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Hey guys! So with all the big Memorial Day sales popping up, I really wanted to highlight Anthropologie’s home collection. Anthropologie is one of those stores that doesn’t have sales pop up all too often, so when they do, you really want to take advantage. I have learned over the years which of my favorite home stores have sales pretty frequently, and which only have a few, usually around some of the national holidays. So by category, I rounded up my favorite unique finds that Anthropologie has to offer (which was extremely difficult to do) and tried to include a little bit of everything. If you shop or have shopped Anthropologie before, you understand that these products are definitely investment pieces. These are beautifully crafted and specially curated items that take your home from a space to have conversations in, to a conversation in and of itself. If you want to add color, texture, personality and uniqueness of the highest quality to your home, Anthropologie is the best place to source these items, hands down.

Is it unrealistic to imagine filling every room in my entire house with Anthro pieces? Probably, I mean, most definitely, yes. So if you’re anything like me, this sale you’re focusing more on some accent pieces that you can bring in to elevate your space, or maybe you’re in the market for a larger furniture piece, like a new dining room buffet. IF so, now is definitely the time to buy!

Anthropologie Area Rugs on Sale 

Starting out with some of my favorite area rugs. I know y’all don’t know me all that well yet, but as you get to know me, you’ll come to realize quickly that I am all about that little pop of color. It doesn’t have to be super-bright, saturated color, but color = happiness to me, so I need color in my home — period. point blank. end of discussion. One of the best ways to bring a pop of color into your space is with an area rug. Here are some of my top picks!


Anthropologie Furniture on Sale 

As for furniture, these are obviously your bigger ticket items, regardless of where you shop. When you’re purchasing any item from Anthropologie, you know you’re getting a high-quality item, but their furniture is unlike anything I’ve ever seen anywhere else, in terms of the detail and the quality of the product. You’re not only getting a functional piece of furniture, you’re basically paying for a giant piece of art as well. Here are my top picks!

Anthropologie Drapery Panels on Sale

Probably number three on my list of most important design products in a home, right behind the furniture itself and light fixtures, is drapery panels. And while we’re on the topic, let me just take this golden opportunity to present you with my number one pet peeve that I see in a home. Please, for the love of all things holy, do not let your curtains fall anywhere short of the floor line. When in doubt, pool them out! It is 1000% better to let your curtains pool on the floor if they are too long than to have them fall short 2,4, 8 inches. With that being said, I present to you my top Anthro picks for drapes!

Anthropologie Wall Art on Sale

Wall art is so important to have in every home because IMO, it’s what really speaks to WHO you are as an individual. Whether you like modern abstract art, portraiture, landscape or even just prefer decorative hanging objects like mirrors or sculpture art, please don’t leave your walls barren! Here are some of my favorite picks, not just for wall art, but from the entire site! GIMME ALL THE TAPESTRIES!!!!!

Anthropologie Light Fixtures on Sale 

Last but certainly not least, are my top picks for light fixtures. Basic is not in Anthropologie’s dictionary, period, but their light fixture options are beyond unique! I can’t stop fawning over the Lightbearer table lamp or the Aloha Fringe Chandelier. Talk about a conversation piece! 



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  1. Anthropologie’s home section always makes me drool. Love these picks, especially the floor mirrors (now I just need the high-ceilinged loft of my dreams to fit them in).

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