I do wish I would have sized down.

Good American Jeans are really designed to flatter curves and I really like them. They are stretchy and soft. I’m not sure how they would look on a more athletic body type, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

This other wash is also part of the sale, however, it says it’s true to size. It could be true. I tried on another pair that’s not in the sale by mistake and for that one I definitely needed my regular size.

Madewell High-Waist skinny jeans $89.90

Rise: 10″

Wearing: 26. Smallest size available at the store but big on me. I suggest trying your regular and a size down.

The exposed buttons are amazing, and it was one of the pairs I was looking to add to my closet. See if they re-stock here for the public sale. I would probably get them straight from Madewell when they are available there.

Levi’s 501 High-Waist Crop Jeans $64.90

Rise: 11″

Wearing: 25, but I would size down unless you want a boyfriend fit. These have 1% of elastane.

The reason I say to size down is because these are not 100% cotton. They have some elastane and were loose on me. Love that the wash is very similar to the Pop Rock wash I fell in love with on my 501 Levi’s guide.

[BLANKNYC] The Great Jones $58.90

Rise: 11″ on size 29

Wearing: 25 TTS

I do apologize for not checking more affordable pairs. I honestly think that one of the best purchases you can do from this sales, even if you don’t buy anything else, is a good pair of jeans. Also, my hands were already carrying many pounds of clothing already. 

Now let’s get into the jeans. I loved that these [BLANKNYC] have a higher rise. Didn’t love how they fit me in the back, but they are worth a try.

Topshop High-rise flares: A nice surprise $49.90

Rise: 10″

Wearing: 26 (definitely size up)

I mainly checked the high-end jeans, but when I saw these I wanted to try them. They were amazing. They do run small, but wow. How long will they last? I don’t know. I used to have a great pair of flares from Zara, but they tore across my butt one day when I was playing with my then 3-year-old, and I became wary of buying more affordable jeans.


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Now let’s hang out on Instagram @julietatorresd for more high-rise jeans (actually anything high-waisted) and a real and vulnerable take on postpartum body and motherhood. I’m a believer that social media shouldn’t be to document only the good things.


  1. Lots of great options! I like the washes you selected. So cute with your mustard slides. That’s a good point about the rise of the jeans, I like a high rise as well, keeps everything supported and makes me look taller. I’m 5’2 as well : )

  2. Thanks! I was on the fence about the Frame ones you didn’t like due to the price and now I’m glad I didn’t order them. I did order the Paige Hoxtons so I’ll be curious to see how they fit when they arrive in the mail tomorrow. My past experience with Paige brand has been meh so I hope I like these better.

  3. Love your post!!! TME blog is really my only blog I pay much attention to- Mostly because you guys don’t hide things like mommy tummy or an unmade bed in your posts and pictures. It may seem little and insignificant, but it MATTERS!!! Thank you!!!
    The Frame Le Skender Jeans were one of the pairs I ended up purchasing at the Anni Sale. I’m 5’9, 135-ish lbs and not super curvy. I am almost always a 28. I ended purchasing these jeans in a 27- the only reason I even tried the 27 is because they didn’t have my usual 28. I love them! I could totally see how a more petite person might not like them, though. So guys who are a little taller- give them a try. :))

    • Ahhhhh…thanks for the love, Rebecca. (And relieved that you aren’t totally turned off by our messy houses, haha.) The Frame Le Slender Jeans were my favs, too. And I agree – size down. xo

  4. I bought the Paige Hoxton raw edge. I love them. They are so soft. I think they are too long but I’m really nervous to cut them and get the length right.

    • They were really my favorite!!! and I know, it’s SO scary to crop them! If you have a pair that you love the length use it as a measure, I do that all the time and it works. I put the two inseams together and mark where I need to cut.

  5. I’m trying the Topshops. Hope they won’t leave me hanging like your Zaras did (ha)! Am I the only one who is completely sick of skinny jeans? I feel like I cannot possibly buy one more pair. Maybe it’s just a phase.

    • I really hope so! I loved them! and you’re not the only one. I’m living in straight-leg jeans 90% of the time, which is why I liked the Paige vintage ones. I think we’ve had too much skinny for a while. They are great but there’s more options.

  6. Hi, Do you have any suggestions for high waist jeans similar to the Paige Hoxton from the Anniversary Sale? I love the fit and am over skinny jeans. Would love any suggestions you may have!

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