The Best Quick Manicure Ever: Color Street Nail Polish Strips Review


I have always always been a fan of polished nails. I may not wear many dresses or skirts or much makeup, but having my nails done has always been where my girlie-ness shines. I just feel put together when my nails are painted.

So, when I heard there was a new nail polish that applies dry to the touch and presses on like a sticker, I was in y’all. Hooked. YES PLEASE to an easy manicure that takes less than 10 minutes. I kept raving about them so much (you may have seen them on my IG stories) that Shana encouraged me to do this review here and share the love.

What Is Color Street?

If you haven’t heard of Color Street yet, I am excited for you because your journey to having pretty nails just got way easier. Color Street is a brand of 100% nail polish strips that apply with no heat and no special tools, and are dry-to-the-touch immediately. They last up to two weeks and respond to regular nail polish remover. You can use them on your fingers and your toes.

Each set has 16 double-ended strips and ranges from $11-$14. Such a deal for an easy, smudge-free mani, you guys. They offer a wide range of solid colors, glitters, nail art and French tips, and I’ll say the new fall shades they recently released are on point.

Glitter Dipped Sets 

Sahara Jewel

Giza Sands with Tokyo Lights accent

Gotham Night French cut into strips (with included clear strip on top)

Seaside Dreams

Paris Couture

Made In Milan (a new fall shade!)

The Color Street Manicure

All of these above are manicures I’ve done over the last few months. You can see that it’s super-easy to do some custom nail art with these babies, too! Since they’re in strip form you can simply cut them into different shapes.

Color Street is a game changer when it comes to the nail polish world, which hasn’t seen a major technological update since the early 1900’s when the nail polish bottle was created. Other nail stickers have come out, but these are actual polish. It’s an amazing technology because it solves so many problems with the traditional liquid format. You know I love problem-solvers, in fashion and beauty. I love that I can stop mid-manicure and make Sienna a snack or let Camper outside. I used to get gel manicures often, but the cost, time and damage to my nails made it less-than-fun for me. It became more of a chore. These, however, are so fun, especially since they are coming out with new shades now monthly!

If you have tried these before but haven’t checked out the styles in a bit, Color Street has really upped the choices for fall by bringing on a former executive at OPI and consulting a fashion color house for fall trends. Word. Some of my favorite fall shades are Made in Milan (the one above), Manchester Mauve and Only In Vegas. And the new Halloween collection is super-fun, too! I’m digging the glow in the dark sets!

Manicure Tips & Tricks

These are super-easy to apply, and the strips are in various sizes to fit a variety of nails. The back of each set features instructions. Here are just a few tips and tricks I’ve learned work best, especially if you are trying them for the first time:

  • Have clean nails with no lotion or oils on them before applying. The nail strips include little alcohol wipes to prep your nails and help with adhesion.
  • Apply from pinky to thumb, in that order, using your thumbnail to remove the excess strip on the end. You can get two nails out of each strip! I find I only come back and file a bit at the end to clean up edges. A cuticle stick also works well to remove excess.
  • For the longest lasting results, apply right before bed. There’s no dry time, so you can pop right into bed without fear of smudging them, but then the strips have overnight to completely set.
  • The glitter styles are the most forgiving for your first application. I’d choose one of those to start with!
  • If you love the solid colors best or the nail art without glitter, consider adding the Clear As Day strips as your 4th set that you get FREE with the promotion. It really adds longevity to the solid sets. I find the glitter sets don’t need the Clear As Day.
  • I have been LOVING this non-acetone remover for being gentle on nails, but working great on removing polish (even the glitter sets!) before applying new ones. My nails have been much healthier after switching from acetone remover to this!

The Details

Be sure to take advantage of the Buy 3 Get 1 free deal when ordering by adding ALL 4 sets you’d like to your cart (all solids, glitters and nail art apply!) The French sets are Buy 1 Get 1 free, so add two to your cart. The discounts will automatically be applied when you add the correct number of strips!

If you prefer to watch a video when you apply them, I made a quick one here. You can follow me on @theprettynailsclub too to see more fun manicure ideas using these and various specials. Hit me up there with any questions, as well!

If you would like to try a 2-nail sample first, I’m happy to send you one! Click here to choose your shade and I’ll pop it in the mail for you to test out for yourself.

Hope you give these a try! Here’s to pretty, easy nails!



*Disclaimer: I do sell these nail strips as a side biz, and though I’ve never done or really been a fan of direct sales before, this product was so good I decided to give it a try. The only reason I decided to start that side business is because this product is THAT good, and the start-up kit was a steal. I’d recommend it regardless, but it has also been an easy, fun way to meet some amazing new friends and geek out on nail polish as a job. Ha.