Happy Outfits For A Southern California Winter With This Colorful Quilted Jacket


It’s always the same, January comes around and I find myself craving colorful, funky outfits. Happy Outfits, as I like to call them.

Even though during the fall months I shrug off anything too bold and insist to myself that I am simply a basic, neutrals kinda girl, once the holidays are over and the winter rest season sets in, my fashion leanings go a little bonkers. I begin bouncing off the walls trying to put together the most interesting, eye-catching outfits that I can.

WHICH, is how I found myself here: with the most gorgeous, color contrasted quilted jacket in my possession.

Don’t Skip This Happy Outfit Maker: Free People’s Chloe Quilted Jacket

Free People makes some of the best, most unique jackets, in my opinion – the kind that makes a Happy Outfit come together.

I first tried the Chloe Jacket last year in a size large (what I typically grab for outerwear) but found myself swimming in it’s boxy shape. Sadly, the jacket had all but sold out in lightning speed and I couldn’t get my hands on a smaller size – until now. 

the best quilted jacket

Chloe Jacket (M): Nordstrom | Saks | Free People

It was Nordstrom that actually came in swinging with the restock in my color, and I jumped at the chance to try a medium (Saks has two different colors currently on sale for 20% off, and there’s more over on Free People’s website, too). I’m 5’9” and some change, broad shouldered, and the jacket fits amazingly everywhere – even in the arms (which can be tricky for tall people).

The good news is that this coat looks especially stunning with a roll of the sleeve, so if you’re shorter/worried about the sleeve length – don’t be. Just cuff it.

quilted jacket for spring
So mine is more of a roll, but whatever.

jacket (M) | jeans (28) | bag

Psst – I’m in a Southern California winter, so if you’re in a snowier area, bookmark these looks for spring!

How To Wear A Colorful Jacket: 6 Outfit Ideas

When I’m styling a coat as bold as this one, I don’t shy away from pulling inspiration in the specific colors involved. The easy option is to throw it over a neutral outfit and let the jacket do the talking, but the fun, more experimental route (which is more my forte) is to try and make the jacket drip into the rest of the look. 

LOOK 1: A Funky Pant

quilted jacket for a warmer winter

jacket (M) | jeans (28) | tee (L) | flats | bag

When in doubt, pull a funky pant. It’s an easy way to bring life into a winter outfit.

I’ve been on the lookout for any pant that is bold and unique. Blue corduroys, striped denim, I’m even hoping for some good animal print pants to pop up this spring.

These railroad stripe MOTHER High Waisted Spinner Jeans are a fun pairing to the abstract floral on my Chloe Jacket. Theres a lot of pretty pinks speckled throughout the fabric, so I reached for my favorite, go-to flats and found a matching bag. If I ever think my outfit is going too far, I try and match the accessories. Having your bag match with your shoes is an easy way to keep the look cohesive (while still totally fun).

quilted jacket for a warmer winter

jacket (M) | jeans (28) | tee (L) | flats | bag

This jacket looks good from all the angles.

LOOK 2: A Pop of Red

jacket (M) | similar sweater | jeans (28) | boots

It’s no surprise that I love a little pop of red, and there is just enough of the hue featured in the jacket to be able to wear all my other favorite red items.

The red sweater (which is a part of this set, but if you want the red color here’s an Amazon version people rave on) and jacket combo felt strikingly bold, more so than any other outfit I’ve tried with the quilted Chloe Jacket, so I purposefully aimed to keep the rest of my outfit subdued. The grey denim and cream boots (which are incredibly comfy, BTW) have a calming affect that I really love.

southern california winter outfit

jacket (M) | similar sweater | jeans (28) | boots

My actual reality of what it’s like to take these selfies…I get about .2 seconds for each look. 😉

LOOK 3: Matching Accessories

southern california winter outfit

jacket (M) | jeans (28) | tee (L) | sneakers | bag

Just like I mentioned above, matching my accessories always helps make a bold outfit feel more put together. And after that last outfit incorporating a statement red sweater, I wanted to see if I could sprinkle smaller amounts of red for something a little more playful.

The Chloe Quilted Jacket has subtle amounts of red, so it felt right to have a subtle red detailing in my shoe. These Samba’s (few sizes left at Nordstrom, with more available here) are a lot different than other Samba’s in my closet, with a velvety stripe and a much thicker sole than they usually come with (I LOVE THEM).

jacket (M) | jeans (28) | tee (L) | sneakers | bag

These Jazz Court Sneakers with red laces or these red detailed Reebok Revenge Sneakers would be equally as good!

LOOK 4: A Little Less Matchy-Matchy

jacket (M) | sweater (M) | pants (8 regular) | sneakers

Instead of nailing the correct tones of the jacket, I wanted to style something a little offbeat. By choosing a sweater that is a slightly different blue then the jacket’s trim and lining, and finding the rest of my outfit in colors not reflected in the jacket, this outfit actually felt the most refreshing to me.

It was also an excuse to see if I could make Gap’s Satin Pants work with the jacket – I am a little bit obsessed with them. The pants have the most fantastic sheen and feel like the best pajamas you’ve ever worn (and not at ALL see through).

jacket (M) | sweater (M) | pants (8 regular) | sneakers

I recently wore these pants to the mall and had MULTIPLE questions about them. They have that “It” factor when you see them flow in real life!

Look 5: The Jacket Becomes The Shirt

jacket (M) | jeans (28) | shoes | socks

Free People’s Chloe Quilted Jacket has very sturdy, well sewn clasps on the inside, and I was tempted to see if I could rock it as a top all on its own.

I can, I did, and I love it.

The clasps sit nice and tight so you’re not seeing any skin show through the middle, and if you wanted to leave the top clasps open, it would be fun to have a lacey bralette or cami peeking out.

jacket (M) | jeans (28) | shoes | socks

I clearly couldn’t resist the red again by adding in the sock. Next time I would reach for a pink pair.

Look 6: Subtle Colors Count, Too

jacket (M) | tee (L) | jeans (28) | similar hat | similar clogs

Just as I was feeling satisfied with all the fun outfits I had put together, I noticed the almost elusive hints of cactus green hiding in the jacket. I think an audible gasp actually came from my mouth. It was too good to pass up.

I grabbed some of the only green items I own and what came together felt like a youthful, carefree match up. I love the graphic tee peeking out from under the jacket and kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner.

jacket (M) | jeans (28) | similar hat

If you’re looking for some happy outfits of your own this winter, don’t let color scare you – lean into it and pull the color out through the rest of your outfit! If you try it, tag us on Instagram @themomedit and let us see!


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