The Best of The Post-Holiday Sales



There’s something about such massive, sweeping sales – especially after a holiday like Christmas – that make me want to hide.  It’s overwhelming.  And I’ll bet I’m not the only one feeling that way.  So.  Here’s my strategy for getting the best from the post-holiday sales.  I narrowed things down to only the stuff you really will wear, but tried to retain that element of fun. The pieces worth clicking on.  (At the time of this writing, I didn’t include anything that only had a size or two left, nor did I include pieces with only random colors – like J.Crew’s entire line of leftover neon cashmere in size XXXS.  Please.)

The Best Sales (in general)

To avoid repeating myself in the following sections, some of the standout sales are listed below.  You can see our top picks for each retailer in our Shop The Sales drop-down tab.

Banana Republic: 50% off sale – just updated my top picks here

LOFT:  50% off everything (including sale) – just updated my top picks here

Ann Taylor:  40% off full price items, but deep discounts on sale (like 60% off cashmere – see below)

J.Crew: 40% off sale

Vince: 25% off sale

Anthropologie:  25% off sale

Nordstrom: Half-Yearly sale (prices as marked)

Madewell:  30% off sale


Ok.  Here’ my strategy:


1.  Stock Up On Sale Cashmere

I love cashmere for daily life.  It’s insanely durable, always looks amazing (thanks to great drape) and can be machine washed (I wash on cold in these Mesh Laundry Bags, and lay flat to dry).  I wear mine with skinnies, flares, sweatpants, and PJs.  I wear it to school drop off, date night, or lounging around the house.  And, if I’m being totally honest, I often sleep in it.  And this is when I stock up.  If necessary, I’ll play it fast and loose with sizing.  I’ve found that it’s smarter to choose my favorite color in larger size over a strange color in my size.  The strange colors rarely get worn, even around the house.

J.Crew cashmere is totally picked over.  I wouldn’t bother.  However, LOFT’s Lou&Gray line has a couple of really good options, as does Ann Taylor and Vince.


2. These Boots Though

At this point in the season, boots have been really, really picked over.  However, I can sometimes find a few hidden gems.  And by “gems” I’m talking Freebird, Frye, Coach and Weiztman.  [fist pump]


3.  A “Good” Coat

This is not your wear-everyday puffer.  This is the coat you turn to when you are headed out for girls’ night or date night, or to meet with your kids’ teacher.  This is the coat you can take to the office.  This is the coat you use to make your jeans and moto boots feel special.  This coat can be ladylike and romantic, or a tough-girl moto jacket, or something bright and cheery or plaid.  This is NOT – I repeat – your everyday warm coat.  This is your good coat.  (And your New Year’s resolution is to wear your ‘good’ coat more often.)

Because this isn’t your main winter coat, I like to try and pick these up on sale.  The best value – at the moment – is probably Banana Republic.  However, if you’ve been drooling over Vince as hard as I have, there’s a few expensive picks as well.  (And a ton of stuff in between.)

4.  Stave Off Sartorial Boredom With Winter Accessories

My fav trick to keep snooze-worthy puffer coats interesting?  Even in Feb?  Hats and mitts.  Sometimes I like my cozy-cozies bright and quirky, sometimes I like them chic and subdued.  In any case, I like to have options.  And all of the pieces below are on sale.



Now I just have to decide.

You guys probably won’t hear from me again until 2016, but I’ll try to answer questions/comments, and I’ll be keeping Instagram relatively up-to-date (@shanachristine).   I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing holiday (haha, that’s a good one), and are currently basking in the glow that is family.  I’m off to start a serious snow dance – we’re back home in Michigan, and there is barely any snow.  My boys are heart-broken (but nothing that a little hot chocolate and undivided attention won’t fix).

From our little home to yours, here’s hoping that the rest of your 2015 is filled with warm feelings, cold noses, and plenty of laughter and light.

Can’t wait to see you in 2016.  Happy New Year.





  1. Have you or Scotti seen the Joe Fresh sequin camis/tank tops???I just ordered one in black..they are half off….thinking of getting the gold one too now

    • Yes!! So cute!! I had one on – it’s gorg, but ended up not going home with it. I can’t stand the way sequins feel under my arms. I have this problem with ALL sequin tanks. BOO.

      • Hahah…well I’m glad I only ordered one since they are non- returnable at this point of the sale…I ordered an xs..hope it fits…thanks for your response!

  2. I remember you saying in your podcast that you wash your cashmere, but the idea of that terrifies me. My cashmere collection is growing, however, and I would really not have to shell out for the dry cleaning. Could you post about cashmere care – with links for good sweater bags, please! – or link me to a previous post I may have missed on the subject? Thank you so much!

    • You bet! I just updated the article with a link to the mesh laundry bags I SWEAR BY. They’re amazing. Make sure you wash on COLD, and use gentle detergent. They come out sooooo soft.

  3. I have the Loft side split sweater (not the cashmere version, sadly) in black and pink and I Love them. L.O.V.E. They’re super soft and cozy. The biggest challenge has been what color to layer under the pink (white contrasts too much , darker colors closer to my pants show through, etc. Life is Hard.) but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing them all the time. For the money they’re fabulous.

  4. Thanks for another year of fantastic, inspiring and who am I kidding, most definitely enabling posts on The Mom Edit Shana! Your crew is awesome too. Cheers to many more perfect sartorial treasures in the New Year! (so glad you are feeling better too!)

  5. Loved this article! I wanted to let you know that Madewell is also having and extra 40% off on sale styles! Just got some flea market flare overalls for only $30!! I’m so stoked.

  6. I just got that Nordstrom turtleneck in the mail. Got the black before they ran out. It’s HEAVEN. Could be styled so many different ways.

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