The Best Non-Distressed Jeans (That You Can Also Wear To Work)


After wearing low-rise jeans all throughout college and I remember buying low-rise work pants from The Limited (who remembers that store?).  I am now drawn to high-waisted jeans for more coverage and honestly, I am more comfortable and feel like myself in them since having kids.

I always joke with one of my friends that after having kids, if the waistline of my jeans is not above my belly button, I do not want them. My husband always looks at me and asks if my jeans are meant to be that high. Each time, I remind him that I know more about fashion than he does.

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The Best Non-Distressed Jeans For Work (That Work On The Weekend, Too)

At least one of the 3 days I am in the office, I get to wear jeans. I used to own a lot of pairs of jeans and when I purged a lot of my closet 3 years ago, I only kept the jeans that I tend to reach for the most. Since I am down to about 6 pairs, I have made the conscious effort to buy different styles of jeans. I used to be guilty of buying multiples of something that I loved but the downside to that was when I was over that one item, it meant I was over at least 3 additional items. I have found that with having different styles of jeans, I always have a pair that I can reach for depending on my mood or whatever vibe I am going for, that day.

Here’s a quick look at my 5 most-loved denim styles for work. Keep scrolling for a breakdown of my top 5.

best jeans for work

Wide Leg | White Wash | Wide Leg Barrel | Straight Leg | Skinny

Let’s break down my top 5, go-to types of non-distressed jeans to wear to work. The best part? They work on the weekend, too.

best jeans for work

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1. Dark Wash Jeans

best jeans for work

Dark Wash Jeans

Dark wash and indigo jeans are having a moment or at least I seem to see a lot more talk around Indigo jeans. I have an old pair that I bought from Everlane that I have always reach for on the days that I have no idea what to wear when I need to be in the office or on the days I just can’t be bothered. I always feel and look a lot more polished in the darker washes. The tapered pair above is one that I would buy if I needed to replace my current pair of felt that I needed to add another darker wash jean to my closet.

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2. Wide Leg Jeans

best jeans for work

Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans usually have a higher rise and can be full-length or cropped. Full-length jeans can be a bit tricky to style when it comes to shoes. A pair of pointy-toe shoes or boots are always a great option for the shoes to wear with wide-leg, full-length jeans.

I own a full-length, loose, and high-waisted pair of Levi’s that are soft and very light. They are great in the summer months. They have been sold out everywhere for the past year and half. How do I know this you ask? Well, I wasn’t thinking and bought my normal size without realizing they had a bit of stretch and I have not been able to find them anywhere. I just bought this pair from Gap and cannot wait to try them on.

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3. Straight Leg Jeans

best jeans for work

Straight Leg Jeans

These were my first pair of jeans that I tried when I started to not feel like myself when I was wearing skinny jeans. A few years back, I tore my ACL during a rugby game and because I favored my left leg when I walked, my one thigh got a lot bigger than the other. It made me self-conscious because it was very noticeable, I can still how different they to this day. Straight-leg jeans were not so tight around the thighs and were also a great fit for my body type. I am straight up and down with broader shoulders. I only know this from working with a stylist, otherwise, I would have absolutely no clue what my body type is.

If you have tried straight-leg jeans and are just not getting the fit that you want, try other styles that may not necessarily be considered “straight leg” and see how those look on. I randomly tried on a pair of jeans that were supposed toy have a slight flair but when I tried them on they gave the same look and feel. as a pair of straight-leg jeans. Just something to think about the next time you are shopping for jeans or even pants.

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4. Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

I don’t care what Gen Z has to say about skinny jeans because I personally think they will always and forever be in style. I like mine a little above the ankle. Skinny jeans are definitely one style that I never seem to have issues on figuring out what shoe to wear with them. To me, they go with any style of shoe and I can also tuck them into a pair of tall boots or a pair of short cowboy boots.

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5. White Wash Jeans

White Wash Jeans

Whoever came up with the rule that you cannot wear white after Labor Day clearly did not know what they were talking about. I’m a huge proponent of wearing white all year round, especially during the winter months. There is nothing that brings me joy like a monochromatic white look does during the winter months. Whenever I wear my white jeans, I always feel like I am living on the edge. Two boys, a puppy, and my love of black coffee are all recipes for disaster when wearing white. Have I spilled coffee on myself on my way to work wearing white? Maybe…

I prefer a cropped wide-leg or a straight pair of white jeans.

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