The 3 Best Places To Shop For Plus-Size Holiday Outfits (ps. They’re Stunning)


I am a holiday girlie through and through.

I love spending time with my favorite people, laughing with my friends and family, eating all the delicious treats, and getting into the cheery and magical spirit that’s ever present during this time of year. I personally think there is something special in the air during the wintery months of the year, and especially love the festive outfits I get to wear to the many holiday shenanigans I attend.

Simply put I love the glitz, the glam, and anything that sparkles, and it’s one of my absolute favorite seasons to get dressed up.

jacket (2x) | earrings

In years past, it was certainly a challenge to find holiday outfits that I truly loved and fit me well. The struggle was seriously real, and once I found a piece I loved, I’d wear it for years on end.

But this year, things are different. The plus-size outfits to wear to your next holiday party are plentiful. Whether you are looking for a subtle holiday look or want all the glitz and glam for the holidays, there are so many incredible pieces out there for the winter holiday season.

Where To Shop For Cool AF Plus Size Holiday Outfits: My Top 3 Brands

Brands have certainly upped their game in their offerings for plus-size holiday clothing this year, but one thing still remains true: Shopping for clothes IRL as a plus-size person will be nearly impossible. Bummer, I know, but the one upside for me is that ordering pieces online allows me to try on what can often be complicated outfits, in the comfort of my home.

Plus size holiday outfit idea from J.Crew.

top (22)

In my extensive search for the best plus-size holiday looks, I found about 8 places that have cool pieces for the holidays. Target, Reformation, J.Crew, Anthropologie, Eloquii, Torrid, Lane Bryant, and Nasty Gal. But when I think of the brands whose plus-size holiday selections are top-tier, there are three brands that give me all the cool girl vibes I always look for.  

So, let’s get into it… Here are my top three places to shop for plus-size holiday clothes. 

1. For Elegant or Formal Winter Parties: REFORMATION

Plus size holiday outfit idea from reformation.

dress (22) | bag | boots (similar)

Well, well, well, Reformation pulled out all the stops this year for the plus-size babes. I have been a Stan of the brand since 2019 when plus-size first launched. TBH, their plus-size selection is quite limited, and I do wish they would offer a more extensive catalog of extended sizing. But, what they do have are seriously stunning and timeless pieces that will live in your closet forever. The quality is outstanding, and they are one of the few brands on the market that have ethical practices with clothing production. Simply put, I LOVE REF!

Plus size holiday outfit idea from reformation.

dress (22)

When I perused Reformation’s site, I was immediately attracted to this gorgeous green silk dress. I thought it was spectacular and loved how elegant it looked online. However, I was a little hesitant if this would actually fit me. Over the years, I’ve struggled to find silk dresses that fit my unique body shape. The drastic difference between my bootylicious bottom and my closer to straight-sized top half, creates a serious challenge for dresses with no stretch.

Plus size holiday outfit idea from reformation.

dress (22) | bag | boots (similar)

But this dress?! This dress is a Christmas miracle because it fit me like a f*cking glove the moment I tried it on and required zero alterations. It’s the silkiest of silks I’ve ever felt, and I love how it’s a subtle nod to a holiday look. It’s effortless, elegant, and speaks for itself. What I love most, is that it’s versatile enough that it can be worn outside of the holiday season too. Think of all the sexy date nights, dinner with the gals, and events you can attend in this dress.


All of the silky and velvet dresses at Reformation are dreamy. Now that they’re having a holiday sale, 25% off till 11/27, I might just have to pick up a velvet outfit too.

2. For Trendy Holiday Outfits: ANTHROPOLOGIE

Plus size holiday outfit idea from Anthropologie

jacket (2x) | skirt (24) | clutch | boots (similar) | earrings

Dare I say, that Anthropologie is my number one retailer for plus-size clothes that I love?! Let’s make it official, Anthropologie is the absolute best retailer for cool AF plus-size clothes. There, I said it.

jacket (2x) | skirt (24) | clutch | boots (similar) | earrings

I never thought I needed a cropped sequin blazer until this one arrived to my casa. I love that it’s a statement on its own and can be worn with trousers, jeans, or my personal favorite: denim maxi skirts. The blazer has a silky lining, and this is one of the few kind of sequin tops that my curly hair doesn’t get stuck in! Swap the denim maxi for a faux leather maxi skirt and it makes for the most fabulous NYE look.

jacket (2x) | skirt (24) | clutch | boots (similar) | earrings

And if you’re on the hunt for pretty holiday accessories, Anthro has cute clutches, gorgeous earrings, and all the sparkly necklaces. I just love how accessories can make basic outfits feel more holiday, and it’s a bit more affordable if you’re wanting to spend a little less.

jacket (2x) | skirt (24) | clutch | boots (similar) | earrings


Sequins, silver and faux furs! Anthro has so many holiday outfits to consider wearing. I am so obsessed with this silvery faux fur lined jacket, and the icing on the cake is that Anthro’s entire site is currently 30% off for Black Friday!

3. For Classic & Timeless Plus-Size Holiday Outfits: J.CREW

top (22) | skirt (24) | tights (3x) | shoes | bag

J.Crew is the classic and preppy bestie we all love. I’ve been wearing pieces from the brand since high school, and have always been a fan of their clothing. The majority of my button-downs are from J.Crew and they also have slip skirts I love too. Oh, and their dreamiest pajamas… LOVE.

top (22) | skirt (24) | tights (3x) | shoes | bag

The holiday sales this Black Friday are the best I’ve ever seen, and J.Crew’s site is 50% off right now! I may or may not be, low-key miffed that I missed out on scoring some of these pieces on sale, but while I would have loved to snag this feathery top on sale I have zero regrets purchasing it at full price. It’s just that good.



Cherry reds, tweed sets, and all the classic holiday outfits are so pretty! J.Crew’s holiday looks are too good!

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I hope all of you plus-size babes feel festive in an outfit from one of my fav brands this season!

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

XX – Kat 

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