The Best Nude Shoes For Moms (Everything From Flats to Date-Night Wedges)



96941_fr_dl Nude shoes are easily my top pick for Spring and Summer.  They go with everything, lengthen your leg line, and will never go out of style.  Never.  Or as Raines would say, "NEVER!!!" (dramatic pause) "EVER!!!"  (usually about bedtime).

Both pairs of my nude sandals are from…ummm…2002? 2003?  And while one was purchased in suede and no longer looks nude (I clearly need to clean out my shoe closet) and the other now has a broken buckle (wow – really need to clean out shoe closet)…the point here is that you and your nude shoes have a long, satisfying relationship ahead of you.  This is a purchase that you will literally wear out.

And…as many of you are already guessing…all of this blathering is because I'm trying to justify these gorgeous Chloe ballet flats.  Sigh.   They are my shoe perfection.

Here are a few (ok – quite a few) nude shoe picks, whether you are looking for an everyday, wear-everywhere flat, a flat sandal, a not-too-crazy wedge heel, or (because I couldn't resist) a few totally fabulous sky-high sandals. 

Nude Flats

In addition to the fab Chloe pair above, I also like the Lanvin flats, which are legendary for style and comfort…I found some amazing Chanel knock-offs (love the two-tone toe), and Mom?  The sliver wedge pick is for you.  Personally, I'm in love with the pale, blush pink TOMS… 

Lanvin ballet shoes
$485 -


J Crew ballerina shoes
$138 -


Frye flat shoes
$138 -


French Sole shoes
$130 -


Corso Como ballet flat shoes
$60 -




Nude Flat Sandals

I tried to keep my picks to sandals that look both cool and comfortable.  I don't care how cute a shoe, I'm not going to chase a toddler all day walking around on what looks like an unpadded board.  Geez.

See Mom?  More sliver wedges…those Dolce Vitas are seriously calling my name.  Let's just hope the upper is softer than their Target collection.

Dr scholl
$59 -


L.A.M.B. strap shoes
$100 -


Dolce Vita leather flat shoes
$120 -


DV by Dolce Vita leather wedge
$80 -






Sensible Wedges

I realize that this category is up for debate.  What constitutes a "sensible" wedge heel depends completely on how comfortable you are wearing them.  Mine falls somewhere between "too low to break neck" and "won't need to hem those pants".

Earthies wedge heels
$143 -


Nine West wedge heels
$99 -


Nine West wedge heels
$89 -


Franco Sarto wedge heels
$79 -


Unisa wedge heels
$69 -



Gorgeous Wedges

I love all of these.  Especially the blush pink.

BTW – if you were looking for nude pumps, M did a great article last year in response to a reader question:  How to Wear Nude Pumps?

$110 -


Pedro Garcia platform shoes
$440 -


DKNYC wedge heel sandal
$140 -


Seychelles wooden heel shoes
$110 -


Tinley Road wedge heel shoes
$59 -


Ooooo…Spring is coming….right?  RIGHT?  If we get a typical March snowstorm, I'm going to cry real tears.




  1. Love nude shoes. I’ve been meaning to get nude pumps, oh, for about 2 years. This is a good reminder… great post! I like the idea on the nude flats too. They’re definitely my go-to shoe for spring and fall.

  2. Gap has some really cute and comfy Lanvin-esque flats in nude and beige right now (among other fab colors) and they’re 40% off.

  3. This is great. I love nude shoes. Any chance you have any recommendations on a comfy, closed toe nude wedge? I’ve just transitioned into a new role and won’t be wearing my heels as much. I need something w/some height since my jeans are longer.
    thanks in advance!

  4. How much do I love the ones that look like toe shoes!?! I’m totally going to just let you guys dress me from now on. I am a bit fashion challenged but am working on it starting at the shoes and working my way up. Nude shoes on the shopping list now.

  5. I see, Shana, I see! The Toms are really super cute. But I’m looking at the Earthies wedge heels. Think I could pull that off?
    Love, Mom

  6. I just found out that Nordstrom stocks a “nude glitter” version of the Toms, which they list as a “juniors” shoe (and that it’s exclusive to Nordstom). They’re great and not as pink as the grosgain ones. Mine come tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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