The Best One-Piece Swimsuits For Postpartum


As the years go on, I find myself stumbling upon IG mamas who have just given birth, basking in the sun in their string bikinis. And nothing makes me happier, quite frankly. I fully believe that every body is a bikini/beach body and there’s nothing anyone needs to ‘cover up’. And if that’s what someone feels the best in? Then damn right! Wear that teeny bikini!

But, after years of working with mamas at TME, (and knowing a lot of moms in my personal life), I also understand that not all of us are quite there immediately postpartum. Most importantly — some extra support for the bod is sometimes just really nice post-baby.

So I dove into some solid postpartum swimsuit ideas by rereading Julieta’s awesome postpartum swimsuit article that was actually a little recreation of Shana’s post from 13 years ago!! And I took into account what our readers and rest of the team have loved in the past.

The 14 Best Postpartum One-Piece Swimsuits

I found that there were a few specific things worth paying attention to that most moms could agree on: tummy control, support for the pooch and (potentially breast-feeding) boobs, and suits that just make it all a little bit easier. Nothing too complicated with a billion straps or suits that require help from a contortionist over here.

So. If you’re not quite ready for a bare-all postpartum swimsuit and want some guidance on what’s worked for us in the past, I’ve got fourteen one-piece swimsuits worth considering. And as always, I love hearing your personal faves and suggestions.

Psst: If you haven’t already checked it out — I’ve been updating the 2024 Swim Guide weekly as all the suits come out. Stay tuned for our Bikini guide, too.

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1. Karla Colletto Plunge One Piece Swimsuit

At Shopbop

I know this swimsuit doesn’t seem post-partum-friendly, but plunge-style suits were a tip that Shana got from a friend back in the day, and was shocked by how well it worked for post-partum. And bonus points for it making breast-feeding easier. That little knot detail is genius too (and just gorgeous, let’s be honest).

2. ELOQUII One Shoulder Swimsuit


I’ve probably included ELOQUII in all of our swim roundups. For one — their size range is 14-32. Two — their swimsuits are unique and soso pretty. We found that color-blocking/patterns often help distract from the pooch.

3. Sea Level Short Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit

At Nordstrom

This swimsuit has been a reader fave for years. I can totally see why — the zipper detail (breast-feeding friendy!), the intentional seams that just do somethin’ for the bod, the fabric and how it has coverage but still reads slightly sexy (especially depending on how you choose to wear the zipper). This year I noticed it came in this blue color that I’ve been just slightly in love with, but it still comes in the classic black, navy and khaki green.

4. Becca Color Play One Piece Swimsuit

At Nordstrom

I had to include a Becca suit, but I especially had to include the classic crotchet everyone knows and loves. Shana tried a super similar style years ago (pretty much the same suit, just a different version) and yep, she loved it. The placement of the darker panels vs the crotchet panels has me thinking I’d feel SO good in this swimsuit. If you’re looking for something a little sexy, try this guy out.

5. Seea Lido One Piece Surf Suit

postpartum swimsuit

At Free People

There’s SO many things I love about this suit. The high-neck, the plunging back, the pattern, the seams! Ahhh I need to try this on. In general, tho, patterns like this tend to be pretty forgiving on a softer tummy.

6. Beach Riot Shona One Piece Swimsuit

postpartum swimsuit

At Anthro | At Revolve

At first glance, the tropical/floral print really drew me in (again, distract with pattern!). But THEN I noticed it has little bow ties on the shoulders that you can adjust. (Which is always something I look for in a suit… I know I’ll get the perfect fit that way). Bonus for the mamas: breastfeeding will be so much easier with a simple untie.

7. Dippin’ Daisy’s Bliss One Piece Swimsuit

postpartum swimsuit

At Anthropologie

Besides the sexy cutouts and slight plunge that draws the eye up, there’s a bunch of pretty colors to choose from that made me love this suit (and there’s plus-size options in some of these colors). Reviewers recommend sizing up one size.

8. LSPACE Kyslee Cutout One Piece Swimsuit

postpartum swimsuit

At Anthropologie

Another suit that comes in a ton of gorgeous colors, making it nearly impossible to choose which one is my fave. I was really into the neckline (it looks like it’d be so flattering and supportive even for a bigger bust) and the knot detail. Similar to the swimsuit mentioned above, it brings the attention to the top of the suit and away from the pooch (if that’s the trick you’re lookin’ for). AND the ribbed fabric — I find ribbed fabrics lay so nicely on a softer stomach compared to other fabrics.

9. The Ruffle Backflip Swimsuit

postpartum swimsuit

At Summersalt

Color-blocking is another genius trick S found worked for her. Summersalt happens to be a go-to for color-blocking suits, but this style might be my fave of the bunch. The plunging neckline and flutter sleeves got me.

10. J.Crew Ruched V-Neck One Piece

postpartum swimsuit

At J.Crew

This has been a J.Crew fave suit for years. The ruching on the stomach has me so tempted to finally try it out. And if a bright Barbie pink isn’t your thing, there’s a bunch of other colors to choose from.

11. CUPSHE One Piece Swimsuit


At Amazon

CUPSHE is my go-to brand for inexpensive swim. This one offers some tummy control and ruching, and comes in a bunch of colors and patterns. Postpartum moms in the reviews found it worked great for any areas they were feeling a bit worried about.

12. Norma Kamali Diana Mio One Piece Swimsuit

postpartum swimsuit

At Shopbop

You may have seen us talk about Norma Kamali dresses in the past, so when I saw this suit…I was pleasantly surprised. It looks so luxe and totally deserves a big sunhat and oversized sunglasses. The way the fabric drapes looks like it’d be such a good postpartum option.

13. Ruffle Two Piece Bathing Suit

postpartum swimsuit

At Target

Okay, this is *technically* a two-piece swimsuit. And it’s also technically a tankini (which S and Julieta have both said are not our friends when it comes to postpartum swimsuits). BUT. This one reads more like a mini dress. And the ruffles are waaaay better than the normal, tight tankinis out there. It’s also just frickin’ cute.

14. Gottex V-Neck Blouson One Piece Swimsuit

postpartum swimsuit

At Amazon

This has been a reader fave for years (and was one of Julieta’s personal postpartum faves). I would totally wear it with cutoffs, jeans or a skirt in the summer after the beach, too. It reads like a cute cami.

What other suits are you guys eyeing for the summer?


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