The One Top You Need This Spring (And Summer)




If you follow me on Insta (@shanachristine), you’ll know of my latest obsession:  The Peasant Top.  If there’s one thing to add to your wardrobe this Spring, it’s this.  (Bold words, I know).  But here’s the thing:  they look equally amazing with flares as they do with skinny jeans, and they’ll add instant polish to cut-off shorts come summer.

Besides, they’re just so cool.  Peasant tops evoke a sort of just-rolled-in-from-someplace-fabulous vibe, an effortless beachy glam, like loose wavy hair and oversized sunglasses.  However, if sunny skies and warm temps aren’t currently the view from your window….hello, turtleneck.  #youknewthatwascoming

But finding the perfect peasant top is….tricky.  Too many veer into the Terribly Loud Pattern category, or the Very Busy, Busy Print or the ever popular All Volume and No Drape, which, pattern or no, has the added bonus of making most of us look both short and wide.

Personally, I prefer a peasant top with an element of sophistication.  While this often means a black-and-white color palette, I can get on board with color, as long as it’s done in a spirit of restraint.  Keep reading to see which peasant tops I’m drooling over – and I promise all of them can be paired with flares, skinnies, cut-offs, half-tucked AND worn with turtlenecks, like…now.











Outfit Details

turtleneck: Everlane Ribbed Wool Turtleneck c/o (yes it’s navy – wearing an xs)

blouse: Maison Scotch Lace-Trimmed Vintage Top (now on crazy sale!! wearing a size 1)  UPDATE:  sold out, but I just found a few at Gilt and ASOS.

jeans: Rag and Bone 10″ skinnies in Houston (25, my typical size)

boots: Nine West Suede Tiberia (size 5 and 7 only for $74), or here (all sizes 9-12 available for $160)…or the leather (not suede) version here for $99 (most sizes still available)


Shop Peasant Tops

First off, a fab Rachel Zoe maternity option on major sale (for Terri).  xo!



What other Spring/Summer pieces are you eyeing?  It’d be fun to style up a few now (and I’ll try to keep the turtlenecks to a minimum…..)





  1. As a busty gal, I’ve never been a fan of peasant tops. I need a more tailored look, with a defined waste. Otherwise I just get lost underneath all that fabric. Does anybody else have this problem?

    • Abbie Leigh- I am not busty, I’m actually far from it! However I am a bit of a pear shape with a little pooch. So while billowy shirts are super appealing to me to cover the pooch- they hit at the widest part of my body.

      Shana – and all the other fantastic women at The Mom Edit. Any thoughts for us?

      And, by the way- gorgeous look on you Shana- and beautiful view. On my way to NYC next month!

      • Same here, Beth! Not busty, pear shape with a pooch. Love the look of peasant tops but have always been disappointed when I try them on. I wasn’t sure why (since they hide the pooch) but I think you nailed it. They billow out and then end right at the widest point of the pear.
        Love the look on Shana though!

    • That has always been my issue too. I’m also breastfeeding right now so I end up looking extra matronly with the shape of peasant tops. No bueno.

      • Yep, if my waist disappears, my whole body just looks really misshapen. I can do peasant-ish tops half-tucked into pencil skirts though…

    • Yes! 32DDD which means I’m fairly thin/average (size 6) but with a big bust. I LOVE the peasant look but it just makes me look chubby. A v neck helps a bit, and a half tuck like Shana has in one pic helps a bit. Its not safe for me to order online – fit has to be perfect or else.

      • Yup. I’m 32DDD too. I’ve decided that some looks just aren’t for me. I think the great thing about getting older is that you learn how to dress for your body type. I figured out what looks good and now I’m sticking with it. I have to “just say no” to some trends.

        • Yeah, this look is really hard for busty gals. Some things that could help: plunging or v-necklines, and a fit that shows off the shoulders (or even sheer sleeves – that tends to help reign things in).

          In terms of pear shapes, I know Scotti swears by peasant tops. She typically wears with flares to balance everything out, and I *think* most of them flow right past the widest part of the hips (rather than stopping at the widest part). If I remember correctly. Want me to have Scotti do a little post on this?

          • I’d love for Scotti to do a post! Maybe that hit me wonky because I’m tall? But I’m putting one on my list to wear along with high rise flares.

          • That would be perfect! I am definitely bigger on the bottom and usually like to accentuate my waist. However, I love the vibe of these and would love to see Scotti rock them!

  2. Shana- another question- how can we style our OTK boots with skinnies/leggings for spring? I just got a pair and love them – not ready to pack them away quite yet. However not sure how to wear them when the temps start moving out of the high 40’s…

    • I’ve been loving mine with drapey tanks and cozy cardigans. I can see the cardigans getting replaced with lightweight jackets once the weather warms (but that’s a LOONG way away for Philly, I think.) Thigh high boots and trench coats look really sophisticated, with a bomber jacket they’re super sporty, and even with a simple tee (v-neck, of course), they’re so insanely sexy. xo!

  3. Love a peasant top! Old Navy has some cute, guilt free good ones, too — one looks like an Ulla Johnson number. Another cool thing to wear with them is the cropped kick-flare jean.

  4. Love this! I’m debating between sizes… what size are you wearing in the pics, Shana? I’m usually a size 4-6 in tops/dresses, depending, with a full C/smaller D cup. Sizing suggestions?

  5. Agree with the other gals above — as a super busty, hourglass shaped person, this is not a look for me. But it looks fab on you, Shana! <3 (If I want a peasant feel, I would probably go for a canvas tote or something like that.)

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