The Best Raincoats (And Functioning Alternatives For When You’re Sick of Raincoats)


The highly anticipated raincoat round-up is here! I think I could put together 5 posts about rain gear (boots up next time!), but no one outside the PNW wants to go into that detail, so here are my top favorites. I polled some fellow Northwesterners for their favorite durable rain jackets, too. Some styles are definitely not raincoats, but they will offer a little protection from the water while mixing-it-up a bit style-wise. Most of these are styles I actually wear on a regular basis, too, so they are at least Portland-tested! So, without further ado…

raincoatsThis collection includes options for the raincoat you wear in the rainiest weather…the most durable, functional choice for keeping you from getting soggy. The top choice of people around these parts was the Marmot PreCip jacket, but I found a few other options for you at different price points, too.

1.‘Tomales Bay’ Waterproof Hooded Jacket – This is very similar to Shana’s favorite raincoat. The one I have (very similar) is close to this, too. I love having a longer coat like this for playing (sitting on wet benches) at the park. These look best fitted, in my opinion, so I have a different coat for wintertime to wear with bulky sweaters.

2. Erie Waxed Cotton – I am dying for this raincoat. I mean. Perfection. I really want a waxed cotton jacket, just for a different look to nylon. It’s cool and different, but still so durable. It also comes in black with that lovely red polka dot lining. I may just move into Bridge and Burn when I finally make it to their brick and mortar shop here.

3. Athleta Outbound Jacket – This jacket is also in a waxed fabric. I was really impressed with Athleta’s jackets when I went in the other day. This one also comes in a bright mustard yellow.

4. Diamond Candy Hooded Softshell Waterproof Jacket – This gets many great reviews and is a very reasonable price. It comes in 4 bright colors and looks great from the photo. I’m not familiar with this brand, but I really wanted to include it due to reviews.

5. Marmot PreCip – This is the favorite of many of my friends here. They have all tried a variety of brands and they swear by Marmot. I have yet to try it on, but it comes in a ton of colors and is just a quality go-to raincoat.

6. Barbour Shore Hooded Waxed Cotton Marine Jacket – Guess I’m on a roll with the waxed cotton jackets. If you can swing this one, I will totally have raincoat envy. Gorgeous. The style of this is close to the old Gap lined raincoat I wear everyday in the winter. This would be a fab upgrade.

Next up?  The stylish trench raincoat….



So, obviously trench coats are not for everyday slopping through the rainy rain, but, as a girl who loves clothes, I do not want to wear my nylon hooded coat when I’m dressing up. That’s when the trench coat becomes a lovely choice. There are some beautiful trench coats out there right now. Just pop on a cool hat and you’re set. *Disclaimer: We do not carry umbrellas here in the PNW because…we would ALWAYS be carrying an umbrella. It is a sure sign you’re a tourist if you’re carrying one here. So, everyone else in other parts of the country where it tends to dump buckets of water at a time versus the lighter rain we get here, please picture any of these non-hooded coats paired with a cute umbrella.

1. Gap A-line Crop Trench – I just tried this on. It’s super cute and doesn’t overwhelm like a full length trench, especially for those of us who are petite. The sleeves were too long for me, but I love that it’s a little longer in the back than in the front of the coat. Totally worth a try-on.

2. Asos Reclaimed Vintage Trench Coat in Indigo Denim – This one is just really cool. I had to include denim in this post somehow, you guys.

3. Asos Trench with Utility Detail in Skater Fit – This color. I adore it. This is a good color for Spring, I do believe. This skater fit would be flattering on curvy ladies.

4. Asos Classic Trench – Asos just had so many great trench coats and this classic style is superb. It looks like it’s a bit shorter than some classic trench coats and that really makes me want to try it out.

5. Everlane The Swing Trench – Shana’s favorite Everlane coat is sold out, sadly, but this one is so good. I love Everlane’s style in general and this one is right on point.



Just like I don’t like to wear my go-to raincoat for dressing up, I also want to switch things up on lighter rain days. Some of these pieces become my go-to pieces on those days. A hooded jacket of any kind does the job when I’m just popping in and out of the car on a misty day. A hooded vest is perfect for chilly days that aren’t too rainy and accommodates my bulky sweaters so much better than a fitted coat. That knit sleeved denim jacket from Free People would be PERFECT for layering under another jacket. I love layering a hoodie under blazers or vests to make it a light-duty ‘raincoat.’ Plus, layering makes outfits interesting! This we know.

1. Athleta Rockview Vest – This is at the top of my list for Spring purchases. I tried this on yesterday and it’s good, you guys. It comes in that bright mustard yellow, too, but I love the navy. *Note: More on this later, but Athleta’s sizing runs large. You may want to size down a whole size on most of their items.

2. FreePeople Vegan Leather Hooded Jacket – This might be my favorite alternative jacket. I have this exact jacket and I love love it. Vegan or faux leather is great for light rain since you don’t have to worry about it like real leather. The hood on this just makes it.

3. Levi’s Hooded Sherpa Lined Parka – I included this because I love the style of this coat. I have a sherpa lined coat for winter and it’s so cozy. This one looks great. It would hold up just fine for running errands, etc. It is just cool. Want.

4. Levi’s Hooded Faux Fur Sherpa Lined Jacket – Levi’s has some super cute jackets, this one included. Again with the sherpa lining, cozy.

5. Bridge & Burn Faye Olive Cape – Just lovely. That red lining on their jackets just kills me…it’s so good. This would be another good dress up or work option. Wool is a nice alternative for rainy days.

6. Madewell Buffalo Plaid Barn Coat – You guys know I love this coat. Again, wool is a good alternative.

7. Krralinlin Warm Cotton Thick Jacket Fur Splicing Women’s Winter Vest – I love the look of this vest and the fact that it has a hood. It’s also very reasonable…and comes in black, too.

8. FreePeople Knit Hooded Denim Jacket – Perfect for layering, as mentioned above.

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As I write this post I keep thinking of more options I could include. There are so many! I know I have not even skimmed the surface of all of the good rainwear out there. A raincoat is definitely a staple item, no matter where you live. I say have fun with them. Have one that is great for hiking, commuting, walking, and park-going, but also think outside the raincoat box. Really any cool jacket with a hood becomes a good option for some days, no?

Let me know some of your favorite go-to raincoats! Do you have any alternative ‘rain’ jackets that you love, as well? A boots round-up will be coming. Thanks for all of your suggestions on good non-rainboot-looking boots. If anyone has found magical boots that don’t track in mud and rain PLEASE SEND THOSE ALONG and I will include those. Heh. A mom can dream.

…come again another day!