The Best Leopard Print Boots for Everyday (and Three Ways to Wear Them)


I splurged on these boots. I partially blame Gwen (“you do tend to wear rag & bone for many, many years, S”) and I partially blame you guys — those of you who asked me about them, you tricky devils, you. Of course, at the first sign of possible reader interest I was all #research!!! All in the name of #research!!…and bought them.  (And you guys call me the shopping enabler.)

In any case, here I am. Booted. In leopard.

One reason it was so very easy to splurge is because I don’t actually think leopard is a trend. Leopard is to shoes as stripes are to t-shirts — they’re not going anywhere. And the easiest way to upgrade your everyday outfit is with a cool, comfortable, leopard print boot.

Case in point?  Last year, Laura used leopard boots as the cornerstone of her London packing wardrobe. In 2016, I used leopard print boots to make boyfriend jeans and hoodies more interesting, and back in 2015, I was wearing leopard heels with jeans and little cardigans — just to name a few!

So yes: leopard boots are a solid investment*.

And since several of you asked how I’m wearing these leopard print booties, I had Mike snap a few pics as we all were out and about. I also rounded up a few additional pairs of everyday leopard print booties (low heel, walkable, comfortable) — they’re at the end of this article.

*Not a classics girl? Maybe try….snake print. Specifically these or these.

Leopard Print Boots: Three Outfit Ideas

1. With All Monochromatic Black and Faux Fur

We were headed to Urban Movement Arts to see our friend Metal’s show…so I pulled on what is my typical date-night uniform for winter: fancy black tee, black jeans, walkable boots. Faux fur makes it a little special. No idea why we couldn’t get a pic with my eyes open. Also, I need a haircut and a smokey eye refresher, but JUST LOOK AT MY BOOTS, OK?

jacket (similar) | top | jeans (similar) | booties

2. With Boyfriend Jeans + Cozy Sweater

The Sunday that Fall Finally Came to Philly, we roamed around with soccer balls and coffees and feelings of goodwill towards men. (Until it later reached 73 degrees, and then we went home sweaty and grumpy.  I hate you, global warming.)

Leopard print boots + boyfriend jeans is one of my favorite tricks, tho.

sweater (similar: 1, 2) | jeans (similar) | booties | bag | sunglasses


3. With A Dress? YES.

Many of these Chelsea style boots actually look pretty good with bare legs. And THIS outfit, in fact, is perfect for those days with wildly swinging temps. (That dress is just a ribbed knit and so freaking comfortable to wear.)

jacket (similar) | dress | shoes


Shop My Favorite Everyday Leopard Boots

Hint: these are all walkable.





  1. I will never not have leopard shoes. Everytime I feel like my outfit is just…meh…I add a little leopard and it’s automatically better. I, too, love Marc Fisher. They haven’t let me down yet. And I really love the Gap booties, too! Who knew?! Love this post. It speaks to my soul! Thanks!

  2. Ah, you were reading my mind! Thank you. Laura inspired my leopard print boot search last year and I never quite landed on a pair that I loved. Thanks for this round up of walkable options! I have found many that I love but know that if they don’t have a walkable heel they aren’t going to get as much wear. I’m leaning toward the Marc Fisher ones and equally intrigued by the Earth option. This year I’m going to find a pair! Excellent job on all of the recommendations (enabling??) 😉 as always TME.

  3. I have been looking all over for a leopard boot with a walkable heel and haven’t had any luck. Thank you for finding so many options!

  4. These outfits are all SO good! I snagged the TopShop ones last season and I have almost worn them out( I bought both black and leopard and I’ve worn the leopard FAR more). I LOVE them and like you said, they go with almost everything. I had never bought TopShop shoes and didn’t have high expectations for my sale purchase but SO comfortable SO practical and SO perfect. I may have to replace them with one of these for the long term- been eyeing the Rag and Bone pair.

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